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The Israel has suspended all governmental contracts with Microsoft

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posted on Oct, 15 2003 @ 06:53 PM

Interestingly, it's over MS failure to support Hebrew. Some provision says that U.S. anti trust results have consquence in Israel. Since MS refused to support Hebrew, many clamored to shut them down in Isreal. Finally they did. They're looking at OpenOffice as an alternative. This is an interesting story if you believe in the "Digirati/New Money Order". It will also be interesting if this has any political effects on Israel.

"The Israeli Ministry of Commerce has suspended all governmental contracts with Microsoft, and indicated that the ban will last throughout 2004. The de facto suspension means no upgrades for the duration, at a time when Microsoft is looking to roll out its Office 2003 upgrade; and the Ministry is said to be examining OpenOffice as an alternative.

It's a consequence of a much-anticipated legal verdict: Israeli Antitrust Authority director general Dror Strum has finally acknowledged that Microsoft is a monopoly. "

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