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Where can I get reliable info?

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posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 03:22 AM
Where does a discerning abductee turn for credible information?

At 37 I'm finally trying to sort out all of these "memories/dreams" whatever they are...

I firmly doubt that we are alone in the universe. Having said this, I would actually prefer to be insane as opposed to having actually experienced an "abduction".

Sadly, I'm not insane. My mental faculties are quite stable and functioning.

So many questions and so few breeds much confusion and leaves a great deal to speculation.

Shadow Governments? oh please.
Time Travel/Warps/Shifts??? Possible perhaps, but as a severely Maths challenged Gal I'd not know a plausible formula from a simple algebratic equasion.
Lizard Aliens??? Sharp pointy teeth?

Now let me see where I left my big rubber mallet...

I am skeptical of all, yet...I suffered something. Not just once, but several times - over a great span of my damn life.

I first saw a "thingy" in the sky at age 6 or so. Easter night actually around 1975 or 76. Alberta Canada. No info on sightings can be found for that time period in my locale.

The "thingy" moved in the sky and as a kid I was amazed - no fear, no wonder even of "what" it was - just a sense of peace and calm.

Missing time afterward...let's just say I don't remember seeing any Big Rabbit carrying chocolate for me.

More troubles as I grew up. Actually an entire year of existing in a vacuum. No memories save for a few random normal items of people, faces, places or events. An entire year of nothing. Drifting. Night terrors, absolute fear of being left alone at night. Insomnia. Sleeping under my bed rather than on it, rashes and bruises...nose bleeds and...still not a memory of even my mother's school, no friends...I was there but I wasn't.

Prior to that year I recall everything that one could consider normal memories of childhood. Then nothing.

Afterward, life resumes and I am a happy kid again. A trip to Alaska, a new home to come back to...

Then, odd dreams. Doors - always doors. Kaleidoscope lights, paralysis, blackness, more bruises, holes in my navel...

Memories of a room filled with kids and large benches like pews. Stark and white yet, no fear. As if it's all normal and good.

Into my adult years it became worse. Particularly when I became sexually active. Numerous night terrors of being paralysed, flashes of pain, jumbled images of places I have NEVER been but in later years would see in photographs and instantly recognize.

Suddenly becoming the point where an injury or emotional suffering could be seen on another person. To feel pain that wasn't my own and have no idea why or to what end or means I was experiencing it.

Now - 37 - reflecting on these instances and many others that come to mind, I look around.

I am surrounded by clocks - 6 to be exact in a small one bedroom apartment.
I am surrounded by cats - 4 to be exact and they somehow make me feel safer.
Limited sexual activity. I rarely leave my house, because people carry so much pain that to me they appear almost disfigured.

I have a daughter of 17, who's conception date was off by quite a bit and who was a near loss which coincided with an odd miscarriage in the same week (in the 5th week of pregnancy which for my daughter would have been her second week if my Specialist knew what they were doing?). At the time of the miscarriage I was told I was no longer pregnant but alas 2 weeks later after miscarrying I was told I was approx 4weeks along and was confirmed by ultra sound.

So...this other baby ?? My daughter??? She seems normal though I have to laugh...she does resemble the alien portrayed in the Alien Autopsy altough her head is not that big. She was premature as well and weighed 1 LB 6 oz - her gestation could not be pinpointed either and she ws clocked at between 25 and 29 weeks.

Same blood type as the father and no anomolies or abnormalities.

So anyway, many odd things and my skeptic's mind would rather claim insanity.

After my daughter was born...I missed a lot of time. I'd wake with my t-shirt on backwards or inside out and once awoke to find my bed devoid of sheets - the sheets were knotted and jumbled on the floor.

So what do I do? I don't drink, no drugs, no little voices in my head, never seen Jesus at the Bus Stop and do not perport to receive devine messages.

I don't see ghosts or dead folks, I do see injury in the form of aura and feel other's troubles before they speak 'em. No heavy phsychic ability or channelling ability and as far as I know I'm fairly boring.

I don't know what information to trust or whom to trust.

I've never spoken of any of this EVER so pardon me for gushing a bit...I've been reading alot and most of it sounds like crap. I did send a short email to another org and they replied that I should focus on what makes me happy in life...thank you...asshole...I've been trying to do just that however this "abduction" thing and all the crap that comes with it is BEGGING to be addressed before I can be content in anything.

The more I dig the more I develope a real irritation with some people's whacked out realities - but hey...mine's not exactly Puritan is it?

Skeptic and hypocrite all in the same. I discredit myself LOL, who needs shadow governments when "abductees" will bash themselves?

Someone point me to reliable (HA!) information please. No shadow gov. plots or little green men or it out there?

MOD EDIT: Changed title to something more appropiate

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posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 03:51 AM
Well if you want information that does not include MIB's or little green men ...

You might check into Susan Clancy's work done last year, where she concluded that abductee's had a tendency to invent memories and or suffered from Sleep Paralysis. Concluding that they truly believe these things happened to them although they didn't and neither were they Crazy.

