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See what using microwaved water can do

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posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 04:08 AM
Pretty freaky. As for the plant which received microwaved water looking more wet, it has me wondering if the water were heated in a plastic container, and was polluted as suggested, would the plant reject the water? Not quite sure if that is even feasible, just a thought.

Anyway, I went and read a little about microwave ovens, and came across this:

"Microwave ovens "cook" food by forcing the atoms, molecules and cells within the food to reverse polarity billions of times per second, causing friction—the more the friction, the more the heat. This oscillation tears and deforms the molecular structure of food. New compounds, called radiolytic compounds, which are not found in nature, are formed.

Interestingly, microwaves are actually used in gene-altering technology to deliberately break cells and neutralize their "life-force" so they can be manipulated. Microwaves destroy the life force that gives food its vitality and nourishment. When this life force dissipates, microorganisms start breaking food down and it begins to rot."


posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 04:35 AM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
She did let the water cool first... right?

Seriously, that's some interesting stuff! I wonder what cooking any foods in the wave does to it. Because the way the wave cooks is by heating the moisture in the food. That's why plates don't get hot.

All my microwaves heat stoneware and crockery plates. Sometimes I pre heat my plates in the microwave so the food on them will stay warmer longer.

Interesting thing about the water though. I seem to recall that boiling water in the microwave caused it to explode upon being taken out of the microwave.

posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 05:25 AM
A Plastic Container Was Used For The Microwaved Water

From the original source for the Rense article:

Followup. We have seen a number of comments on this, such as what was the water in the microwave boiled in. The thinking is that maybe some leaching took place if it was in plastic. It was boiled in a plastic cup, so this could be a possibility.

More here: Microwaved Water and Plants

The article suggested this search for more information on the phenomenon:

Google: "microwaved water" plants

Sorry if someone already posted any of this, but I'm in "quick skim" mode, and you know that goes.

Hope this helps.

posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 11:14 AM
hey all I have been in touch with ADVISOR and he has given his blessing to putting a group (team) together to replicate this experiment. at the moment I have 3 volunteers including my self. I am looking for 2 more to make a team of 5 but will go as high as 6 members.

So U2U me if you wish to participate

So far the group is




posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 03:10 PM
I wish i could participate, but I dont know how available I'll be when the time comes around.

My list of different types of water.

1. tap water - control
2. bottled water - control
3. tap water boiled on stove, cooled in pot
4. bottled water boiled on stove, cooled in pot
5. tap water boiled on stove, allowed to cool in plastic container(is it plastic thats the problem or microwaved plastic?)
6. bottled water boiled on stove, allowed to cool in plastic container
7. tap water microwaved in glass/ceramic
8. bottled water microwaved in glass/ceramic
9. tap water microwaved in plastic
10. bottled water microwaved in plastic

posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 03:18 PM
This is incredibly creepy because im a microwave food freak and almost anything you microwave has water in it especially if its noodles/tea/ etc... I personally believe that microwaves emitt energy that we arent completely positive about. There has been a ton of rumors circulating about microwaves within the past decade and most of them have turned out to be false. Microwaves are incredibly powerful rays of radiation and I think there should be much research put into it, because without diagnosing its molecular makeup before and after we have been judging a book by its cover all these years. Not to mention such technology to see a harmful reaction by microwaved foods/water has most definetly been discovered and could be done if it recieved the funding. However, which government official are you going to convince to fund a project that might destroy the economy with the boycott of one of America's most loved accomidations? It would ruin many buisness' and hurt our economy even more. Just somethin to think about.

posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 05:09 PM
oh my lord....i feed my son easy mac....a microwavable macaroni and cheese....

im having to watch EVERYTHING because i dont want any of this crap to cause my son harm....and if it does......

posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 05:21 PM
Kraft encourages you to use the water, i find that disturbing.

Macaroni and water, uncovered, on HIGH 3-1/2 to 4 minutes or until Macaroni is tender. DO NOT DRAIN. Some water remaining in bowl is desirable and necessary to make cheese sauce.

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posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 05:27 PM
If you're going to destroy your food by microwaving it (I don't own one), what else would you add to dried macaroni and sauce powder to make it up?

posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 06:14 PM
When To Panic

Of course, when to panic is up to the individual, but speaking as someone who has worked with microwaves in various capacities for many years, I'm not rushing to throw my microwave oven out the door just yet.

Note, for example, that in addition to microwave ovens, there are all sorts of microwaves present in varying degrees and intensities in pretty much every environment on earth -- and beyond. They're even generated by computers and other digital electronic devices operating at high clock frequencies.

Their effects -- or lack thereof -- have been studied for years. And while there are, of course, differing opinions about the risks of exposure (I harbor some reservations myself), the overwhelming majority of studies indicate that low levels of microwave radiation are not harmful.

However, what about water bombarded by high intensity microwaves?

Maybe the intense radiation levels of a microwave oven cause subtle changes in the impurities in the water, making them harmful to plants.

You never know.

The planned experiments by ATS members sound like a classic example of Denying Ignorance in action, and to the extent members can find the time to conduct these experiments, I'm sure everyone will be interested in the results.

