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On US and the Alignment with Isreal....

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posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 06:42 AM

Originally posted by Sun Matrix

Sorry McGrude,

You need to do a little research. How would it be possible for the God of Abraham to declare that he would scatter Israel and then regather Israel as a nation in the last days. Then he vows to protect Israel.

FYI, Abraham was not a jew, children of his sun Isaq, were jews, and children of his other sun, Ismael, were arabs.

quran says that god told jews that they will be chosen people if they become good followers and obey his orders...alas...jews did everything but obeying god's orders, so god, cursed them and promised to scatter them until doomsday. but devious rabbies, modified what god's said on torah, and convinced everybody , specially the evangelicals , that the only condition for jesus to comeback, is to establish a jewish state in palestine.

Christians and Jews serve the same God. The difference is that the Christians believe that Jesus is the prophesied Messiah and the Jew have rejected the Cornerstone just as the Old Testament predicts. The Jews are still looking for their Messiah.

I read on one of ATS threads , this post from an american called Jesse:

It bugs me to no end, the Jews deny Christ, but the Muslims honor him as one of the greatest of men. Why then do American Christians side with Jews? Yet in America you never get this in any books or news. Why? .

I wonder, also , why?

Jews believe only in their god and prophets and deny christ and don't belive in christianity , also they deny islam and prophet muhammed. Christians believe in Juadism and its prophets, but deny islam and prophet muhammed.
Muslims believe in Juadism and christianity and honour their prophets.
so who's the prejudice and intolerant ?

It is silly to say that every religion has its own god , all human beings on planet earth has one same god. we muslims believe in one and only god for all.

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 06:48 AM

Originally posted by krossfyter

im curious as to the big question here...

Whats with Americas tie to Isreal? Is it biblical? I know there are many specific reasons to this tie... but whats the BIG reason? The deeper one? I mean this tie is pretty damn strong... ive heard that Isreal pretty much rules the world thru proxy... but im not to sure about that. America funds Isreal... but i know it cant be all about democracy in an undemocratic area. Or is it?
Im pretty much not versed in this arena... so feel free to SCHOOL me... in a good way.

Mr. krossfyter,

you can visit this link and find lots of objective answers for many of your questions.

An unedited version of (Israel Lobby) article is available at or at

posted on Apr, 29 2006 @ 01:34 PM

if anyones still doing this thread...

here's a text version of personal & profound speech
given by Benjamin Freedman at the Willard Hotel, Washington DC, 1961

"A Jewish Defector Warns America" is the articles title, found here:

if you have the patience, & can overlook the supposed bias & anti-semetic nature that his speech is cast in, and read the content which illuminates the secretive & covert & deceptive ploys that have been used in a global strategy...
you too will have a new sense of caution, especially in relation to the 1948 Israel State also considered a U.S. ally at the present.


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