Here's some links.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 04:10 AM
Also a lot of psychologists are now saying that because Abduction deals with sexual activity a lot that it is actually a repressed sexual fantasy or a fantasy about being controlled. Of coarse people do not realize it because the fantasy is repressed into the subconscious mind. Of coarse there really is no explantion for why people claim these things but until i am on a space ship or pulling an implant out of my ass i guess i will never know.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 12:01 PM
Some of the things you mention happen to everyone. FOr example, sheets ending up in knotts happens to me, and that's just because I twist around a lot. Shirt on backwards, yes, that has happened to me, but I have vague memories of doing that myself in the middle of the night.

As for your psychic pain, I would hypothesis, nievely, that you are projecting onto the people around you. Are they really in as much pain as you suggest? Are you going to reply that they are and use carefully selected memories of successes to reinforce your self image? WOuld you be willing to have an impartial psychologist perform a test with several people where you describe their pains?

Finally, as for getting "Good" abduction information, you need to contact groups of people with similar experiences. ATS has a few members in your turf, but many, many people here with other motivations. So take your time searching.

Finally, while you say that you are sane, your lingering suspiciouns as to the origin of your child are something I would talk to a psychologist about. They don't seem very rational to me. But that's just from an outsiders perspective, of course.

p.s. (Take some of your clocks down and sell them, unless you enjoy them, of course, and enjoy your cats!)

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posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 01:58 AM
nah my kid is human LOL all I wonder is how I could be pregnant with two at different conception dates over two weeks apart??

It's an oddity that my doctor couldn't answer...said likely just a mix up on dates, ultra sound... couldn't explain it really.

As far as my sanity - I was asleep on a bare matress when I woke and let me tell you, my mother was fanatical about hospital corners and typically the sheets are so tightly folded I barely move at night as a rule. It was a bit odd to say the least to wake and find them all bunched up at the foot of the bed with no recolection as to how they got that way. I'm not a sleep walker and I am like a log when I do fall asleep (a bomb could go off).

It's just one of many waking to find a perfect hole in my navel. Was quite deep and took over a week to heal up. I had an amnio with my daughter and right above my navel is the scar from that. Sideways it looks like a little face
with a navel nose.

Waking to find a deep cut behind my ear (I wear no jewelwry to bed, no zippers or button, no cats in my room while I sleep and no real fingernails to speak of at the time (I assumed I'd scratched myself somehow??)

Believe me I am the first to attempt to find logical explanations. The bed sheets have never before or ever since that one night come off while I sleep. Once and only once did I wake to find my shirt inside out and the same with finding it on backwards.

They strike me as odd because they don't happen regularly. If they did I'd shrug them off.

The "dreams/memories" are what trouble me.

And yes, I would be willing to "perform" for a test group of people with or without physical/psychological pain.

That is something that I rarely question the validity of. And yes I have struck up convo's with strangers and ask them about an injury I see - I haven't been wrong yet and I get some pretty funny looks as they tell me about it. I'm not very skilled at determining age of injuries but I can tell a new one from an old one, and a psychological pain from a physical pain.

It is extremely draining. I haven't been able to master NOT seeing this...I'd like to be able to "turn it on and off"!! Now that would be a skill!

Now abductions - I'm all for the Night terror theory sleep paralysis and the like...but it's something I can't put my finger on that keeps me searching and wondering.

Who knows.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 04:23 PM
Just an idea here but why don't you place a camera in your bedroom and check what went on during the night when a particular incident presents itself when you wake and find something amiss...

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:06 PM

this is scary, i often wake up with the sheets on the end of the bed(i have even woke up with my feet on the pillow and head on the end), i have a few cuts on my legs that've appeared overnight. An even though this whole topic scares the **** outta me i still keep lookin'. It's odd how similiar our cases are.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:22 PM
Maybe the similarity is that you feel anxious about your sleep.

I've only ever awoken once with the sheets off. Never upside down, and never with cuts on my legs (I keep my toe nails trimmed

The odd occurances I mentioned were odd because they never happened again.

If you often awake to find your sheets in a bunch I'd venture a guess that you are a restless sleeper...same with ending up upside down in your bed.

My daughter suffers restless sleep and sleep walks and let me tell you I've had to go in several times and put her back into bed as she'll be found hanging half off, talking away and flailing her arms. I once had a loft bed for her, however after she somehow slipped between the mattress and the guard rail and was hanging by her neck and arms (yes with the rest of her body hanging totally off the bed over four feet off the floor). I know well the patterns of "normal" restful sleep (which I enjoy with only few instances of odd-ness) and restless sleep which my daughter suffers.

No alien activity involved in my daughter's sleep.

My daughter used to sleep walk so badly in her younger days I had door alarms attached to her bedroom door and the front door. I sleep like a rock and it was the only way I could be sure she wouldn't wander off in the middle of the night during a sleep walking episode.

