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Who Wants to Blow Up the Political I.D Card Base?

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posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 08:23 PM
Will you be cooperating with your government? I guess you will after all it will be compulsory. Did you like that? Did you like being made to do something like "contribute to a police state" without being consolidated? I guess it doesn't matter. They voted on it, and now we know their verdict (to hell with the security of this nations liberty is how i for one read it). But maybe I shouldn’t read into it? After all I’ve been denied all part in creating it.

So "in the interests of making things easy" here is a short storey poem I created about what they want...

I the I.D from the Government …

I hear you wanted to go abroad. Well I government need to know your I.D. Now I'm not going to make this easy so let’s make it compulsory? Ok then; our vote’s verdict was many, verses some.
Now this is what I need from you. DNA, eye scan and figure prints; and don’t worry your not a criminal (just an individual capable of causing us trouble).
And if you say no don’t ever think of leaving the country again, because they have things called boarders that reject non-passport holders. It’s only fair-it’s part of the times we live in.

We have a 21st century threat (and we have many of them). The threat we face is global, it could strike out and kill whole cities just like some of the things that appear in the movies. It’s not meteors or earthquakes but human terminators disguised as Islamic worshipers. And although their methods involve killing people we join you in disapproval. There is no justification for what they do or limits to how far they would go. Freedom and democracy are their enemy, making you helpless their destiny.
The safeguards of the past can no longer last; and so we plead; put down your grievances and see this evil for what it is. It’s for your protection, with affection: The Government x x x.

P.S. Giving us your DNA will help your children; just as giving us your eye scan too will deliver them a world that’s safe and free!


Despite writing that I obviously don’t support the government. I kind of disagree with them, my argument is simple really….
1. Nobody holds my right to leave this-their country hostage.
2. I think parliament is full of career politicians with few exceptions.
3. I am a free born English citizen who disagrees with I.D cards on principle. Denying me the ability to roam freely can only be taken away by those that gave it to me. Any government which interferes in these rights is my enermy. They are forcing me to betray my country by forcing me to take part in something which I believes betrays my and it's liberty.
4. I don’t trust career politicians. I'm convinced they are a power hungry fungus that eats into the good of what this country is or could have been.
Corrupted by power (or the personal need to serve things other than the greater good); has caused these people to become men (or even woman) that the world would have been better of if they had never been born. Unlike ordinary people they have power before them. Real power (like forcing people to do what you want them to do). This power can be a good thing if they are just protecting the country from criminals, and other people like the worst parts of ourselves.
But if they want my DNA, and my Eye scan (and I have yet to be tried for any crime) then the power they have is a very bad thing, especially when those same people want to sanction my right to leave this country, for what? For being alive? Don’t they mean for nothing? Bloody liars!!! (Even that phrase translates literally!!!).

In 2008 the last chance to get a U.K passport without submitting I.D card "information" will expire. Beware there may be passport renew Qu's from late 2007 onwards!

The people of Britain got upset after poll tax legislation was ENACTED. The same could be true again. Your compulsory "patriotic" submission has been enabled but not enacted till the 2008 date.
Wait till people pay for this!!!

Do you think there will be proper poll tax riots? Do you think its right we should pay for I.D cards? Personally I think if you’re cooperation is going to damage the security of the liberty of this country, then it's very right you pay your money for one of their I.D cards. Whatever the cost, all government money was ours by first destiny (so what difference does it make anyway?).

New Labour (whatever) Be Afraid

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posted on May, 8 2006 @ 11:20 AM
I know the traffic on this section is a lot less than many others. But this thread has been on this site for well over a week. What’s interesting is that in alienadersons thread
He had over 251 well deserved replies. But whilst this is great it’s not like that many people will get past the first hundred replies (for me it’s usually much less).

Also most replies were statements against I.D cards. What’s interesting is when it comes to a thread like this which is about: How to resist them-what to do about them you get exactly zero responses. I wonder if this says something tragic about the English people or even the whole of humanity in general?
Because its all very well moaning about something, and saying how much you dislike it; but unless we can bring together a collection ideas on what to do about it, then consider I.D cards not only as good as passed (which it is) but also as good as done.

Apart from the idea of renewing your passport before 2008 most discussion on this subject stands to be wasted.
I mean: At the very least we could speculate about what’s going to happen as that’s a great way of coming up with ideas about what’s going to happen.

posted on May, 8 2006 @ 09:00 PM
They have one there?

Do they have one in the US?

Penn and Teller on GOTTA GO!

posted on May, 9 2006 @ 03:40 AM
Already a thread on ID Cards


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