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What Happened to the Thread?

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posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 12:04 PM
I could swear I saw a thread started by someone that was about seeing an article on Fox News online about Star Command being put on full alert, that it was not believed to be an exercise, and that details would follow, however, the article disappeared. The submission even included a broken Fox news link and I started a reply saying I had emailed Fox News but had never heard of "Star Command" and thought it sounded fictional. However, I googled Star Command and found this government site.

I thought the site had a rather lofty "motto" of "Guardians of the High Frontier" and that I found their "logo" to be Star Trek-like. However, after I finished my reply and submitted it I got a message back saying I was not able to view that forum and something about a Moderator's forum with the only moderator listed for that forum as Simon Gray.

I realize that perhaps this thread was "moved" to be reviewed or perhaps was suspected of being fraudulent in nature in some way but it all seemed rather sudden and I am sure of what I saw. I completely respect this board's right to do as they see fit with submissions. I know who Simon Gray is and have a great deal of respect for what he has created here and what he and the moderators accomplish each and every day. I'm guessing it might have even been moved to that forum where you have to use your points to read submissions. I don't necessarily expect a reply from anyone in this thread but a U2U perhaps would be helpful to clear up my confusion.

Thanks very much.

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