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ISR. Channel2 TV Station: Sharon Assasinated?...

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 01:00 PM
Doctors have admitted making a mistake when they treated the former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon with large doses of blood thinners after a mild stroke, according to a television investigation broadcast by Channel2 two days ago.

Sharon was dignosed comatose since after suffering a massive stroke on January 4. The Israeli TV-station quoted doctors who treated Sharon at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital as saying that the anticoagulants given him after a minor blood clot two weeks earlier might have caused the debilitating haemorrhagic stroke, broadcasting a brief excerpt of the report, promising fuller coverage by Friday and the following week.

One of the doctors interviewed, Dr Yoram Weiss, spoke of a "great failure" in the treatment of Sharon...

"Official" Hadassah Hospital spokespersons rejected the allegations as "phantasies of a single reporter"...

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