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Sheep Farmers Seek Micro-chipping

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posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 05:54 AM
The New World Order Crowd is seeking to Micro-chip
all dogs that heard sheep in Ireland. The next idea
could be for humans to be hearded by the NWO crowd?
The Irish Cattle and Sheepfarmers Association is demanding the introduction of mandatory micro-chipping for dogs.

The call comes amid controversy surrounding a Co Monaghan farmer who shot a dog that was attacking his sheep earlier this week.

The farmer subsequently hung the dog's remains from a fencepost along with a sign asking if anyone could identify its owner.

This seems to be one of the ways that the NWO crowd
is trying to soften everyone up to help us
understand that this is for our own good.
What will be the next thing that will be manditory
for us?

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