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Dam Circut City and Dam Battlefield 2

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posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 09:36 PM
OK I am not of the classification any longer as a "Hardcore gamer" or of the status of "1337" because I quit gaming about a year ago and have been barely playing Sim City 4. ANYWAY thats not the point. Im mad at CIrcut City and at EA and myself for taking the chance of loosing 50$ (which I think I did).

SO anyway I havent bought a game in like a year and all of my friends were talking about the greatnes of BattleField 2. SO I asked whats so great about it? and they convinced me to buy it. I checked out the game specs and my computer was above the minimum requirments so I figured what the hell its 50$ (which I now envy that circut city has)

SO I go out and buy the game today at about 4pm from circut city as I refuse to buy anything at all from Wal Mart. I come home and promptly load the game onto my system. The game takes a good 15 min to install and I am ready to go.

SO I run teh game and it works flawlessly. I watch this amazing intro sequence and makes me feel proud of my good graphics card that I invested in a few years ago. Im thinkiing "This is going to be an awesome game". SO After being amazed I decide to play a single player map to get a feel for the game and controls.

I sit anxiously anticipiating the game as it loads. It get all the way to 89% then to 99% then 100% and then it tells me "Click join game or hit escape to play". I click join and then for a second literally a second the game is in play. After this second I am reverted back to the loadign screen and it says again "Click join game or hit escape to play" and the game freezes.

I figure something must have been wrong on the load up and I restart my computer to try again. but the same thing happens again.... and again... and again....

I finally get fed up and decide "Thats it Im taking it back to CIrcut city" but I knew they would proablly not take it as it was a computer title and was already opened. So I make my way back to circut city through 5 oclock rush hour traffic. I get there and say I would like to return this game and of course they say "We are sorry its been opened and thats agains poilicyyou can exchange it for the same game" to which I say "Thats pointless because there is something wrong with my computer that does not allow me to play this game" and she says "well Im sorry" I then tell her they can keep the game and my 50$ because neiter of them are of use to me and she tells me to trhow it away outside if I dont want it. Naturally I keep it.

I then proceed to other gameing trading posts and they say NOPE we dont trade PC's. (you know whos fault it is ALL YOU GOSH DARN KIDS WHO LIKE TO BUY GAMES AND BURN THEM THEN RETURN IT AND GET THE GAME FOR FREE! I hold each one of you liable for my 50$ which I still do not have)

Any way I come home and download some patches as I think that may fix the problem and after like 2 hours of D/L patches to no avail I have given up and am here seeking tech advice to try to get this game to work.

SO anyone had this problem and does anyone know how to solve it as I want to get the most out of my 50$.

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 10:22 PM
think it could be anything do to with your RAM?

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 10:36 PM
Nope I just fixed the problem. As I said I havent played a demanding game in over a year and my drivers were outdated so I went to the ATI site and just updated them and my problem was fixed.

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 11:28 PM
lawl that coudl do it i've done that before

bf2 is pretty fun glad you got it working

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