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Consistant, Scary Dream

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 10:25 AM
Hi, I'm new to the forum but only in posting. I have been reading the forum for a little over a year and decided why not see what you have to say about this. About a month ago I started having a very weird dream. The first night I had the dream I got so freaked out that I did not go back to bed, but in the next few days the dream would come back. The second night I had the dream (The day after the first time I had it) I must have decided to stick with it. I got VERY far into the dream, but it seems to never end.

The dream starts out with me at my house just hanging out with my grandma, my grandma comes over when my parents are out to make sure my little brothers are fine. Mid-day weird things will start happening, people who my family haven't talked to in years would stop over, i remember seeing blood while outside in completely random spots, we would get ready to go somewhere and the tire would fall off, I know its a dream but still.

The first night I had the dream one of my little brother came up missing for about an hour. By the time we had found him it was dark and there was a noise outside on the deck, when i looked out the window to see what it was, all i heard was running. After that, the next morning in the dream, one of my friends stopped over and was painting my decks red and setting what he called traps all around my house. Everything was red. He told me that whatever was going on couldnt pass up the bait in the traps and wouldnt be able to set foot on the decks that lead up to the doors anymore. That is where I woke up the first night, scared out of my mind and I would not go back to bed.

The next few nights when I went to bed I didn't wake up (as stated above) The dreams were very similar to the first night, but instead of being in my house we would be in my camper in my yard, or in my garage. But last night I had the dream, after a week or so of not having it. I woke up a few times during it but here is what i remember. My grandma was over and we were looking at turkeys outside roosting in the trees. My Uncle Joe, who hasn't had contact with the family in 4-5 years, stopped over and told us he had permission to hunt. He took out two turkeys and left. No thank you or see ya, just left. Then the guy who built my house stopped over to check on the house (my house is 10 years old) wow deja vu lol okay sorry im digresing (Sp?) but the guy told me the house was in nice shape and left. Me and my grandma that night decided we would go for a ride and go to the restauraunt. All of the sudden I remember just black, like closing yoru eyes, just everything was black. Then I remember the stars were red and faces were popping up, very demonic faces, the kind that you would imagine seeing on a movie about exorcism or something. After that when we got home there my friend was, outside by himself, "trapping" and now painting my decks yellow. I went out to meet him and he told me to stay ourside by myself tonight because they had something to tell me, I woke at that point.

Its 11:23 in the morning and I woke up ata bout 10. Sorry if this isn't a huge deal to you guys, or if you find it funny, but it is scaring the piss out of me. Just want to know what you guys think... also sorry I'm not very specific and i wander off a little, I'm 16 years old and very tired
but just a little freaked out. Thanks for reading and I hope to see your responses

A few things i forgot to put that might meen something. I woke up after the demon faces and fell back asleep to my friend trapping.
I recently started going back to church, I'm catholic and used to be an altar boy for 5 years, haven't been to church in over 5 years... and I'm now going back... and finding most of what they say in church hard to believe...

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 12:26 PM
try to record how you feel right after you have the dream, if you ever have it again. write down as much as possible that you can remember just after you wake up.

it could be that youre not getting enough sleep? also it could be a message from the other side....or not to freak you out or anything, but that youve been abducted and are remembering parts that were added into your memory to block out the abductions (but i think that is not the case so dont worry my friend).

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 01:25 PM
Thanks for the reply, Yeah I was thinking about recording what happened RIGHT after the dream, As you could tell I couldn't remember exactly what went on but I had an outline. If I have the dream tonight I will definatley record it and record how I feel. I was just curious as to what you guys thought about it. I definatley didn't like the whole demon face thing.. Scared the pants off me haha!

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 05:39 PM
Hi hun. I can help you more one on one if this don't clear up on it's own. You can get my e-mail from my profile if you need it.

Dreams can have a 'over-all' agenda I guess I'll call it - but a dream can only be interpreted by the person having it. We also need to find out if this is a 'regular dream' that is scarry and strange to you, or a 'different' kind of dream that tends to come before sleep or between the wake/sleep state. Is the dream very vivid? Do you wake up with a 'feeling'? Do you think this is a dream like any other - except the fact that it is wierd and scary? Or is it different in other ways too?

