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You're smarter when you don't think

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posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 05:58 PM

Since all the information in your brain is carried along electrical impluses that jump an uninsulated air gap I've always thought it would be possible to pick up on these impulses. Some of what I've been reading says that you can tune yourself into other's impulse frequencies and recieve them yourself.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Also known as "vibes". Though bringing quantum mechanics into this makes it even more interesting considering the empathy experienced between lovers/relatives at a distance.

It's nice that people are more interested in these ideas now. Science is proving more (what used to be considered spiritual or paranormal) stuff at an increasing rate now... and no more witch burnings or exorcism's related to ESP!


posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 06:11 PM
I find it funny when I can tell my subconscious is influencing my conscious thoughts. For instance, when driving, I will see something important, but not realize I saw it. Through a series of unrelated interconnected topics, my thoughts will begin to go in a direction converging with the missed event as the subject matter. Example: before approaching a hill, a police car enters view, but because of distance and distraction I do not notice it. My thoughts bring me to start thinking intensely about police. This causes me to naturally check my speed. As I would come over the hill, the police car would come into clear view, and I would be surprised with "I was just thinking about them..." I could have just been thinking about some time I got a speeding ticket, or an episode of COPS on TV, whatever. I'm not quite able to test it and see something I can't see to see if I saw it... so my best conclusion is constant subconscious awareness of the entire visual field, regardless of focus.

On ESP, I definitely agree on quantum entanglement, as you described, being a likely source of these abilities. I speculate that everything with a brain shares a certain amount of entangled energy. It could even be possible that almost everything is entangled with everything else... could just be a single particle shared between me and some star in Andromeda.

The greater the amount of entangled energy between two people, the greater their potential to communicate telepathically. The common states between electrons could influence neural frequencies and subconscious activity.

Clairvoyance and telekinesis I suspect is due to the unobserved existance of a fourth physical dimension, that only the quantum world directly interacts with.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 09:14 PM

As an artist I can completely agree with "getting in the zone". When I'm in it I can draw or paint almost with my eyes closed. I stare at the blank paper until an image pops up, it's the completed peice I'm about to do. I see it, whole and finished on the paper, I can feel my hand drawing the curves, I can even hear the pencil on the paper. Though when I'm not in the zone I couldn't draw a stick figure, it's the absolute most maddening thing, I don't know how many times I've sworn off art forever because of it. The problem is, as has been said, you can't force yoruself into the zone.

Shadowflux I completely agree with you. I'm an artist as well, and I am far better at drawing when I don't think about it. I think that maybe that's what "inspiration" is; Being able to get into the zone.

You're absolutely right, can't force yourself into it. I become so frustrated over it, because it is so difficult for me to get into the zone. My current environment is full of distractions, so I try to force myself to concentrate, and that makes matters worse. I'm very easily distracted, and if everything doesn't come together on it's own, I might as well sit down and do nothing. In addition, I have the non-artistic people pushing at me, asking why I'm not constantly producing new work. They don't seem to understand just how important inspiration/the zone is.

Aside from art, I've seldom performed well on a multiple choice exam when I tried to make "educated" guesses. Heck,..I've done better on exams for which I did not study! As soon as I started to "concentrate", all the answers went out the window!!
Great post by the way. Although I've always known that forcing myself to solve any kind of problem rarely works out, I suppose I never did see the big picture. It makes sense. I see the subconscious mind as the attic of a house, in which all information is stored, though rarely used on a conscious level. Maybe while we sleep, our subconscious minds rummage through the attic for answers.

posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 03:26 AM
I've always come up with my best inventions whilst asleep.

I've also been able to refine those designs best when I'm actually not thinking about it. I'll be working along on something TOTALLY unrelated, and boom... my mind just tells me about a flaw in my design I was thinking about before, and how to correct it.

Crazy stuff.

I've allways found the subconcious a very remarkable thing. Try having a scientific conversation with someone who is sleep talking, you'll understand why I find it so amazing.

posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 02:48 PM
While taking the Rhine card test I used some of the tips Kruel had given me and kept at it like he said. Surprisingly I eventually achieved 197% over the probability of chance, that evens out to guessing over half the cards. The most startling aspect of this was that, as Kruel said, I was able to predict the cards even before the program could choose one.

The technique I came up with is based on what is known as an Ideo-Motor Response, a slight tension in certian muscles caused by subconscious stimuli. By blinking when I clicked the button for the next card I found that my eyes would land on the card that was next regardless of the fact that the program hadn't chosen one yet.

IMRs are used in both paranormal circles in the form of dowsing rods and pendulums and in the field of hypnotherapy as a means of communicating with the subconscious and bypassing the conscious.

So it's quite obvious, to me at least, that the key to the Rhine card test, and perhaps any ESP test, does in fact lie in the subconscious. It is further evident that the subconscious can have a visible and measurable effect on the physical.

The only problem I'm trying to work out in relation to the Rhine test is whether my IMRs are caused by an extra sensory ability or has my subconscious mind decifered the algorithm used for the random generation of the cards. Given the superior computing speed of the subconscious I think this is quite possible but I have yet to do enough experimenting to make a valid theory either way. Is it possible that our subconscious is faster and more powerful than our computers?

I'm thinking of starting another thread relating to IMRs and Quantum Entanglement and their relation to the scientific validity of so called extra sensory perceptions.

Anyone have any thoughts on the root cause of my IMRs while taking the Rhine test? Has anyone else taken the Rhine test and if so what were your scores and techniques?

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