Great idea!

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posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 12:18 AM

I hate scientific illiteracy.

Does anyone here understand how microwave energy causes water to heat up?

Did you know that grilling food produces cancer causing chemicals?

Yet man has been eating meat cooked over an open fire since the Mcdonalds served mastodon burgers.


posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 01:10 AM
All you guys saying good job to the girl for her experiment completely missing the point here, it does not matter who did the experiment. BUT I'm sure she was failed for her project (I'm joking yet serious at the same time
) The point is this is one of the most absurd "stories/experiment" ever and the fact that it was posted on Rense is insane. This "experiment" can be shot down a million and one ways and as I said all the alien and ufo stories can hold up better then this.

I can't even believe people are taking this seriously.

For those of you who actually want to try this "experiment" to get any kind of serious results you will have to:

Have the exact same type of light source (if indoor same wattage, distance from light source to plant, ventilation and if outdoor you'll basically have all be in the exact same geographical location. same exposure to the sun, same obstructions if any etc etc)

Have the exact same PH level of the soil and water.

Have the exact same type of medium you will plant them in. Exact same type of soil/mix/rockwool cubes/what ever. As well as using hydroponic tables or pots.

Feed them the exact same type of nutrients/food as well as the exact same amounts.

That's just the basics off the top of my head. If you cannot all do that your results are bunk. I suggest you all read the technology behind microwaves and look up gardening, that should save you quite a bit of time and money.

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posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 01:48 AM
I'm not backing it or anything, I am as skeptical as the next guy, however, the site I posted at the top of this page makes a similar claim.

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 07:25 AM
d1k, it''s not that difficult to grow all the plants in a very similar way. You must remember though, two exact same plants grown in
exactly the same way can turn out to be very different. We can't control the genetics of the plant.
The only way around this is to grow as many as possible and average out the data.
I have set aside space in my greenhouse for 10 of each plant, I'm considering putting them on a turntable so they all get the same exposure. I'm thinking this might be overkill though.

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 10:30 AM

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 04:21 PM

The first part she heated to boiling in a pan on the stove, and the second part she heated to boiling in a microwave. Then after cooling she used the water to water two identical plants to see if there would be any difference in the growth between the normal boiled water and the water boiled in a microwave.

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 04:37 PM
After only 2-3 days, 2 are dying - the 2 that took hot, microwaved, cooled down water from a plastic cup are looking quite sad and whitish. The 2 from microwaved in a coffee cup and the 2 from normal tap water are fine.

Must be the plastic.

Used the same amount of water on each and all at room temperature.

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 04:58 PM

All you guys saying good job to the girl for her experiment completely missing the point here, it does not matter who did the experiment. BUT I'm sure she was failed for her project (I'm joking yet serious at the same time ) The point is this is one of the most absurd "stories/experiment" ever and the fact that it was posted on Rense is insane. This "experiment" can be shot down a million and one ways and as I said all the alien and ufo stories can hold up better then this.

People were congratulating her for conducting a fairly original experiment to the best of her ability and her knowledge of the scientific method. Nobody was congratulating her for creating an irrefutable science experiment. I think you are the one missing the point here.

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 05:05 PM
Once again, I have to wonder if anyone really understands the process by which microwave ovens heat things up?

Once the oven turns off, the influence of the microwave energy on the water molecules is removed, and the they go back to thier old random motion. There is no residual radiation or effects.

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 08:32 PM
Now that Howard's in here defending microwaves I have that much more of a reason to suspect something's foul.

Check out this animation; off-topic but somewhat related and educational.

Originally posted by
I can't even believe people are taking this seriously.

For those of you who actually want to try this "experiment" to get any kind of serious results you will have to:

Yeah, and we did stuff like this in middle school. Literally, this is like a middle school science project. I wouldn't be surprised if the original experiment (topic post) was done by a middle schooler. It isn't that hard and it doesn't cost that much money. We can easily get reliable results on our own. Is there something else you have against this?

Originally posted by godservant
Must be the plastic.

Even if that was the problem, that still wouldn't make for healthy digestion.

From a link someone posted earlier:

In 1989, Swiss biologist and food scientist Dr. Hans Hertel studied the effects of microwaved food. Eight people participated in the study. For eight weeks, they lived in a controlled environment and intermittently ate raw foods, conventionally cooked foods and microwaved foods. Blood samples were tested after each meal. They discovered that eating microwaved food, over time, causes significant changes in blood chemistry:
6. In Russia, microwave ovens were banned in 1976 because of their negative health consequences and many studies were conducted on their use. Here are some of their findings on microwaving food:

* Microwaved foods lose 60 to 90 percent of the vital-energy field and microwaving accelerates the structural disintegration of foods.

* Microwaving creates cancer-causing agents within milk and cereals.

* Microwaving alters elemental food-substances, causing digestive disorders.

* Microwaving alters food chemistry, which can lead to malfunctions in the lymphatic system and degeneration of the body’s ability to protect itself against cancerous growths.

* Microwaved foods lead to a higher percentage of cancerous cells in the bloodstream.

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