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9/11 New Theory: Germans Did It

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 08:45 AM

German group from the SNI organisation were in Afghanistan to investigate the destruction of the ancient statues of Lord Buddha, and also to film the tagging of Hindus which had started by the Taliban. They put marking on Hindus to identify them as idol worshippers. Just like the Nazis did to the Jews. Talibans were bringing Hitler's ideas back. This practice would have made Germans look bad. Feel bad. Super pissed. Plus more. So they had to stop it.

SNI sent in its people.

These 24 were captured by the Talibans. Put on trial. They faced possible excecution. Public hanging. Flogging. Everything.

German authorites could never let that happen.

But they could not have open war with Afghanistan either.

But they had to save Germans from public hanging.

So what did they do?

That's right: September 11.

24 men saved. 3000 Americans died.

Arabs could never manage such a spectacular attack.

It was German efficiency at its best.

They used the so called Hamburg cell. Lot of hijackers were from Germany.

Check everything:

How Germans head for Afghanistan after the Lord Buddha's destruction and the Hindu labels crises and they get arrested. then comes September 11.

Hell breaks loose on page 88.

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 09:14 AM
I just love it how the germans get blaimed for everything

Maybe you should go outside for a breath of fresh air and then come back and check the other threads here saying it was bush and his cronies.

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 11:14 AM
Well, from memory, this is how it went: Zionists arranged WW1, for a variety of reasons, one of which being their obsessive determination re: creation of Israel, despite the fact most were descended from Khazars and many had for years flirted with openly satanic philosphies; Frankism for example.

After the deliberately orchestrated WW1 (in which millions died for no reason other than zionist will), Germany was robbed (as in robbed) of much of its former territory.

Germany went through some very hard times. So did the rest of the world, courtesy of the zionist orchestrated 'Great Depression' (during which many zionists grew even richer on the misfortunes of the many) but Germany was particularly hard-hit. Many Jews had failed to gain or renew Polish and other citizenship, despite encouragement they do so. They controlled much of Germany's finances and economy. They were threatened with deportation. Finally, the Jews declared war (the financial variety, at the time) upon Germany, as is a matter of record. Germany encouraged those Jews who'd failed to return to their country of origin, to do so. They were unwilling to do so. Churchill, whose profligate lifestyle was being financed by Jewish interests, began sounding the war-drums, despite that he'd previously been publicly admiring of Germany's rebuilding programme.

Under Hitler (and I think we can presume to know who his 'backers' were) Germany announced its intention to regain the territories which had been stolen from it, post WW1. Hitler stated repeatedly, throughout, that he had no quarrel with Britain (or the US for that matter) and had no intention of warring with Britain. Hitler demonstrated his unwillingness to wage war with Britain on numerous occasions and in fact stood his troops down in order Britain could retrieve its forces from Dunkirk, rather than blow the Brits out of the water. Despite Hitler's act of good faith, Churchill continued to sound the war drums. He had to. Apart from the fact he'd been persuaded he was a zionist by inheritence, Churchill needed a continuing supply of cash from his lenders in order to keep himself financially solvent.

History proves that it was Churchill, through is indebtedness to jewish money-lenders, who pushed an unwilling British populace into war with Hitler, in order the carnage that was WW2 could commence in earnest .. which in turn ushered in the zionist's long held determination to wrest from world leaders that what was once Palestine.

In order to conceal true history from future generations, the Germans, under Hitler, were and have been demonised in tv, movies, books etc., to the point this subterfuge has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of its engineers.

I'm astounded at the manner in which any ignoramus anywhere is not only permitted, but encouraged, to spew totally unfounded accusation against Germany and Germans, some sixty odd years after Churchill thrust the Brits into a war they did not want ... followed by the thrusting into the carnage of Americans who were equally reluctant to become involved to the point several thousand American servicemen were 'sacrificed' by their zionist-dominated politicians at Pearl Harbour ( similar to the martyrs of 9:11) in order Americans would be forced into the war and so that US zionists could join their European cousins in grabbing profits (and the proposed state of Israel) from the carnage that was WW2.

Now we have the ludicrous announcement that Germans were responsible for 9:11 ! Were they responsible for the Sacking of Troy, too, perhaps? And were they there at Alexandria, burning the libraries? Were they responsible for the Spanish Inquistion and for Colombine?

Rumsfeld has announced it is 'regrettable' that the US invaded Iraq on the basis of what is now claimed to be false information regarding the non-existent WMD. Well, it IS regrettable, isn't it, considering UN and US investigators repeatedly informed Rumsfeld that no WMD's existed, despite which, Rumsfeld, Cheyney, Powell and Bush nevertheless bombed Iraq its people and cultural treasures sky high and continue to do so.

