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a few things

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posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 08:52 AM
im new to the board, but i've been comming on here for a while and reading posts as dulce and area 51 interest me alot.
i live in the usa but im originally from the uk.
when i was back in uk for a couple of weeks, i asked my father( ex RAF ) a few questions.
one was on rudlow manor, like what did they do there. what he told me was that there was an underground rail system quite a way under ground that carried nucleur wepons. they would use a train that left a normal passenger station, i.e paddington, that looked like a normal train which would go through a tunnel, but it wouldn't come out the other side, only for another train, and exact likeness of the other train would come out the other end carrying the nucleur wepons, mainly rudlow manor was a storage place for nucleur wepons.
Also to my knowledge raf mildenhall in suffolk, the old yank air force base, with underground tunnels below, supposedly the tunnels are not guarded anymore as it is derilict and now owned by the east anglian parks authority. but i failed to check this out as i was only on limited time over there so i couldn't do much snooping, but next year when i go back i will.
Also the base up in northern scotland ( which name i can't spell and im not gonna try ) the one you guys go on about quite a bit, used to house nucleur wepons for the americans, and now all it really is is a stop over for the navy seals and other special forces on their way to other theatres.
most of you probably know this stuff already but i just thought i would add my 10 cents.
if you need any more info on other uk stuff let me know and i will see what i can find out.


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