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Rice tells diplomats to prepare for nuclear war

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posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by Kuffar Rex
Read it at

It has already been established that has this same topic and message up. As such, what or why exactly are you directing us to read it over there?


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posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 03:51 PM
Because the comments are a lot of fun.

posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 11:58 AM
I'd be very interested and keen to hear where the proof for the accusations of "fraud" are? Clearly tne original poster has been banned if found out to be deliberately acting fraudulently, and as such the moderators and administrators here have no hesitation in being transparent about their investigation into it?


posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 11:28 AM
I doubt the United States is ready for more war at this point. Sanctions backed by the UN are the way to go. Even if they don't work, they are footsteps along a path the World must take in dealing with a hostile country such as Iran.

Use of nuclear weapons by any country may well ignite a fuse that can't be doused in time for cooler heads to prevail.

posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 08:12 PM
Sure, why not? Let's start a Nuclear War! Doesn't really matter why, if we can't find a reason why....we'll invent one!

We have wanted to do it for years, all that good enriched uranium and plutonium going to's shameful.

Let's hit those RED BUTTONS and watch those ICBMS fly, we can nuke those terrorist groups and wipe out entire Nations, doesn't matter whether they are guilty or not, we will rid the World of those evil perpetrators.

But what about the Fallout? The Nuclear Winter ensuing? The children who will be born deformed for generations to come?

What about the fact that crops won't grow, that the soil they grow in will be contaminated?

What about the deaths of billions both in the long and short term?

Oh what the hell, let's do it anyway!

Have a nice day!

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posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by Griff
How is it appropriate for you to discuss this member as you do when you scoulded someone else for just mentioning something about another member? Just curious.

In that case they were trying to find out who that person was in real life and discussing it openly on the board, in addition to taking the thread off topic. This thread was re-opened after being closed. Bit of a difference no?

the original poster has been banned

No one here has been banned.
The original poster here is not banned. He isn't responding. If you look at his posting history, he practically never responds, nor bothers to provide any evidence to support his claims.

ATS never stated that his claims about what Rice said were false.

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan

In that case they were trying to find out who that person was in real life and discussing it openly on the board, in addition to taking the thread off topic. This thread was re-opened after being closed. Bit of a difference no?

OK....that sounds about right. Thanks for responding Nygdan. I knew their had to be a good reason for it. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Edit: Sorry to be off topic myself.

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posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 01:44 PM
Oh dear God, i really do hope this talk of nuclear war is just that talk and nothing more. When will people learn that noone ever wins a nuclear war and the end result will be Planet Earth blown to smithereens. A new asteriod belt for the solar system. No more USA, no more Iran, no NOTHING!!. Just dust and rubble.

The Human Race needs to grow up !!!

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by Griff
All he said was "Baboom". Yes, I'm being VERY careful to not implicate him in anything...especially now that the government is monitoring us.

LOL. Now that the government is monitoring us? I'm sorry people, i'm just going to "shoot it to you" straight here. The only reason the government would monitor this website is for a good laugh. Now, there are some very intelligent conversations, but the majority of them are just ridiculous. And so is this! Ridiculous! And for those of you who believe it is even more ridiculous.

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by zenlover28
LOL. Now that the government is monitoring us?

LOL, where you been? Here's the scoop on your question:

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 05:30 PM
What does that have to do with the gov monitoring ATS though? I would say at one time, yes, the government would have monitored ATS. They probably considered it a very legitimate source of information for themselves. Now, though I highly doubt it. There is so much immaturity in this place and it really does destroy the entire concept of "denying ignorance". This is not a contest to see who can post the best conspiracy theory, ok? I would say it's more about discussing a 'conspiracy theory' intelligently and rationally. I rarely see that.

BTW: The quicker you all figure out that the government doesn't care that you claim Rice supposedly stated that we are going to war or that you saw a Reptillian walking down the street, or what you had for dinner last night...well, these conversations would be a lot less, ummm childish?!

A rational person would think "that's an invasion on my privacy" when they heard about the AT&T scandal. They probably wouldn't think that they are so important that the government actually monitors them. Wouldn't you think?

Anyhow, i'm way off topic here, but sheeesh, you all can do better than this.

