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Denouncing... what a load of...

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posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 03:38 AM
I just read on the news "US slams Irans nuclear program"

I clicked the headline, thinking that someone has actually done something other than just "denounce" it.
But no... aparrently even the action slamming something actually involves doing absolutely nothing at all now.

This drives me to my point. Please STOP saying you DENOUNCE something. When the government does it, it makes them look like a bunch of pu**ies who cant do anything but say that they dont like it.

I actually think Iran is actually developing their nuclear program for fuel purposes as they claim. The reports that have come out of those installations clearly state that the grade of uranium being produced cannot be used for nuclear weapons.

So I say to the US government, quit repeating to us that you "Denounce" it. That means NOTHING, its a word... nothing more.
Either shut up, or actually DO something about it.

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