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Mayor Ken Compares Poll Tax Riots To Tiananmen Square massacre

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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 09:49 AM

Original News Source

Looking out over the Beijing square from the steps of the National Museum of Revolutionary History, the Mayor of London said the 1989 massacre, in which -hundreds of protesters died, was part of the city's "interesting history", like London's.

"In the same way that Trafalgar Square has had an interesting history, not always a peaceful one, there's a very clear parallel," he said.

"We've had some interesting riots in Trafalgar Square - I mean, only 20 years ago, the poll tax riots, and flames licking up." Mr Livingstone is spending a week in Beijing and Shanghai discussing Olympic planning and promoting London businesses in the world's fastest growing major economy.

Well once again Ken has put his foot right in it. How can he compare the massacre of hundreds of people to that of the poll tax riots. Innocent people were killed in Tiananmen Square, whos right to protest was brutally quashed.

This seems another attempt to suck up to the Chinese, to keep on the good side of them, and in the process seems to be forgetting all the human right abuses they have carried out, and ones that continue to this day.

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