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the Real kings of Israel

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posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 08:29 PM

Now let me tell you about my sect the Jacobians. There is info in the above link. Some of yall are believing coperate Christianity. I do not have all of my Jacobian lit on me but I will do the best I can to defute certain myths and promote some of our beliefts which are different from other sects.

1) There are only 6 tribes of Israel, not 12. Judah, Gad, Reuben, Simeon, Zebulun, and Issachar. The Levites are a 7th, they were nomads but eventually inherited land near Egypt.

2) The Kingdom Of Israel is much younger than you think. The first universal ruler came to power in 487 BC.

3) The first universal ruler was an Assyrian King who invaded Israel.

4) This King was known as Sharrukin. (same name as an Assyrian city)

5) King Sharrukin attacked from the north and afterwards Gad disappeared. Assyria then overran the Levites and made their tribe territory military bases.

6) After Sharrukin died at the age of 62 ater ruling the Israelites for 7 years, the Assyrians then pulled out of Israel giving them freedom.

7) The Israelites searched for their own king and elected a man named Beth who became the first ethnic Israelite King.

8) Beth was the birth name of David, David's mother believed the boy to be a girl before he was born. Beth/David in fact was known by us to look rather feminine.

9) King David built the royal palace outside of the walls of Jerusalem. His son Solomon was known as Gilead by us. King Gilead built the temple in 397 BC.

10) Gilead began building the Temple as soon as he came to the throne and it took him 7 years. But the sins of the Israelites doomed David's line and in 378 BC the Midians overran Jerusalem killing the current king Jabesh.

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posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 09:03 PM
11. The Midian Kings ruled for 232 years.

12. The side relatives of David and Beth, Yafo/Japho helped the family escape Jerusalem for Samaria. Our version of "Kings"says Yafo and the family put on peasant clothes and escaped the city after Jabesh was slain. Yafo became the "exiled King of the Israelites" 1st Exilarch of the original exile. In the invasion, Soloman's temple was razed.

13. Yafo/Japho's family was not Davidic, but was close in kin because Yafo's grandfather was King David's brother. And Yafo's great great grandfather was the father of King David. 5 Exilarchs lived after Yafo.

14. The 6th and final royal exile Nabi, was succeded by Ein who retured to Jerusalem after the fall of the Midians/Midianites. Ein (our name for him) was accepted as King of the Israelites and took the throne as the closest living relative of King David.

15. During the reign of Ein, some of the tribe of Judah, Zebulun, and Simeon broke off to form the Kingdom of Judah in 173 BC. Antipater/Antipatrick/Antipatris became King of Judah. (several places would be named after him). Ein also began to rebuild the Temple but died.

16. Ein waged war on Judah and used his son, Tzippori or Seth for short as the military commander. Tzippori successfully defeated Antipater in 167 BC becoming a war hero in Israel. Tzippori came to power and finally finished the temple. It took 46 years to build this temple while Solomon/Gilead did it in 7 years.

17. Tzippori's son ruled in peace, but after his grandson Herod came to power and Roman invaded. Herod died precisely in 1 AD.

18. Herod did accomplish much. In the Jacobian version of Kings, Herod expanded the temple greatly and added layers of pillars and arches in the eastern corner of the temple. Herod also expand Jerusalem itself, expanding the city walls northward. Herod also built the Hulda Gate in 30 BC. Today much of Herod's work is gone but many still remain.

19. During Roman rule Jesus lived. There was no Jewish King at this time which led to the Jews awaiting their Messiah. The Romans had not touched the temple like the Midianites did. That all changed however when the Zealots rebelled. Rome leveled Jerusalem in 70 AD and pulled from Israel in the process.

20. After the Romans left, Hannah restored the Kingdom of Israel. King Hannah was the son of Herod and had been hiding. Hannah ruled in peace but after his son came to power, and died, Rome invaded once more.

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 09:13 PM
21. Hannah's son was Ahab, also known by us by the name of Dothan. The sins of Israel led to Rome invaded once more and Ahab/Dothan's sons not possessing the throne.

22. Dothan's son Tzippori (named after King Tzippori) was exiled from Israel. It is believed that they spent time in Rome as the Exilarchs of the second exile.

23. 4 Exilarchs lived in Rome until the family was given freedom. Kadesh the 5th Exilarch, left Rome with the exiled Jews and migrated near modern day Iran and Iraq. (The Romans set them free but they were not allowed to leave the empire totally, Iran-Iraq was conquered Roman lands at the time)

24. Back in Israel, the Maccabee revolt formed the King Of Judea. Judea was an independent kingdom ruled by the Hasmoneans consisting of Jersualem and nearby cities won from the Romans. The Hasmoneans did not rebuild the temple but placed a minorah on the site.

25. Judea did not last long and Roman recaptured Jerusalem, killing Abel, the second Hasmonean king.

26. After the fall of the Maccabees there was no more Jewish rule of Israel, and the tribes were scattered.

27. Meanwile the Exilarchs prospered and was an active position until 1283 AD. There were 25.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 02:45 PM
Status of Levi and the 6 Tribes

Reuben (Exiled by Romans)
Gad (First Tribe overran and captured by the Assyrians)
Simeon (still exist)
Zebulun (Exiled by Romans)
Judah (still exist)
Issachar (Exiled by Romans)
Levi (Crushed by Assyrians but rebuilt and still exists among Judah and Simeon)

Yisheyah 11:11 "In that day the Lord will reach out his hands a second time to reclaim the remnant that is left of his people from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, from Upper Egypt, from Cush, from Elam, from Hamath and from the islands of the sea."

Theories that we have on the lost tribes are that Gad still exist in Iran and Iraq. There are small Jewish communities in this area and includes where the Exilarchs lived. A portion of Gad migrated south to Arabia after the fall of Assyria over 2000 years ago, they might be extinct by now. Some of Zebulun followed the royal descendants of Ahab from Rome to Iran while others scattered into Egypt and Ethiopia to the south. Issachar also followed Ahab's descendants from Rome to Iraq/Iran. Reuben is in Syria. Judah and Simeon represents the "found" Jews that were never lost and are all around the world.

Gad: Iran, Iraq, Arabia, Afghanistan
Zebulun: Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia
Issachar: Iran, Iraq
Reuben: Syria

It seems that King Ahab's son Tzippori took members of Gad, Zebulun, and Issachar with him into exile, as well as Levi, and Judah. Maybe a very small group of Simeon. While other members of the tribes remained in Israel until the fall of Judea. Some of the Afghans claim that they intermarried into an exiled tribe. That tribe was most likely Gad.

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