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quakes surrounding like an enemy...

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posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 09:44 PM
Here is a dream I had on April 4, 2006:

In a scene of a dream, I saw a matter of earthquakes, 9.0, 8.0, and other such earthquakes that were happening in the Mid Atlantic ridge it seemed. And I saw earthquakes all over, and I saw some flags of places that had territory of certain spots of what looked to be Greenland, and I saw as though a flag for Russia, but it was another kind of flag, and other flags of other countries for Greenland…and these quakes did surround the North American Continent…and I saw even as it went around, like there was no south America or that it was separated, and the quakes did surround the whole of America and the quakes were large, yet only happened in the Oceans. And I was on ATS website, and was on the Quake Watch site and the people who were posting didn’t see what I saw or knew what was going to happen, and I saw as some slowly began seeing magnitudes and started posting them there. And I saw also worldwatcher even posted, and I saw a map of where the quakes would hit and it was all around America, and it looked in a way that the whole land was surrounded, as though like an enemy. And I cannot tell whether I posted on the discussion board or not, but I just recall seeing people who only saw a little of the quakes. Yet I saw the big picture of it. And I also remember seeing another name on the forum…even like dbates. And that is as best I can remember of this entire dream for now.

Here is another dream also:
April 4, 2006
In a dream, as I was laying down going to sleep…I saw as though a map. And the map looked to be the coast of California and namely, I saw in lower case letters the name new Orleans…and that was placed on what looked to be the san Francisco bay area.

And there were other things I saw…and something like showing others some matters on ATS? And that is as best I can remember for now.

And these scriptures came to rememberance:

And he said: take heed, that ye be not deceived. For many will come in my name saying: I am he: and the time draweth near. Follow ye not them therefore. But when ye hear of war and of dissension: be not afraid. For these things must first come: but the end followeth not by and by. Then said he unto them: Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and great earthquakes shall be in all quarters, and hunger, and pestilence: and fearful things. And great signs shall there be from heaven.

God Bless

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