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Wake up people..its time..

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posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 08:56 AM
The Bush administration is one of the worst things America has ever seen.

A bunch of money-hungry, war mongering psychpaths is the only way to describe them. Dont get me wrong, I love democracy & I love our way of life. I love democracy & freedom of speech. I despise socialism & I hate everything it stands for. Its ideoligies are warped & its system of government is deluded. However, its one thing to defend the US & other friendly nations if they are attacked. Its another to go on a raping, pillaging, murderous tour of the world (including their own people) in the name of 'democracy'. The whole administration should be lined up & shot by firing squad for treason & the murder of innocent individuals. Saddam was an asshole, theres no doubt about that, but his crimes pale into insignificance compared to what this 'club' of reprobates has done.

They are despised by their own people. They are despised by the world. The problem is they know it, yet they hide behind the 'veil' of democracy. They were voted in & they know they cant be moved. Our fair system of government protects them. Cowards that dodge the draft. They will happily send their own loyal troops to their deaths yet they wont front up for the draft themselves. Gutless tools that hide in their ivory towers. The scum of the earth.

I watched a video recently. It was about the NWO, the bankers that are behind it, & so on. It said that yes, Saddam was an evil dictator & it showed pictures of innocent people that they had gassed in the streets. One image I saw will stick in my mind. It was an image of a man holding a child in his arms. The child wouldnt have been more than 5 years old. Both of them lay in the street, the man still clutching the child. What does an innocent child such as this know? How can they hate? Yet everyday children such as this are murdered by the bush administration. But they dont have the balls to show that on TV. Lets censure the public & make them think were fighting evil. Its a lie as 9/11 is a lie, as WMD is a lie. And we all go along with it? WTF is wrong with us?

Its time to take control people. This is YOUR country it doesnt belong to gw bush. Unless you agree it does. He is there to serve you, not himself. I really do love the American people. They area people that has helped fight world wars in the past against evil men that would control the world.

You now however have one in your own backyard.

The world is looking to you guys. To say you dont have the power to do anything is a fallacy. You still have democracy. Take it by the horns & use it.. while you still can...because in the sweep of a pen that could all change tomorrow if you dont.

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 01:57 PM
I agree I agree dscomp. It's really all governments. They're all involved with the illuminati. I want there to be a mass revolution where all the common people of the world unite against the evil authorities. That's right fight them to the death! We outnumber them. We've had enough of them!!!!
I'd rather die fighting them then be enslaved later.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 12:19 PM
If you think Bush is one of the worst things to ever hit this country, then you haven't been reading much history.

I'd also submit that the Constitution was basically shredded quite a long time ago. FDR and Lincoln were two terrible presidents that people historically place far higher than they should really be placed.

Bush is a tool, but no more so than Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr, Ford, Carter, Nixon, and others in the past 100 years or so.

This government has been out more for itself than for us since the early part of the 1900's, and if it's revolution you want, then you should really contemplate the actual ramifications of what you speak of.

Brother killing brother will not begin to describe a revolution in this country, and could very well turn away from the ideals you wish to preserve allowing for greater dictatorial control as a real possibility.

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