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Are you prepared for the end of oil

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posted on Jun, 10 2006 @ 02:00 PM
Learn the basics of farming (d'oh i really need to ditch this conspiracy stuff
and heed my own advice), understand your needs, pick a few crops and try small scale if at all possible. then you need to be able to refine these crops to they can be stored.... but since that depends on the crop, you can choose wisely and do less later. hope you like the long lasting stuff, if you don't, better get used to it
then hunting and fishing are a nice, but be aware of heavy metal toxicity and which species tend to accumulate toxins. long lasting? heck, if you're into pemmikan, more power to you, if not i suggest foraging on demand.

Weapons are important, but reloading gear is a must, plus lots of powder, primers, bullets, cases, all in optimal ratio (not trivial gotta, find out how many you can re-use, if you're using autoloaders, the answer is most likely zilch) more than one set of tools in case shtuff breaks, also try to find shtuff that lasts long, which you can only find out by testing, so, happy shooting! did i forget something? Yes!

Navigation. celestial navigation i mean, a compass is OK, but lame, and don't forget the poles may switch
also, get maps, especially, if you anticipate longer journeys.

PS: i'm full of it and would suck a lot in the case of teotwawki, so don't use the above as gospel advice, but i *think* i could manage to survive the first few weeks, by that time all cities would be devoid of life (no supply) and easy plundering grounds, IF you know what to look for and don't mind stumbling over millions of bodies

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posted on Jun, 11 2006 @ 01:56 AM

Yeah, I start doing searches on the net last night, there are so many ideas, it was exciting. I was thinking along the lines of, "yeah, I can do that." The thing is, there seems to be a number of ways to create energy and electricity. It's would be a shame to let the oil folks run our lives. Oil is a trap, and I guess it will just keep getting more expensive. They want us to believe we have to rely on them for fuel, it is looking like this is simply not true, maybe far from true.

The thing is, even though I search for ways to get better fuel mileage, I know that the best thing is to eventually move away from a gasoline powered vehicle. The electric engine is by far much simpler mechanically. There are so many parts that quite simply don't need to exist on the vehicle anymore.

I built my first few battery cells, yup, there was an electrical current measured by a volt meter. I'd like to make enough to power the house. Then just use an inverter(s) so I can use AC appliances.


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posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 06:16 AM
Location for me is OK. I live in a good old fashined 3 floor victorian brick building with a basement in a quiet back street in my home town. due to local crime concernes its already a fortress. All windows bolted, doorsmulti locked, good views of local area from upper floors, also good sniper positions of front and rear axis. Double thick insulateed brick walls. My sister owns it we already said that when it all goes to hell whetehr its oil running out of/ asteroid impact/ civil disorder etc, this is where my family will all retreat to.

We intend to survive here for 4-6 months, most people will have died off in the event of a major catastrophe by then. We only emerge if we have to.

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