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Ive had enough!

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 03:50 AM
The american people have supported bush's personal war, vendetta, securing of his monetary future, whatever you would like to call that mess called Iraq, yet he doesnt support the people who support him.

He is whole selling the american people, he is selling our jobs, technology, you name it out from under our feet, and THEN he is trying to give ILLEGAL aliens your rights as well. Nothing is off the table in the current mindset, hell Id bet hed sell his soul if someone would BUY IT!

I think this election we should really demonstrate our opinion of the current administration. I had thought the republicans had some kind of loyalties to their people, I guess I was just foolish.

People are constantly complaining about bush because he is simply a CEO, not a president, who instead of leading a country acts as if he is running a business and it has gotten worse lately. (actually he is a gangster, kills business rivals or occupies their countries)

I have actually heard things come out of the left wing media like CNN that has impressed me. Showing the AMERICAN workers doing those jobs bush constantly complains no one will do. The oil prices alone are pushing people over the brink.

if something isnt done soon, something will give.

Sorry everyone I just had to rant and get that off my chest.

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