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posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 08:37 AM
An Aircraft that Operates On Gravity, Completely Free of Fossil Fuels

ibold news

The earth is anything but devoid of energy. In fact, we are surrounded each and every day by an abundant amount of energy. The sun constantly sends energy right to the Earths surface. The planet’s mantle writhes can reach temperatures as high as 4,000 degrees Celcius, and there is a limitless supply of gravity everywhere.

Some of this energy is captured and used, but the majority of it goes to waste. There are only so many places that utilize (and can even afford) expensive solar panels. Even rarer geothermal installations use the Earths natural heat to generate power, and hydroelectric plants take advantage of the energy gravity has to offer.

Pretty amazing, im hoping this is the breakthrough weve been looking for

. They are combining some very, very old ideas with some great new ones to come up with a total new concept’ an aircraft that might one day carry both cargo and people, almost an unlimited amount of distance, without burning an ounce of fuel to do it. The project has been dubbed ‘GravityPlane’.


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