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A great Premier!

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posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 06:50 AM
Also Thailand premier Thaksin has already win the election but he still abdicate for his country stable.
I've heard news that report he said: if I win, my country will lose, I perfer lose to let my country win.
I am not sure that is his original speaking because I just got the sounds by hearing CCTV INTERNATIONAL, and my English hearing is worse than my reading. So who can tell me what's the original speaking of that meaning by Thaksin said while he abdicate premier? Would you give me a link which reported the greatest speaking by permier Thaksin
I think he is a permier as great as Geoge Washington.
I am so ashamed of our country is such big but no leader could be compaired with Thailand which is so small country, all our leader are so avid of political power by hook or crook!

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