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Its time

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posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 10:08 AM
exactly netchicken.

You see the "only" reason i came on this board
is because i have witnessed personal miracles of jesus. through
miracles i have been sent into the catholic church.

since i know jesus revealed himself to me by miracles and certain
dreams i fealt the urge to spread the good news that he is god.

But i did not know that there were this many nonbelievers.

non the less i am literally telling you the truth and thats why you guys
break my heart.

toltec, i do "not" think you are evil or possessed. you think that i think
you are, but i don't.

I think you need more signs to believe and if living you will recieve them.

But truth is one and does not change. the new age thinks all beliefs are correct
and thus we have a total lie.

I caame here to wake you people before the chastisement which is not far off.

you can either believe or not, and i still love your individual souls.


posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 10:14 AM
I thought you'd gone.
This is the second time you've said your going only to emerge again, at least the first time you had the conviction to stay away for a couple of months, this time you didn't have the strength of spirit to mannage more than a couple of hours.
whats wrong with you man?
do you really crave the affirmation of others so much that you have to periodically tell them your going away in the hope that some of them will stay "nooooo stay!"
you remind me of those people who randomly tell you they have a terminal disease because they need the attention.

show a little back bone ban.
bugger off and bugger off properly, at least theres a little pride in that.

posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 12:29 PM
Truth States....


Every time i post a message for the sake of souls you come in a post lies or doubts or something about inconsistancies.
Are you that fast to bash your own religion? And you say your a christian?

just leave my post alone if your going to destroy the listener. thats what your
doing. so please for the sake of souls, leave the falsehood and attacks out of
your replies, please. You do not know whos work you are doing.

Truth lying does not help!!
Lupe here is a site that you may find of interest:

posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 04:39 PM
Quote: (by Truth)

" I think you need more signs to believe",

Truth sings are good and many people were saved through the signs mentioned in the bible. But remember that god is not wanting to save people by signs alone, Jesus even said that an evil generation seeks after signs. God is wanting to see our faith and without faith we cannot please God. What would God honour more, a person who comes to God after seeing a miracle or one who comes to God by faith.
It is written that we come to God by faith, but not faith that comes from ourselves. It is given as a gift from God.

Jesus said to Thomas because you have seen my wounds that is why you believe that I have risen, but more blessed is he who has not seen yet still believes.

May God bless you


To Lupe, Im not understanding why you would want Truth to Bugger off.

posted on Oct, 28 2002 @ 04:58 PM

congratulations, for your admin rank.

You said here that Christians dispute among themselves over many passages of the bible,

I'd like to rephrase that.
Christians do not dispute among themselves over the bible. Doctrine has already been set by Christ and the apostles. It is actually christians facing the problem of what saint Paul wrote about in the book of Galatians. That so-called christians are coming to them with different doctrines to what Jesus taught. These so-called christians have these other doctrines but like saint paul said they are not doctrines of Christ but of the Devil

I do understand what you are saying but it is Satan who has corrupted the scriptures by coming up with all these different doctrines with one aim in mind which is to decieve the people and draw them away from the true doctrine that christ set.

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