It does sound very omunious. But emotions and circumstances can play a big part in that (as well as hormones, drugs, medications, MANY things

We need to talk about a few other things in your life before we can determin what exactly this is saying to you - if it's 'just a dream' - or if this is something that you need to take a good look at.

But let me tell you real quick - based only on what I feel about the person writting the post (incase you had someone eles type it in for you).... everything is going to be ok. There is something going on, but it is going on NOW, and HAS been going on. This is nothing you don't already know about and aren't already dealing with on some level. I don't feel like something terrible is getting ready to happen.

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 07:24 PM
I do remember when I had the dream that quite a bit of it happened while i was half asleep/awake. Mainly the part with the faces, i don't think it was part of the "main" dream. I remember everything just going black and then there were red stars all over, faces started popping up, very scary faces... it happened for probably 30 seconds and I woke up... I was shakin and perdy scared but I finally fell back asleep probably 30 mins afterwards. After that the part with my friend smearing red stuff that resembled blood on my deck happened, I woke up soon after.

I think that part of the dream is a REAL dream so to say and some parts of it I may be concious of whats going on, its hard to say... I will definatley try to record it if it happens again. and to answer your questions, no i have never had a dream like this, one other time in my life i have had a repetitive dream, when i was around 8 yeras old. After the faces popped up i woke up with a weird feeling, but i think i may have just been freaking out (Hopefully) My first thought was Oh **** I'm possessed! lol

I've only done drugs a few times in my life, and I haven't done them in a while... so i doubt that is a factor. I have a feeling this means more to me then just a dream because people i haven't talked to and things i haven't done in a while just turned up... all i know is its weird that the same dream happens 3 times, at 3 different places, then the 4th dream was a continuation.... Thanks a lot for the replies, hope to hear from you soon (Btw the person who had the dream is posting)

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 08:16 PM
Based on what you said - I think this may be more than 'just a dream'. The feelings when waking up, the fact that you weren't really 'asleep' when it started... having it more than once (the '3' thing) don't mean alot to me, as "on of THOSE dreams" never happens to me 3 times... as with all others, it's a one time deal

I don't like the color red being so dominant.
Now, like I said, only you can interpreate your dreams, as most of the time they are symbolic not literal. Example. To me, a balloon means birthdays and happy ocations. To someone else a balloon may mean a circus or event-outing. A cloud to me means newness and natural/good/revival. To most, a cloud makes them thing in terms of 'cloudy days/trouble brewing etc.

Now, I want to first say that nothing in and of itself is 'negative' so to speak. Even the really bad things that happen or the mean things people say etc are a lesson that can be learned and can be turned into a possative thing. Energy is energy, not good vs. bad, just our ability and learning to grow and using circumstances to better ourselves and our lives and our understanding or strength.

That said...

Red, a cheerful as most people think of it being, seems to churn around things that cause us to struggle. Illness, arguments, relationship problems, parent or sibiling problems or termoil. Including things completely natural in the body - hormonal changes, pregnancy, puberty, change of life - you name it.

Try to write down each dream as you remember it. Even if it's a list of partcial ideas or thoughts of feelings - what stands out (the color red seems to stand out). People, sound, feelings - everything. Even if you remember looking down at a patch of grass!

Do this each time it happens. Even draw little sketches on the back - that often helps.

Give it several days at least. When you have a moment, read them, look at the drawings (one dream in a day). Anything you pick up or remember - start writing it down again. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, you might feel the need to look and read it again. Or add something to it. After you've been able to do this several times for each dream, look at all of them together (by this time you'll have seen a patter - the things that really stand out). Those are the things we want to look at.

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 10:54 PM
The Hitman,

Did these dreams happen before or after you started going back to church?


posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 11:16 PM
I definatley will do that Angela.. It seems like a really good idea! Thanks for responding and it seems you care quite a bit
and DearWife, these dreams started after i started going to church (The first dream was probably 2 or so weeks after) THanks again

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 01:26 AM

and DearWife, these dreams started after i started going to church (The first dream was probably 2 or so weeks after) THanks again

The reason why I asked you is because you stated:

I recently started going back to church, I'm catholic and used to be an altar boy for 5 years, haven't been to church in over 5 years... and I'm now going back... and finding most of what they say in church hard to believe...

