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Our Food is Dying: Infectious Agents are Threatening the World's Crops

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posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 11:59 PM
Thanks mom

But if you read I never called him anything I said in his post as in his sources.
And where to you get off telling me what to do and not to do. I don’t see any moderator tag or anything that says you have any right to judge me. I don’t even know regenmacher how and what right do I have to judge him(or her)? sorry if you have taken it the wrong way. I do not judge people by what they think but instead of how they live there lives.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 12:16 AM
engenerQ, please refrain from name calling.

Let’s just stop discussing each other and get back to the topic please.

posted on Apr, 14 2006 @ 07:20 AM

Originally posted by engenerQ
You give me such a big headache.

First I call you a liar b/c the things you said leads me to believe that you know nothing about farming or biology. Didn’t think so, so don’t post crap like that.

The liar is your shoe to wear, and I don't want your shoes either as they are for those who want to play armchair dictator. As for your headache, put me on ignore....cured!

Mankind can err on the side of caution or become dead fools.
Precaution Before Profits: An Overview of Issues
in Genetically Engineered Food and Crops
-Learn it and live it.

US Foodborne Illnesses Up Two to Ten Fold - Not just a coincidence.

Malathion comparison was in reference to changing to GMO, whether it is insect or herbicide resistant crops, so stop playing dumb and acting if you had no idea what the point was. RRS beans would be better than spraying conventional beans with Alachlor, but considering weeds are becoming resistant to glyphosate and it has been shown to be making people ill, the game is coming to a close for Roundup.

Unfit for human consumption means just that!
StarLink Corn Banned by EPA for Health Reasons
Environmental Defense - StarLink Corn Banned for Humans

Yields and profits first and to hell with long term consequences is the faceless corporate mentality and to defend such nonsense is typical of people who don't give a crap about future generations, have succumbed or is promoter of non-ethical end-user brainwashing.

From the horses mouth, screw safety...

"Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food," said Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications.

I see the rise of health disorders in those of my ag-based family since the increased use of chemicals since the 70's and my family started farming in 1842 in Renville County, MN and still do, so save your vile labels for the mirror. You gave no proof to back up your claims, just a lot of trollish and hostile bash and trash talk. If your eating beans sprayed with glyphosate and other assorted chemicals without rinsing them, then your absolutely reckless and your professed knowledge is thusly invalidated. Buyer beware is the lesson to learn. People can put all their trust in profit driven corporations, and then learn the hard way that complacent and obedient is NOT a virtue of freedom and independence. Pioneer spirit may be dead in many, but not here.

WhenHow do you say that it will cause mutation tell me how …and try to b specific on how the DNA will be transcribed and not fail b/c of enzyme defincy.

Go study up on HGT and artificial vectors. No one on this planet can guarantee these new exotic genes introduced into food will not severely effect human dna and they already are affecting livestock and insects. There's mountains of evidence and research and a pattern of history that corporations will abuse people for quick profits.

Food and diet does effect human dna and more

Genes can be 'changed' by foods
Can Food Change Your Genes?
The food you eat could change your genes
The food you eat may change your genes for life
Biggest Study of GMO Finds Impact on Birds, Bees

GM corn lives up to it's name of Frankenfood!

Cows feeding on T25 maize will have lots of bacteria in their stomachs and plenty of opportunity to take up the pat gene. These bacteria will then be able to remove the acetyl group from acetyl-glufosinate, thereby turning it back to glufosinate. The herbicide is known to be poisonous to mammals including human beings, causing birth defects and damaging nerve cells. What the pat gene will do in the soil will be anybody s guess. Glufosinate also harms mites, caterpillars and other insects (reviewed in Petition to Scottish Parliament in support of Munlochy Vigil by Mae-Wan Ho, to be available

Roundup is human poison

Glyphosate Toxic & Roundup Worse
It is believed to be rather specific in action and less toxic than other herbicides, because the shikimate pathway is not present in mammals and humans. However, glyphosate acts by preventing the binding of phosphoenol pyruvate to the active site of the enzyme, and phosphoenol pyruvate is a core metabolite present in all organisms; thus it has the potential to affect other metabolic pathways. This is borne out by many reports of toxicities associated with the herbicide reviewed in the Independent Science Panel Report, The Case for a GM-free Sustainable World.

An epidemiological study in the Ontario farming populations showed that glyphosate exposure nearly doubled the risk of late spontaneous abortions [2], and Prof. Eric-Giles Seralini and his research team from Caen University in France decided to find out more about the effects of the herbicide on cells from the human placenta.

They have now shown that glyphosate is toxic to human placental cells, killing a large proportion of them after 18 hr of exposure at concentrations below that in agricultural use [3]. Moreover, Roundup is always more toxic than its active ingredient, glyphosate; at least by two-fold. The effect increased with time, and was obtained with concentrations of Roundup 10 times lower than agricultural use.

Common Garden Herbicide Linked to Health and Environmental Hazards
A new review by the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) finds that use of the common herbicide glyphosate is linked to a variety of health and environmental problems. Glyphosate, often sold as Roundup, is the most commonly used pesticide in the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 5 million pounds of glyphosate in American yards and gardens every year.

