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Far enough beyond the pale to hit the deep end.

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posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 11:51 PM
Ahem. # 9-11. I wasn't affected by it in any way, shape or form when it happened, and i'm not now. Infact, I wouldn't know or care if new york wasn't full of stuck up sons of bitches who think they're every problem is world news. If someone blew up town hall where I live, would we whine and bitch about it until we'd prevented any news other people should care about from enetering peoples ears for 2 weeks? NO. At least one person is going to say "But 9-11 was different.. Meh-meh-meh bitch bitch moan.". If you're a victim of 9-11 or DIRECTLY related to a victim, by all means lash back. But if you're someone who just has to be offened by what i'm saying, and feels like you're helping people by telling me to cram it, then i'll politely use my boot to show you where those complaints go. All that's come of 9-11 is a few thousand corspes and a few years of listening to house wives talk about how they were 'affected' by something that happend literally across the country. In the whole 943 people who live in my town, not one has seen newyork in person, lived there, has family there.. But still people who had as much to do with it as I did feel like they should be offended. Boo-frickity-hoo. If you're in the above mentioned group of people ACTAULLY affected by 9-11 in a way other then having their ears raped by 2 weeks of crap coverage, feel free to fire back. If not, too bad.

For that matter, to hell with 'Truth'. One of those little sons of bitches felt like 'edju-ma-cating' us on cigarettes. I like to drink, and I like to smoke Old Powder Keg's in public. I do both in bars, where it should be legally accepted. I mean, its a damn bar. The whole point of going to one is so you can drink, smoke and engage in things you shouldn't do in the real public. And yet this little god damn hippy feels like walking into the bar with a megaphone and saying how 'tobacco companies tricked us into smoking' and other arrogant crap of that nature. The reason I hate them is because those people don't think that those of us who smoke are capable of making our own decisions or understanding what would happen if you inhale smoke for 10 years. Now, this wouldn't be too bad, but he felt like picking me in particular, because I had just lit a cigar while he as talking. At this point and time, I should've been legally aloud to put out a glowing red cigar ember in his eye, because clearly he wasn't going to understand words. But I decided to show discretion and listen for about 10 minuets before politely saying "Why don't you get the hell out of here you little goddamn hippy prick?" when he threw a cup of water on my cigar. This is one example of an entire campagin of douche-baggery, which is really just as bad as anything RJ Renolds put on TV. They're taking shots at tobacco companies and asking them to make statements on TV, but they can't legally air any comercials of their own. Thats like me beating a 90 year old man in a wheel chair and then telling him to fight back.

Lets move on to women. If you're a woman, and want equal rights, don't pick a fight with me. Because i'll follow up on equal rights, down to beating to the floor if you take a swing at me. But nooo, this won't work. Thats not the equal rights women want. They don't want me to treat them like a 5'3 120 pound guy who decides to take a swing at me, they want to be treated like a woman that size. Heres how this works in my book: You want the same money, the same rights, the same everything, then you get the same treatment. And this means thinking before you start trying to pick a fight with a man, since I would have damn near beat a man to death for some of the things i've had to sit through a woman scream about just because she had the special right to not get hit in the head but still want to be treated the same in every other way.

Thats all for now.. I'll write more when my nose stops bleeding and my arm stops tingling.

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