Do you remember the woman of Samaria?

The woman said unto him: Sir I perceive that thou art a Prophet. Our fathers worshipped in this mountain: and ye say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. Jesus said unto her: woman believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the father. Ye worship ye *wot not what: we know what we worship. For salvation cometh of the Jewes. But the hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the father in spirit, and in truth. For verily such the father requireth to worship him. God is a spirit, and they that worship him, must worship him, in spirit and truth.

And have you not read:
Are ye not *ware that ye are the temple of God, and how that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?

ye are the temple

If this is so, then we don't need a church nor a temple made with men's hands as is written:

God that made the world and all that are in it, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, he dwelleth not in temples made with hands, neither is worshipped with mens hands, as though he needed of any thing, seeing he himself giveth life and breath to all men everywhere, and hath made of one blood all nations of men, for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath assigned before, how long time, and also the ends of their inhabitation, that they should seek God, if they might feel and find him, though he be not far from every one of us.

See, years and years have men (even kings) chopped and changed the True Word of God. And your always led to believe you need a preacher, church, priest, pastor, etc, for divine intervention. Have we not read that there is one mediator between us and God?

For there is one God, and one (mediator) between God and man, which is the man Christ Jesus, which gave himself a ransom for all men, that it should be testified at his time, where unto I am ordained a preacher and an Apostle: I tell the truth in Christ and lie not being the teacher of the gentiles in faith and verity.

And for every church, temple, denomination, etc, etc, you have a founder. Have you ever hear about the death for "missing" church law? Bet no one has told you that.

Is Christ divided? Did Jesus not tell us himself: Every kingdom divided within itself, shall be brought to naught. Neither shall any city or household divided against itself, continue. So if Satan cast out Satan, then is he divided against himself. How shall then his kingdom endure?

Don't we see this very thing happening? Division? Therefore, who is it that is truly running your church? Your temples?

And haven't we been warned about the false christs, prophets, teachers by Jesus himself and his apostles?

Did not God warn his children back in the days through dreams and visions...why not in these days? Why don't your priest, your teachers, your churches, and holy men teach you any of these things? Why?

I'm sorry Hitman for beings so lengthy in writing this, but this is not a lesson for just you. To me, your dream was a warning, as is Red, being the red of Esau. You can learn more of that here:
discerning spirits

And I agree with helps to write your dreams down, as it has helped me.

Oh and one more thing let us see the definition of religion:
Etymology: Middle English religioun, from Latin religion-, religio supernatural constraint, sanction, religious practice, perhaps from religare to restrain, tie back -- more at Rely

Here, do a search in the true recorded Word of God for the word religion...I bet you won't even find it.

God Bless

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 01:37 AM

I was reminded of this for you:
"Catholics come in the truth ..."

God Bless

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 04:02 PM

I recently started going back to church, I'm catholic and used to be an altar boy for 5 years, haven't been to church in over 5 years... and I'm now going back... and finding most of what they say in church hard to believe...

First - going to church again is a big one - many times there's alot of termoil there. Maybe not in what your doing or how you feel about it - but you know how it goes - the devil don't need to attach if your already on his side. Start going away from him and he'll come running after you.

But I wanted to say something abut the above quote. If your finding it hard to believe - maybe it's time to find a church that simply preaches what the bible says. You'd have to drag me, kicking and screaming, into a catholic service. There's nothing I know of more cultish or wrong as far as leading it's followers down the road to ruin. Scary stuff. Very scary because so many believe.

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 05:57 PM

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 06:34 PM
Hello Hitman. I cant help but notice how it sounds similar to the movie "the village" or villager what ever its called. You didnt watch that before hand did you?

I am going to go on with the idea that you didnt watch that movie.

I have a few questions for you as well. They might seem silly, but still would like to know. You said that you were in your camper and you garage instead of your house. Also that a guy came to look at your house. By any chance, was there lack of electricity?

What was your friend using to trap with?

And most of all, did you parents ever come back? Have you by chance lost your parents?

