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Saving the sick seagull

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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 09:03 PM
At my sisters' annual get-together as we were out walking one late afternoon, we came upon an injured seagull. My baby sister, friend to all animals, got a box for the gull, and we carried it back to the house and set it on the porch. She called an animal shelter, and they said they would gladly come out the next day and pick it up. Baby sister had to depart the get-together, leaving us to contend with the sick gull.
Later that night after we had all gone to bed, the phone rang and a person claiming to be from the shelter said we had to put the bird, box and all, in the oven at low temperature to keep it warm. I could hear my oldest sister saying, "No, we just couldn't put the bird in the oven, because it might mess and smell it up." Another sister yells out, "That's ridiculous!" Another sister said, "Oh, maybe we should," but she never got out of bed. As for me, I didn't say a thing, just trying to get back to sleep after being so rudely awakened. The next day most of us felt guilty not following the shelter's instructions to keep the bird warm overnight, and a little embarrassed we had not acted like St. Francis of Assisi, as my little sister would have acted.
Then we get a phone call from baby sister, asking us if we had put the bird in the oven!! She had had a male friend make the phony call. We still get a laugh over this, but at the time it was good she was not in the same room with us!
By the way, the shelter did pick up the bird.

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