"Glyphosate is not a nontoxic chemical. Recent research shows that use of this heavily marketed pesticide is linked with cancer, miscarriages, and genetic damage in people," said Caroline Cox, NCAP's staff scientist and author of the new report. "Glyphosate herbicides can also damage the immune system of fish and disrupt the sexual development of tadpoles."

Pesticide Industry Propaganda: The Real Story
Agricultural Health Study 89,000 individuals

THANK YOU for bringing the pope in to this convo. Why should I care what a old bag says. And 2 did you know that less than 30 years ago the pope just acknowledged that the world is round?

Earth as an orb:Globus cruciger 5th century

Who invented the flat earth?
Evolutionists often falsely accuse creationists of believing in a flat Earth. But neither history nor modern scholarship supports the claim that Christians ever widely believed that the Earth was flat. And the Bible doesn’t teach it.

One billion Catholics listen to the Pope and they are a huge market force whether we want to admit that fact or not and many consumers are compulsive and buy based on emotional needs, not logic and thus the Pope appeals to that sense of reality.

The rise of crop diseases is yet another reflection that we are on the wrong path were as erroring on the side of caution is always solid advice, Pope's advice or not.

[edit on 14-4-2006 by Regenmacher]

posted on Apr, 15 2006 @ 01:25 AM
I had a thought about control when reading these posts. First it was terrorism, and we need to tighten security and loosen constraints on phone tapping, spying and such. More control steps in.

Then it's Katrina, another big disaster, the military now becomes a big factor in disasters. More control.

Similarly, here we are with dying food. Ok, so here come the GM foods, pushed without constraint, which can be controlled and made sterile. Bam, more control given to someone other than the common man. You can't use the seeds from these plants, you have to buy from the manufacturer.

We've got you trapped, we control your food, and your life. Are these related events, even though they seem disrelated?

So here's basically what I see as the similarity in these different events.

A) A big disaster or significant event happens.
B) "We, the folks in charge" must take big action, and we must move away contraints and/or freedoms and such to bring about the resolution.
C) Make a new reason to take more control, and start at step A.
D) Once this cycle is repeated enough times, mankind is now in our control.

I'm tired, I hope what I've said makes sense.

Good night all,


posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 02:49 AM
Shoes ..armchair communist w/e I do not ignore people just b/c they have something to say that is well..intresting

I have read all your links that work…its funny i didn’t act dumb b/c that the exact comparison you have made. And please don’t use i-sis as a actual source it is as one sided as the Monsanto site I have read. Mae-Wan Ho and Peter Saunders have never EVER been a nonbiased …in fact they have always been out spoken on severely restricting GM or ridding the companies altogether. So any information from them is bias. Also the food poising…is comparing the US rate to the Swedish current rate..bad science in order to get the numbers that look bad. I know the Monsanto site would be bias that’s why I don’t recognize them either. Do you expect me to take anything from the northwest coalition for alternatives to pesticides reports about roundup seriously? I could go to the roundup site and quote them…..again bias in science is the true lie.

Roundups effect on placental cells have been documented….but only in the lab and only with direct contact….i do not see how it is possible for roundup to come in to direct contact with a pregnant woman’s placenta. While strange but I suppose it could wind up there with a non-pregnant woman though it would act as a birth control with no ill effects to the woman…roundup as birth control….weird but ok

It was a bit strange you bringing up the T25 I believe you are referring to the pre Chardon LL strain that a test farmer fed and sold before it received food title. Though let me propose to you to look up spraying time for corn using post emergence herbicide….most don’t spray along time before harvest b/c there is no need for it. And lets say it was used 14 days before harvest the plant being resistant to the herbicide it doesn’t absorb much and what it does it is discarded as waste soon after. So how would it wind up in the intestine…to that fact how did the chemical stay intact in a highly acidic environment? the ammonia salt would react to lower the PH of the gastric acid.

Ok the pope has made his stand ….but how many American Catholics will give up Doritos, taco shells, and any other food using corn or wheat….the cloths you have on all have ties to GM. The pope says don’t murder don’t cheat on your wife and no premarital sex…he has really had a huge following on those topics to. And if I remember a passage from the good book “the earth’s sphere” those who read the bible along time ago already knew the earth was a sphere b/c the bible says so.

and the links for food can change your genes …from what I have read was ..any type of food GM or not has the ability to alter your DNA though specifically L-methionine…not in corn and they where INJECTED not consumed. And it actually works by striping methyl group. And again its only been in animals. The big line in the article is

"We need much more research.

b/c that’s cold hard PROOF

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 12:16 PM
EnergQ - please feel free to post information with links on topic. The topic is "Infectious Agents are Threatening the World's Crops."

Please do NOT use my thread to pursue your personal vendettas and politics.

Thank you.


posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 01:27 AM
Come on you could have at least gotten my name right….

I am not persuading anything just denying ignorance as the motto states

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