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Conscious and Unconscious guidance.

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posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 02:08 PM
I said in another thread (OOBE one):
"In my belief, we live two lives but one is so primitive (in our sense of 'mind') that we don't use it but it still operates on daily basis (and even when our other 'life' sleeps at night).

The first mind is elaborated from the word 'ourself', and is pretty much just what we go around and do all day... This mind is what calculates equations in math class and sees the logic in how a chair is built etc. it thinks about how you look, it is the central functioning between muscles and impulses. Another word we could use for this kind of mind is 'conscious".

Even though this 'conscious' mind keeps track of everything we do inside our mind central, and outside our body (as well as on and in our body) it is very shallow, as it only captures what we are currently doing, but that is only because it has enormous pressure to it and needs to keep track of more than what we are aware of at the moment.

The other mind does not have a big part of what we do in our everyday lives, but it plays the part of "who we are", something we from birth not really have had need for knowing. Because this mind transfers all pressure to the other mind it intercepts things beyond what we really understand. When we look at the monitor, our other mind would intercept that everything within the limit we can see and store it away to memory, so it doesn't acquire pressure. Another word we could use for this mind is of course 'subconscious'.

Because our subconscious intercepts so many things, far beyond what our conscious intercepts, it knows a great deal more than what 'ourselfs' know. There then comes a time in one's life where the subconscious is in need of contact with the conscious mind, and through that comes 'dreams'.

In an average person's dream, he or she doesn't control it. I have had people tell me they don't dream AT ALL, that everything they see is darkness when they close their eyes. Either this is because their subconscious doesn't need to contact them (though I myself highly see past this assumption), or because they do not have insight yet.

For those who dream, they usually dream about stuff they find rather amusing, or quite sad. But still do not have anything to say in these kind of dreams. Nightmares appear when your subconscious wants to 'talk' to you (your conscious) about something you should be aware of, and seems to want to solve the problem. I myself have nightmares about fears I never faced (fear of height and facing frightening in the dark).

After a while, he becomes aware of the problem when analysing it himself, and finds that now he becomes more in control of what he or she does in the dream. This is what we call 'lucid dreaming' because it is very vivid, and we then try to interact with it. I would personally say that when this happens, one has achieved balance, control and aware of the 'conscious', thats the first mind, and maybe alittle exaggerated, but I would like to say one is 'complete' in the first part of mind when this is achieved.

When his or her mind is consciously aware of reality, one will try to quit the dreams consciously. This might take a good deal of awareness, as you aren't allowed to quit it by thought, but by will. Once one has allowed himself to quit a dream, the body will remain asleep, the conscious will remain aware, as well as the subconscious, because you quit a dream that the subconscious created... From that, he or she has achieved astral projection, because in my belief in our physical body, our soul resides in the subconscious (the crown chakra), and when a dream is quit, our conscious is suddenly aware of the subconscious, and what can the subconscious do, beside letting go?

Once this is achieved, I woulden't say one is complete in subconscious yet...

When one meditated, we could practice being in control of the breath itself. Being in control of the breath itself, by using our consciousness forfills a few stand points.

1. Our conscious sets aside anything around us, and focusing on one thing, which is of the breath. This means that our body falls asleep because it is not tended to by our consciousness... Same which happens under sleep.

2. Parts of our mind are set to rest. There are impulses in our mind that controls the natural breath. These impulses work day and night to keep us alive by having us breathe automaticly. Once our consciousness takes control of the breath, the impulses go to the well-earned rest they never have in our daily lives.

3. We are aware of so little, that we call forth our subconscious and chakras... This is in my philosophical mind, the reason we can astral project through meditation.

When facing insight (Vipassana) meditation, which is being aware of where, who and what we are, this comes to mind.

1. We focus on the nostrils but let the breath flow naturally by impulse... This removes all outside worries, and time becomes of no existance anymore. From this, our subconscious comes forward.

2. We interact with our subconscious at a "base level" by being aware of "who we are"... Balancing our subconscious with our conscious for a sort while, making our subconscious able to develop physic abilities that we have naturally lost because of our daily lives here in these societies.

In my belief, a psychic ability is a clash between willpower, reality and balancing of our subconscious. One particular thing that comes to mind is 'precognition' which is where you develop a keen ability to foresee what will happen... Its not exactly like clairvoyance, because in precognition your subconscious breaches the point where you see logic in the universal actions that are caused around you. It might sound a way to big, but its really just the seeing the logic, which will lead you to 'know' what will happen next.

Clairvoyance, is the keen ability to breach the barriers between astral and physical reality. This in my mind is where your subconscious becomes alert and begins to interact at a base level with your conscious that it never does.

After something like this has happened to you, I would indeed say you have become 'complete' in subconscious, not because you have achieved some special powers that are rarely seen, but because that of which lies underneath the special powers. In my philosophy, when one has achieved the psychic ability stand point, it is only because he or she has become what he or she wants to be in "subconscious thinking". Remember that the subconscious holds the key to "who we are" and when that key is found and the safe is unlocked, we become ever so powerful, but not because we have a 'gift' that is paranormal, but because when the safe is unlocked, we become who we want to be... We become an ideal to life, because we are become in human form, what our spirit represents... And that my friends, are loving, kind, unselfishness, non-ignorant, non-arrogant, non-hateful, and just... Beautiful in every sense of mindfulness.

For nothing is ever forfilled through materialistic ways, but through becoming what God (or if you don't believe in God, "what our Soul") wanted us to become... A part of him... A part of the universe...

So to conclude what I wanted to say; We are a beautiful race of creatures, and if we could ALL become perfect in mind, we would live in peace for all eternity, and that is beyond what money and power can buy."

This thread is meant as a holder for lucid dreaming experiences, or any other dream that you find to have an buried psychological impact.

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