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"Lives lived else where"

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posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 09:25 AM
Hello everyone,

I thought I would write a thread pertaining to lives, lived on another planet.I am curious to see how many others recollect there past lives on another planet.I thought this might be interesting to see how many are being given the chance to go back in another form or physical destination to remember the stars.Well, anything that you guys want post on this and write as much as your heart content or you remember.I think a lot of you might be surprised by the input.It can be from a reoccuring dream or vision of a distant memory.

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 09:14 PM
I remember a few dreams when I was younger. One I remember the most but vaguely was me being in a scene where I saw a long train of a white garment and like I were in a palace. And you know when I read the prophet Esai: "In the year that king Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon an high and glorious seat, and his train filled the *palace." That reminded me of that dream I had when I was a girl.

Also, too, I dreamed of being in a green forest and talking to two men. And one was higher than the other. It was something like that.

Those are the two that I remember the most. Sometimes though, I do remember dreams from when I was younger when they actually happen...called deja vu?

posted on Apr, 19 2007 @ 03:12 PM
I've had very powerful and lucid dreams my entire life.

These dreams include traveling between planets through some sort of tube, or network of tubes that someone suggested may have been wormhole travel, or something like that.

I've had many awe inspiring dreams where I'm standing on a planet and seeing either a single craft, or many craft, of many different varieties, filling the skies.

I've had dreams where I am taken with what could be considered the human race, and deposited on a foreign planet, while another race, that I took as a very advanced version of our own race, took residence on my home planet (earth?).

The planet I was moved to in that case was wonderfully interesting, but getting onto the large craft to get there, with great numbers of others, was disconcerting, and a very sketchy prospect.

My feeling in the end was mixed. I felt like this advanced race sort of took control and didn't give us an option, but the new planet was a new world to explore...

Most of the ufo dreams I've had have been about craft filling the skies, typically saucer shaped craft.

I remember one dream in particular that I had very close variations on a few times, that was about these saucer craft filling the skies and people on the ground running around confused and in a panic...

I've also had catastrophe dreams. I've dreamt of massive floods, covering continents. I remember being in a small boat, with many other people in other boats, all seeking land. I've had these dreams a couple of times that I can remember, but maybe more.

I've also had a catastrophe dream where a planet actually crashed into the planet I was standing on. I remember the planet crashing into the distant landscape and pushing the earth up toward me. This was a lucid dream and it blew me away...

Someone suggested to me recently that I might be a traveler who chooses to come to planets at times of great turmoil for whatever reasons...I thought it was a funny comment, but who knows...?

I've had these ufo, interplanetary, otherwordly dreams all of my life. I can't tell if I'm traveling there while I sleep, if they are past lives, or if they are premonitions...

I have a friend who is a medium ask me if I had any questions for my "guides". I asked about these dreams and was told that they were dreams of past lives. I believe they are. I have very strong connections with these places, and I don't like leaving them when I awake...

I personally would like to think the dreams I've had of saucer craft filling the skies were premonitions of a mass landing that people are reporting will occur over the next few years...

I've also had dreams of time travel more recently, but don't know if that has to do with my friend's experiences influencing me, or if they were showing me something that was real...

Anyway, it's all a lot to sort out. For a kid these dreams don't have a reason for their being, which is how far back I recall having these dreams.

I remember my dreams from just about every night, and I have to say that almost all of them are showstoppers. LOL Something weird's going on...I have a very busy nightlife...

I have come to believe that there is a lot more going on with me, and probably by extension, every being on this planet, that we don't fully understand...Yet...

It's like we are adventurers with amnesia, but every once in a while catch a glimpse of where we've been...And where we will be returning...

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