She's 17 and still suffers.

I haven't had an odd sleep occurance for about 11 years now. I guess there's a quota with abductions LMAO and I'm no longer useful.

If I were you, I'd talk to my family doctor about it and get a referral to a sleep clinic if it disturbs you that much.

I don't think there are similarities based on what you described. Sorry.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:31 PM
Hell, you describe stuff better than my parents. Simlarties no more.
Kinda funny how your daughter is older than me

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:45 PM
Why's it funny that I have a kid older than you?

Do I exude youth LMAO -

Kidding aside, I have a ton of info on sleep disturbances and a lot of good links if your sleep is being interrupted and you're anxious about it, it never hurts to look into it.

And trim those toe nails!!! Jeez Louise - what is it with kids and letting those damn claws grow? My daughter still has to be put into a head lock to get it cats are easier to clip!!!

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 06:54 PM
Just tell the skeptics to piss off. Although I don't fully identify myself as an abductee there is a lot in what you wrote that really sounds familiar to me. I've had some strange experiences but they've been periodic and seemingly irregular but what you've written has really rung some bells. I used to live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and often drove to London, Ontario - a drive that takes 1 to 1.5 hours. This trip has taken me anywhere from 45 minutes to, at one time with my parents 3 hours with no explainations whatsoever. The 3 hour trip to London was bizzarre - no stops, just straight driving in daytime and when we arrived we realized the trip took that long. We've never figured it out....

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 10:47 PM
I did infact tell myself to piss off just this morning...I'm a huge skeptic!

I've never missed that much time, and not in the company of anyone else. It would have been quite weird I would think.

I've never been a clock watcher myself. Never even had a wrist watch...until about ten years ago or so.

That's when I figure the weirdness stopped. I have clocks everywhere and I watch the time obssessively. Every waking moment accounted for. It's quite sick really.

I have lost time in fragments and hour here a half hour there, once while I was cleaning my house in fact. Mid -vacuuming and I remember lifting the area rug to get under neath and then I found myself in the kitchen a moment later. Vacuum still running in the living room. I lived in Penticton BC at the time and my daughter was at preschool.

Other times, I assumed I had drifted off. Like when sitting at the computer...although once I did wonder how the time managed to fly so damn fast and how I could get a bloody nose without realizing it. That happened only once thankfully, and I recall I really felt like I was in shock afterward. Embalism??? Stroke??? LMAO...

I love skeptics. They keep me searching and questioning. Sure some can be a real wet noodle but hey, I've posted some skeptical remarks here too.

Keep learning! Keep asking questions!!

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 02:25 AM
Wow you really just scared me... I was abducted, or so I think, when I was 16. Two weeks ago I saw two UFO's... again... on my balconey, and started mentally talking trash to it... and said "come here and i'll show you how powerful I am." The second I said that it moved closer, I became terrified, and it went back on it's flight path. Looks like that Grey proved it's point. If that wasn't weird enough (keep in mind I have had MANY ufo encounters/sightings/knowledge of the subject... nothing seems to scare me that much anymore, and I have an overall bored attitude towards it) when I went to bed, I awoke at 4 in the morning and my sheets were crumpled up in a unique pattern (think accordian) on my computer chair. My cumforter was still on, as well as the blanket. It was all still tucked in, except my sheets were neatly folded in accordian style on the chair. I remember being so confused and wanting to be afraid but not being able to express the emotion, it was totally unatural, the same feeling I felt when I was abducted and felt the overwhelming calm/euphoria sensation right as I felt the vibrations and saw the blueish light. I slept horribly that night, and it was similar to how I slept with the abduction incident... interesting how my Spanish Inquisition thread (when I started talking more in-depth about it all) coincided with the accordian sheets... maybe a new abduction? Jeez...

Anyway, I am getting my arms X-rayed next week to look for implants. Next step will be to see if nervecell fibers are unaturally attached to it, and then to have it removed and have the implant professionally examined for origin... which will nevertheless turn out to be "unknown." After that, I will send the results to the doctor who was on A&E and tell him my story.

Ok now im scared again.

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posted on May, 3 2006 @ 02:35 AM
Okay now if that's an honest to goodness real account, I'd be worried too. Unless of course you exhibit OCDs in your sleep and fanatically fold things in weird fashions while snoozing.

I dunno about implants. I watched that Doc. (I posted a link to the Video here as a matter of fact The Scientific Study of Alien Implants) It's still questionable as to the findings. The matter was determined to be of terran origin, albeit odd compilations of metals.

If you get an Xray and find anything I'd love to see the film
Additionally if you have anything foreign removed and analyzed.

Good luck with it and keep the fear at bay. Realistically if people are being abducted, we are not permitted knowledge of it, experience minor pain from it, and possible lose only minor amounts of DNA. If it's a Military plot...then PANIC!

LMAO. Stay off the balcony maybe?

EDITED to add link to forum post for Implants

Scientific Study of Alien Implants

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