As for going back to church, good for you. I am sorry that some people have such a bad outlook on the Catholic church. IMHO there is not a single church out there that is correct anymore. So, the important thing is that you go and get around others who believe as you do, and even if it is only for an hour on Sat. or Sun., make God your #1 train of thought. Remember what he and his son did for us. That is what is important. I have to disagree with Angela, I do not believe that Catholism is cult like, nor do I believe they are leading us down the road to ruin. I seperated from the church for a while. I learned that there are some pretty weird (to me)beliefs out there. I also learned that who am I to pass judgment on any other beliefs. Does God really want people to disrespect one an other because we worship him differently? Who is to say who is right and who is wrong. The most important thing is that you believe and you are around others who believe as well.

You are not going to find a perfect church. It is not like looking for a house. Dont let anyone cause you to stumble when it comes to your faith.

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posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 07:20 PM
DearWife, thank you very much for the links and for your opinion on church and religion, it helped quite a bit. I will def. start keeping a "Dream Diary"

Mrsdudara... I have never watched the movie the village, so you were right there. Now that I think about it, no there was no power in the garage (usually there is)

My friend was drawing a circle on the ground in random spots and placing a bloody peice of meat perfectly in the middle of the ground. If i recall right the colors of the circle outline drawn ont he ground were red and white.

My parents never came back but I have a feeling that the dream will come back... just because of the weird way it ended, with my friend saying I had to sleep outside by myself that night because they, whoever that may be, had something to tell me...

I appreciate all your help and your outlooks on religion... really makes me think

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 07:30 PM
Ok, no electricity, and you parents are still alive.

The red stars, can you describe the sky a bit more? Did you notice any distinctive smells in your dream?

The car you were in, was it by chance an older car? ford?

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 07:42 PM
Yes my parents are still alive, nothing is wrong with them whatsoever.

I'm not sure if you could call them stars now that i thinka bout it. I sorta jumped to conclusions, it was more like red flashes not big and they seemed distant.. they kind of swirled, very slowly (why i thought stars)

The car I was in, how odd, it was a ford. A newer mini van, called a windstar I think? It was definatley newer and I was driving me and my grandma home from the restraunt.

I don't think that the red star thing was part of the actual dream, it felt different... and it was random kind of like... misplaced i guess.

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 08:50 PM
The Hitman,

Here is some more to think about:
what do i need a church for ??? and Church?

Remember this also:

This have I written unto you, concerning them that deceive you. And the anointing which ye have received of him, dwelleth in you. And ye need not that any man teach you: but as the annointing teacheth you all things, and is true, and is no lie, and as it taught you, even so bide therein. And now babes abide in him that when he shall appear, we may be bold and not be made ashamed of him at his coming. If ye know that he is righteous, know also that he which followeth righteousness, is born of him.

God Bless

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 07:24 AM
Very good, I am also interestead if you smelled anything that stuck out as odd....sulfer maybe?

About the faces, that could have happened for several reasons. That is probably something you would have to figure out. I wouldnt waist much time on it though. Please do remember this...ask for God's protection, and if it happens again, just tell it "No, go away, I am a child of God and you are not allowed anywhere around me not even in my dreams". It WILL go away for good.

On another note, what is it that they say in church that you find hard to believe?

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 03:00 PM
Those articles remind me of myself
to tell you the truth... Last night I tried to go to bed at 11:00 but I couldn't, everytime i laid down it felt like my bed was shaking or i would hear noises... That dream really messed with me

No, I don't remember any odd smells...

I guess what I find hard to believe about God and church is how they are both so demanding of control (more the church makes god seem this way) and I try to make sense out of what they say... and even when I can't and the priest explains it.. he makes it sound like God controls you and your not escaping him, for the good or bad... I dont know... It might just be the catholic religion

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 06:55 PM
Well, all I can say now is that your subcoucious is doing some serious unloading. If going back to church is bugging you that bad, and you are wanting some enlightenment, then why not just pick up the good book and start reading on your own? IMO now this is my belief, there is no escaping God. You gotta face him some day. Live like there is no tomorow and like you will meet him face to face tonight.

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