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What About US Foreign Legion

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posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 08:45 AM
It is obvious not too many governments are ready to support this Administration for various reasons,but still I do think that the USA is percieved as a good force by the most people of the Free World

I can't imagine myself that the people in Europe will like to follow the lead of a state like Russia or China...After all those states don't share our values,basic values (I mean freedom here).
But yet Europe don't like the "World Policeman"..I personnaly can argue that it is needed...just look at Iran,but everyone has his own opinion..
It is obvious that China,Russia and EU will do nothing to stop Iran and his irrational regime,so USA will do the bleeding for us again...
So why not giving the chance to those people in the World who do want to help...
I don't know if Western Europe ("Old Europe") still remember that their freedom is owed to the USA,but I do believe that Eastern Europe still have fresh memories from the Cold War...But the eastern europeans don't have the millitary and industrial base...

So What You Think About It?

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