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NBC buys majority stake in German DFA News Agency

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posted on Oct, 14 2003 @ 05:30 PM
Hey, if you can't convince your European allies, why don't you just buy up their new stations and inject some hefty bias? Sounds like a plan that works.

"NBC, along with German investor Helmut Keiser, bought a 63.4 per cent stake in DFA for an undisclosed sum..."

and they're expanding...

"Last week, Vivendi Universal and General Electric Co., which owns NBC, signed an agreement to merge the French company's U.S. entertainment assets with the network, creating a media conglomerate to be called NBC Universal. "

and the mergin' don't stop there:

"DFA quoted NBC executive vice president Brandon Burgess as saying that NBC plans to expand CNBC in Germany, as well as GIGA TV, a television and Internet program aimed at young viewers.

"Germany is an important part of our global TV distribution strategy," Burgess said. "


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