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British & American governments Involved in Selling Illegal Weapons to Iran and Iraq

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posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 08:30 AM
The world was kept away from secrets, the source shows the detail of what fuelled the Middle East in war, and shows evidence of the money that was given to arms dealer to supply illegal weapon to Iran and Iraq. And the mysteries that surround the Dr David Kelly findings and the secret operation he was put in.

British sources close to the undercover financing network of the illegal arms trade have traced payments totaling 55 million pounds during a seven year period during the Margaret Thatcher era, money going from government coffers to the arms dealers for weapons sent to Iran and Iraq.

Another reason for Dr. Kelly's murder surrounds his knowledge of the B52 incident in Iran, where the U.S. is said to have drop-shipped or lost nuclear weapons in 1991 without reporting the incident to the United Nations authorities.

"In July 2003 when Kelly was murdered the fear in The White House (USA) must have been Kelly would claim that the WMD not found in Iraq during Gulf War-2 were in fact the (smaller) lost nukes. The media would then have deduced that the rumour of the B-52g plane having lost the very big nukes in 1991 was probably valid.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Who really is behind the Iran and Iraq war? Left a load of evidence for starters it left long smudgy track of oily footprints with. I wonder which country he may have come from. But the evidence shows that Washington was involved in the supply of weapons to Iran and Iraq the evidence shows that the U.K had received orders from Washington to illegally supply weapons, by buying them from arms dealers both countries summed a 55 million pound transaction to a “Astra group”. This was during the Thatcher era; there was also evidence of money being induced to the “Casalee” company that moved arms to the Middle East. All and all done under the secret and illegal operation to fuel the Middle East, there is also evidence found that Jhon Major former MP had links to the arms dealings around the middle east this was from a “Sunday Express 200” article.

The former UN inspector Dr David Kelly (who was Murdered) was very much in the governments most secret operations, Dr David Kelly was working on project Code-named Project Coast, trying to create a genetically engineered weapon to attack only the country's black population and to develop a vaccine to block human fertility in blacks.

Dr David Kelly held many secrets that the government knew and did not want to leak it out of them the B52 incident where an x amount of nuclear weapons were dropped or lost during 1991 without reporting the incident to the United Nations authorities. When Dr David Kelly spoke to the press about the illegal war in Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney had a very strong motive to keep Dr. Kelly silent about the B52 incident. You may want re think who gave the nuclear secret to Iran was it Pakistan or was it U.S.

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