But more to the point, it's becoming increasingly clear even to those who do NOT want to know, that there were NO 'terrorists' in the sky above New York on 9:11, unless those terrorists were given a very clear green light to proceed by the US military, air-traffic controllers, etc.

If 'muslim terrorists' or Bin Laden or Saddam WERE responsible for murdering almost 3,000 Americans that day, then we'd better all become very quickly terrified. For the alleged 'muslim terrorists' must possess immense supernatural powers (and as we know, supernatural powers can only be bestowed by supernatural entities).

Consider just a few of the facts: those 'muslim terrorists' must be able to defy science and logic with one fell swoop! How else could they fly sophisticated aircraft on the strength of a few hours tuition --- when highly trained pilots could not carry out the alleged aircraft maneuvres required to blast apart within minutes two buildings which had been specifically engineered to withstand precisely such an enslaught? How else could the alleged 'muslim terrorists' have arranged that their flimsy paper passports and basic flight instruction manuals survive an inferno which allegedly demolished very swiftly two immense buildings and turn them, moreover, into powdered debris? How else could those alleged 'muslim terrorists' emerge from their alleged suicidal attack on the Towers in one piece, unless they were possessed of, or protected by, supernatural powers? For instead of dying on 9:11, they're actually still alive !

Most importantly: how could the alleged 'muslim terrorists' have the power to completely paralyse the President of the mightly United States of America, forcing him to remain glued to his seat with a child's book in his hands while his country was --- allegedly --- under extreme enemy attack? Clearly, the 'muslim terrorists' possess immense powers if they can control the President, mentally and physically for several hours (because he DID disappear for several hours without communicating to his people in their hour of desperate need, while others of his people were compelled to fling themselves from the 90th floor without any assistance from their Leader).

You seem reluctant to look at the real facts. Why is that? Unless you felt we all needed a laugh ....

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 05:24 PM
There were inside connections necessary for 9/11 that Germany alone could never pulled off.

FEMA arriving in NYC on the evening of Monday, 9/10, as attesting by at least two individuals, including a FEMA employee and Rudolph Giuliani, seems to me foreknowledge that betrays the assertion that it was only the Germans.

The SS scrapping SOP to remove the president to a secure location at the first sign of danger could not have been the result of anything but orders from within the current administration.

NIST and FEMA, US government agencies, covering up what happened at the WTC Complex is a pretty good indication of foul play on the part of the US there. This includes scrapping most of the physical evidence immediately after the event.

The stall in our response could not have been a German operation. The scheduling of war games on 9/11 could not have been a German operation, but would've had to have been done by US military officials. While the Germans could have somehow picked up on this, there was also an NSA exercise that morning involving a scenario of a plane being flown into their headquarters here in Virginia, which could've served to deal quite some confusion to an agency that has National Security in its name. This would've had to have been done from the inside, too, or else would have been an astronomical coincidence. I seriously doubt the Germans knew of this exercise far enough in advance to plan and execute all of 9/11 to fit this exercise. Again, this points to inside knowledge and execution.

WTC security was run by Marvin Bush up until around 9/11, connecting him the sorts of people that we're familiar with as running the US but not so much connected with Germany.

There are monetary connections that link the US to the ISI in Pakistan and the terrorists that allegedly carried out 9/11 that also betray the idea that Germany did it rather than US factions. There's also the US's connection to al Qaeda through the CIA. Does Germany have such a connection? The fake OBL tape found by US forces in Afghanistan. Why would the US be employing psyops to further the suggestion of boogey man OBL carrying out 9/11?

Too many things don't add up for it to have been Germany. Whenever anyone is implicated at all by what we know to have happened that day, it's most always either the US, or in rarer cases, Israel. Not so much Germany. I've yet to see anything other than the conjecture you just posted to suggest Germany had anything to do with the execution of 9/11.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 11:53 PM
The Germans? I hardly think they’d be capable. If we are going to concoct another conspiracy, let’s blame the French. The German’s at least make good cars! Either make as much sense as most of the other conspiracies…

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 09:24 PM
Didn't the Germans bomb Peal Harbor?

BTW, What's with the rant, Dock6? Your white sheets too tight again?

The new "88" tattoo get inected?

[edit on 4-5-2006 by HowardRoark]

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 10:51 PM
Well, if the Germans were involved, the Italians couldn’t have been far behind. The Russians probably were, at the very least, consulted…

… in all seriousness… why is it so hard for people who publicly hated us, and continue to do so, continue to terrorize US & other Western targets? With the dozens of conspiracies out there, pretty soon someone will need to publish the “Big Book of 9/11 Conspiracies”. The first printing could come packaged with a tin hat & a High School Physics book.

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 05:41 AM
This theory is "almost" ridiculous as the HR replies.

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