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People Who Say "NUCULER" Not Allowed Beyond This Point!

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posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 03:17 AM
Is anyone here old enough to remember a time when the News Media differentiated themselves by getting more information faster? I'm not. I wonder if ANYONE is. Has it always been this way?

The media, particularly FNC in my experience, seem to beleive that catch phrases and jargon will make them stand out and seem more informative far better than getting more facts ever could. (sadly enough, I know plenty of people who fall for it.)

You'd think that having your head emersed in a certain other body cavity might make it difficult to put your foot in your mouth, but you'd be wrong.

The biggest one in recent memory had to be "homicide bomber". I'm not completely sure it was the first time, but I think I saw the broadcast where that phrase was coined. I was SHOCKED when that stuck. What kind of bomber DOESN'T mean to commit homicide? What is noteworthy about a SUICIDE bomber is that he doesn't have the common sense to throw the bomb before he sets it off.
How could a journalist miss this??? Doesn't EVERY journalism professor in the country use the same stupid line about "If a dog bites a man, that's not news. If a man bites a dog..."

I also remember the strange switch in terminology during the invasion of Afghanistan when they finally figured out the cities were named in Persian and Mazar-al-Sharif sudden became Mazar-e-Sharif. It took them a couple of weeks to look at an atlas???

I was of course laughing my butt off during Operation Swarmer, when they ran with the "air assault" jargon, not knowing that an air assault is not the same thing as an air strike. I could understand that in print, but they were showing us pictures of transport helocopters and ranting about dropping bombs in an urban area. Didn't anyone stop and say "wait a minute... what the hell kind of bomb gets dropped from a Blackhawk?"

Now its another one. "Bush is rumored to be considering using STRATEGIC nuclear weapons on Iran." REALLY? Last time I checked you use TACTICAL nuclear weapons are short range weapons of limited yield used for specific battlefield purposes, such as eliminating critical threats. STRATEGIC weapons are larger, longer range, and generally of strictly deterrent value- they are good for wiping out cities and such.

You throw an ill-defined adjective into the mix and the viewers think you've told them something- and for jesus sake the people who buy this nonsense are allowed to vote!

posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 07:17 PM
I think it's all about ratings, when you get right down to it.

I don't normally watch mainstream news anyway, especially not Faux News. I call that the Neo-Con Channel.

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 08:38 AM
misuse of language can give misleading ideas. It can lead a person to have thoughts which are not their own..based on the intentional misuse of language to control them. The press historically is famous for this..since the founding of America. As I am given to understand history it was much worse in the press in times past..the sensationalism and deceit...the deliberate misdirection.

Ratings are a part of it correct...but it is also deceit...misdirection..also known as the olde shell game. ie...politics. The media are shills for certain political partys. This is becoming quite evident. Many of us are tiring of it and looking for a higher standard by the Media. Dont hold your breath.

Some of us are also tired of a phenomonon we detect in the media to where they think they are entitled...have a entitlement mentality to the point that the media "are" now America...they have hijacked our perception of who and what America is. THE media gives the impression by thier conduct that they are America..what American people think doesnt has been defaulted over to the media. Media bias would have us think that America only consists of New York City and California. No other states or peoples count.

This concept in the media became clear to me though I had been thinking this concept for awhile. I watched a movie one night titled "Left of the Dial" about this radio program called Air America. The woman on this program is named Randi Rhodes. The program occurred round the 2004 election and the effects on this radio station and its members. As the election returns came in that night some early returns arrived for some mid west states and they were for the republican candidate. Randi Rhodes reply to the results was ....."no one lives one lives in those states."

I mean to tell you ....I was shocked. This is what the media thinks???? Especially certain parts of the media. This is the media shilling for certain political partys. This is the media looking to put thier candidate in office over states where no one lives?? I mean to tell you have to get educated to get that dumb. People dont naturally get that dumb on their own. Only public schooling can dumb people down that far socially and intellectually.

Anyway get my picture about...the media and what some of it is doing and how much contempt I have for the media.
Misuse of language is just another facet of this type of control and misdirection.


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