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War Games Lets Speculate

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posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 08:09 PM
I was just thinking about if I was Bush how would I think..

Lets take there being some sort of evil plan behind the lines as truth and speculate on what the chess game will be. First you have to fool the people so whatever your goals are you can't look like you are going after certain things like wars with certain countries.

OK so here is my brief thought please postyours to just for speculative fun;

Bush sets up 9-11 so we can take or Afganastan than we push into Iraq and we set forth a plan plan so the war is questioned (yes on purpose). The reason for this is for the next country like Iran since most people wouldn't want the US to make a move on Iran the US gov doesn't make a move and let's the nutter president blow up israel than we or blow them up since it will be justified. So we have Israel off the map,Iran gone,Irag nothing and than Afganastan..Ok so whats next? Or what can we setup while the iran conflict is happening?

Global domination through passive manipulation?

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