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Please Help, Reoccuring Dream!

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posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 10:13 PM
I need some serious help with a dream I have had at least a dozen or so times within the past year. I usually don't put much stock in my dreams, because they are very strange, to say the least, but this particular one is very specific and I have absolutely no clue what it could mean. It is always very vivid, and very exact.

It starts off with me hearing from someone about this "place" that is supposedly haunted. In real life, I have never seen or communicated with a ghost, spirit or demon, but it is interesting, none the less.

I am driving down a highway, and I take a left turn onto a road which is a few miles long and is completely surrounded by trees on either side. The road stops to where I can only take a right, and in front of me is a small desert, about 1/4 a mile wide and 1/2 mile long. the desert is closed in by small, rocky hills to left and in front of where I am standing, while to the right , where the road leads, are slome very dark, tall hills. The entire time it is very sunny and warm.

I take the road which only continues right and head up through the hills. I go over one hill and am at the top of the other side. The road again, stops to where I can only go left or right. To the left is a short road, leading to a small, abandoned church (I must point out that now it is night time). In front of me is a valley and more hills completely surrouning it. Directly in front of me is a tree, with a gravestone beneath it. The hills are completely covered in snow, except that the snow is giving off this electric, purple glow. There are also other gravestones on the other hills. The only way for me to continue is to take a right on the road, which leads down into the valley. For some reason, I cannot touch the snow, but before I can continue on the path to the right, I always wake up. I never find out what happens if I travel down into the valley.

This dream is so incredibly real, so detailed, and aside from the electric purple glowing snow, it could be real. It is nowhere I have ever been in my life, as I live in the Midwest and have never been to a desert, so I am just this a real place? Is something trying to tell me something? Again, I wouldn't think that except I have had this dream many, many times, and it is always exactly the same, down to every last detail.

If anyone could help or offer some ideas, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Edit-I forgot to add that I cannot actually see what is down in the valley.

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posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 11:12 PM
So, I talked to my therapist about this dream on Monday. He doesn't understand what it means, either. He did think the gravestone under the tree was interesting, but he didn't elaborate. Could this possibly have anything to do with lucid dreaming?

posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 11:34 PM
Go to any local bookstore and look up the "Dream Dictionary". There are a bunch of keywords in there that you find, such as "gravestone", "colored snow", "churches", etc. You can also find this online. Anyway, take a piece of paper and jot down what the book tells you, in the order that you saw these things in your dream. It may not be the most logical or sound explanation to what you are seeing, but it is just as good as some therapist telling you that your parents didn't say, "I love you" enough. Personally, I'd rather buy that the world is going to be invaded by church going aliens that will coat the ground in a glowing purple substance and instantly change night into day!

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