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Flashes of light and disturbed sleep. Paranormal??

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posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 04:47 PM
During the course of the day I see flashes in the corner of right eye and it makes me smile, don’t know why. When meditating this flash sometimes moves quickly to front of the eye then moves back. I also see indeterminable shapes bit like looking at a magic eye picture.

When in deep meditation or sleep I sometimes have the feeling that someone / something is in the same space as my chest / head. It sometimes feels like someone is there but if I say “no” they go away or stop. For example, once in bed at a hotel I was laying there in the dark, when to my left, near the ceiling I saw a red flash. I thought little of it and went to sleep. I woke at about 3am and felt like something was entering my body. I shouted “No f### off!!” I don’t know why I shouted this but whatever was happening stopped.

It wasn’t sleep paralysis, as I know what this is, having experienced it. Through my life I have had other interesting sleep experiences. Sometimes I have woken to find that I feel half out of my body facing the wall but the moment I try to turn round to look where I am I find I am back in bed looking at the ceiling!

On other occasions I have laid there, sometimes in broad daylight, and felt a feeling like really fast acceleration out of my body. Not feeling in control I struggle to stop it. But I do. The feeling is similar to one of those vertical drop waterslides.

Is this paranormal or dillusional??

This is all I can think of for now. I am interested in opinions of fellow ATSers and will watch the thread with interest.


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