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Grey and human Hybrids.

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posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 06:43 PM
I don't understand this issue of aliens mixing human DNA with there own. They do have some great technological advancements but is it too say its ok? Alot of people will say these grey's don't feel any kind of emotion and are like robots on a routin scripted program too harvest. Is this some back handed deal that the government made with the grey in exchange for technology?

Alot of people will think its for a takeover of the earth. Some say its too save the Grey's species. Soul, do greys have one so they make a hybrid inbeded with one? Self concousness independent thought from the whole telepathy grey?
The last, I guess would be the governing parties in countries agree too this and let it get out of hand?

Based on my observation have humans been any different than the greys in there quest of playing god with midevil tools. Consider the grey's can do it because well they have proved there advancements in genetic manipulation, that's only comming from a small number of internet sources that claim that hybrids exist.

Are we the small apes on an island trying to figure out how too get to the other island faster than light with our babysitters picking us up too toy with us as they see fit?

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