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posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 09:24 AM
Bush says nuclear strike on Iran is "on the table"

Still adamant this can't be true ? I don't doubt it and won't be surprised when it happens.

smh why the US is so up in arms over it is beyond me, shouldn't Israel be the one claiming this BS ? Why nobody else ?
I mean IF Iran IS planning any kind of strike who do U think they are gonna launch it at ? ISRAEL. These inbred's in office are really just making America start to look like Israel's thong, they've got their heads so far up it's rear :shk:

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 10:46 AM
Hey, I never stated that there is not a real possibility that there will be a war in Iran. However, specualtion of the U.S. just flying over there and nuking them without a U.N. mandate IS ridiculous.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by zenlover28
Hey, I never stated that there is not a real possibility that there will be a war in Iran. However, specualtion of the U.S. just flying over there and nuking them without a U.N. mandate IS ridiculous.

They didn't nuke Iraq, but they certainly did not blink at the disapproval from the UN. I really don't see them taking action without the saction of the UN, however I would not go as far to say its ridiculous to think it.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 11:14 AM
Did I say they did nuke, Iraq? LOL These posters are implying that the United States is going to hold nuclear strikes on Iran w/out a mandate. There aren't even sanctions in place against Iran. Do you all realize what you are implying. Do you really? That's what I want to know. I'm not a Bush supporter, but I will say this, the man is not dumb enough to preemptively have a nuclear fallout with a sovereign nation without the full international community (especially Russia & China) backing him. Really, he's just not that dumb.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 11:50 AM
Zen you are right, and what I am saying is I agree with you. I do not see this happening, and I give Bush some credit that he would not be so dumb.

However, alls I implied was that I do not deny the possibility of it in the future. I don't think it ever will happen, but we are unable to say it never will happen.

If Bush feels Iran is Nuclear capable, I believe he would want to hit them first. This is why I feel there is a remote possibility.

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posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 12:12 PM
Chissler, I doubt it will ever happen like you. However, for any of us to think that it would happen in this context really is not using common sense.

My OPINION......Bush is good at bullying. He knows he has to bully China and Russia into not vetoing sanctions against Iran. Both have so much economically at stake in Iran that if they believe that there is a slim chance the U.S. will invade (not nuclear, btw), they will be more in agreement w/ the sanctions.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 07:56 PM
Before you say I am Crazy, hear me out...

If Iran developes a nuke it can hit maybe 3 important places..

1) The U.S. Troops in Iraq. However if they do this, then they will be nothing more than (gonna restrain myself) my beautiful brothers , under glass. The U.S. will blow them of the map, and turn all of Iran into a smoldering rubble under glass of their seserts.

2) Isreal (sp)...If Iran nukes Isreal with their one bomb, (Which, by the way thaey have pretty much said they would), then the U.S. and probably Europe (If it comes out fom cowering under the bed) would blow them off the map.

3) If they have the missle technology...they may be able to hit Europe. I say who cares. The ungrateful S.O.B.'s deserve it. Then they will come running to us to pull their asses out of the fire, like we did in the last 2 World Wars. If not for the U.S. they'd all be speaking German right now. (We didn't do it alone, countries like Australia...who still believe in right and wrong were there to help also) But these Socialist Weeneies, haven't learned a thing from history about appeasing.

Think I'm crazy, well I'd bet the farm that if the WACKO in charge of Iran got a nuke, he'd use it!! Then we and (Hopefully our Allies) blow Iran off the map, wait for the dust to settle, and let the cicilized world take control of 25% of the worlds oil. Will this cause pain and suffering...HELL YEAH, but I think that is the only way these limp wristed appeasers of the world are going to get off their Socialist Asses. And for those who worry about Russia and China...Unless they are willing to go into a fule scale nuclear war of Mutually Assured Destruction, they will not do a thing. Case Closed, Problem Solved.

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posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 02:22 PM
I think CSRules is correct all the way. Iran is just asking for a fight. Wanting to destroy Israel. Coming right out and saying it. They won't stop until they do something or someone does something to them.

But - this has to be the Ezekial war as described in the Bible. Iran and other nations go after Israel - they get confused - and end up destroying themselves - while Israel is unscathed. The nations are predominantly Iran and Russia that go after Israel. Listen to what I just said, and remember it, because this is going to happen and appears we are seeing it develop before are eyes. This was all prophesied thousands of years ago.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 07:50 PM
I've been trying to think of a tactful way that I can respond to the 'ignorance' of the last two posts. But, i'm just going to smile and inform you of how the majority of those people do not deserve to be blown off of the face of the Earth and for you to say such a thing is truly disturbing and all it does it put you on the 'terrorists' level....hmmm I don't even know if I could give you that much credit or not.

[Mod Edit: Zenlover, please check your U2U's. Thanks.
- Jak]

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