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I despair.

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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 05:31 PM
In the old days of just a few years ago when Simon more or less used to do everything on here and there was maybe perhaps 60 or 70 of us, this really was a wonderful place.

Simon used to do a whole heap full of investigative journalism and the discussions and the consequential drive for information, for the "truth" was the real buzz.

I cant recall the last time Simon got involved, really involved, on here.

Nowadays this place just seems to be a Jerry Springer online sort of thing.

This week the following is a list of just some of the discussed topics on here.

"I believe my family is linked to extraterrestrials"

"Reptillians in New York"

"Mind Choke"

"Whole town abducted"

"Phone calls from an alien"

Now I realise, that as this place grows, in the quest for hits and popularity, this forum will attract a fair number of "quirky" people.

But does that mean we need to be subjected to an ever growing increase in posts and topics which really denigrate the ethos of this place.

Deny Ignorance yes yes yes !!

But promote stupidity no no no !!

The "Three Amigos" must be aware of the National Enquirer esque stance of this place and if they, quite rightly, call a halt to the Serpo rubbish, then maybe they should be less tolerant of some of the other stuff that is also posted on here.

I know we cant go back to the golden olden days on here but at least we can give short shrift to some of the more ludicrous stuff that finds its way on here.

What say you amigos ??


posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:04 PM
look at your own threads before you talk about others. Its like this on any forum, you just need to sift through the bad to the good.

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:16 PM
My threads ???

I rarely make threads on here but you wouldnt know that.

And if I did make threads then they certainly would not be the type about which I posted.

Mind you I will have a look to see if you are one of the ones I despair about.

Stay lucky.


posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:18 PM
I note that you have been here a year and a half longer than I have and, YES, things have changed even in that short time. Everything either evolves or remains stagnant and perishes. There is nothing wrong with things that evolve BUT there is definately a danger in those that remain stagnant.

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:22 PM

Can you tell me why, when I was bemoaning the lack of credible posts on ATS that my post was removed to BTS ??

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:23 PM
It appears that things have not improved for you as you posted the same thing last year. People have questions and while you may not suffer fools gladly, somebody always will. I see no harm in a stupid question. Besides its the answers we're all interested in. It appears ET is interested in all walks of life.

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:24 PM
Hi JayKew,

I think the only way a place - be it RL or virtual - can be affected is via the input. Think about that statement for a's absolutely a statement of the obvious. As the membership grows here at ATS the mix changes according to the ratio of members who choose to affect the community based on their input. Yet another statement of the obvious. One thing I've noticed is that people don't do the real research. They don't perform the in-depth investigation you reference as put out by Simon, or whomever (and they are few and far between) did after him. Is that Simon's fault? No. It's the fault of the majority of the members. And that majority includes you. You have admitted (in a rather defensive nature) that you don't start threads. But this issue was so important to you that you started this one. But yet the very thing you are consternating over is the very thing you are part and parcel of - you don't create threads.

If you leave the doing to others, you have to accept what the others give you. If you take on the mantle of populating the site with in-depth studies, then you begin to be part of the move toward what you seek.

We can all make a difference. We just have to be passionate enough about the difference we desire to become part of the activity toward it. Is there some topic you would like pursued in the manner you miss? If so, submit it, become part of an effort toward it, or solely analyze it. There's is never a time that we can say "we can't make a difference". We can always make a difference. It just takes passionate activism to do so.

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:41 PM
Hi Valhall

Nice post and thank you for the courtesy of a reply.

Incidentally, I heard your broadcast with Pete Price as it happened.

He really is a very nice guy (as all us Liverpudlians are )

Do I wish to search out the answers ?? Do I wish to see ATS evolve into shall we say a sort of "confrontional, we have the evidence buster" type od forum.

You can bet your last dollar I do.

The trouble is that I fear the credibility of ATS needs to be maintained and sadly with some of the topics being pushed on here nowadays this is just not happening.

A little question for you.....

If the New York Times approached the White House and said it was about to go public on a major UFO situation would the White House give the New York Times house room ??

I guess it would.

If the National Enquirer did the same thing it would probably get laughed out of town and quite rightly so.

Ive been here since about the spring of 99 ( yes I know I say little) but to me ATS is more akin to the Enquirer nowadays than the New York Times and that indeed is a tragedy.

Keep shining Val xxxx

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 06:43 PM
I can somewhat relate. I know of someone who thinks my family is linked to reptilians because my mother is of the royal bloodline--and so are both my in-laws!

Um, no, I don't've had a bit too much David Icke!

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by JayKew

Can you tell me why, when I was bemoaning the lack of credible posts on ATS that my post was removed to BTS ??

May I ask, "What's wrong with BTS?"

It's the sister site to ATS. I find this BTS prejudice bothering.

You see this as a credible post? OK, is it unworthy of BTS? If so, that's sad. :shk:

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 07:26 PM
the pond she has expanded.

[edit on 10-4-2006 by Lysergic]

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