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Nuclear Arms in Iran could be years away.

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posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 12:38 AM

Tehran lacks the skills, materials, and equipment to make good on its immediate nuclear ambitions.
Nuclear analysts estimate that the timeline by when Tehran might be able to make a single nuclear weapon could be even 2020.

Muhammad Saeedi, the deputy head of Iran’s atomic energy organization said Iran would push to put 54,000 centrifuges on line – a dauntingly vast increase from the 164, which it had successfully used to enrich uranium to levels that could fuel a nuclear reactor.
He said that the Islamic state was rapidly moving towards its atomic goals. “We will expand uranium enrichment to industrial scale at Natanz”.

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So what’s the hue and cry about? The Iranians have managed to put a few centrifuges together to enrich uranium to about 2.5%, which is just sufficient to produce industrial energy requirements. It requires to enrich uranium to >98% for a nuclear bomb.
Rest assured, this is extremely complex to say the least.

Doesn’t it give one a feeing of déjà vu? What’s the tearing hurry for the Americans to stop them from producing enriched uranium, which can only be used for industrial purposes at this juncture?

Are they making this out to be the ‘smoking gun’, an excuse to attack Iran? For the same reasons they invaded Iraq? Which were:

> To prevent spread of Muslim fundamentalism.
> To spread American style democracy in the Middle East.
> Control of oil resources.
> Ensure continued oil trade in American dollars.
> Installation of a pliable regime.
> To prevent and finally defeat terrorism emanating from there.

But that’s what the Americans can’t say. The spin this time is the danger from Iran’s (non existent) nuclear weapons. In Iraq’s case it were the (non existent) WMDs.

You can’t argue with the Americans can you? The king is always right! And he’ll bash on, regardless!! Come what may.

Next on the firing line? Syria. I wonder what the excuses are going to be this time!

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 12:56 AM
Has anyone taken into consideration that dropping a bomb on these labs could potentially spread radioactive material everywhere?

just wondering? might be an argument to bomb it quickly to prevent as much cointamination as possible.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 01:07 AM
Try these. I found them to be interesting, if not 'redundant'.
Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away
Iran can produce nuke in as little as 16 days


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