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seeing things in blue sky

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 10:48 AM
oh man, this is crazy.

i hadn't checked out the visual snow website, that appears to be something i have.
man, for the last 30 years i thought everyone saw the 'snow'
and the floaters which seem related... reading the descriptions from other websites it seems like 'floaters' are something totally different. But the animation in the video is rather close. But the brighter and bluer the sky, the more intense, both visually and numerous. If I made the video I'd shorten their lifespan, and maybe try to make the lights more colorful.

Also, when i look down or stare at something for more than a few seconds things start to move around. But mainly when i look at the ground. Sometimes I feel like my whole life is lived as if i were on '___', especially since '___' doesn't seem to have that big of an effect on me visually. but all this started way before taking any drugs.

I also liked this wikipedia entry:
it includes a few other issues of mine, not just visual but neurological as well.

I've had a catscan and mri for some specific neurological issues, but they never told me about this whole Visual Snow basket that seems to exist.

posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 03:52 PM
I have heard those are referred to as "floaters" dead cells that float acrosst he eyeball.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by Wig

I have seen them also. there not floaters floaters follow the eyeball when it moves these are more like looking at ameba's under a microscope they move their own way and not with the eyeball. they are white looking things an sometimes can be hundreds of them. it takes a little concentration for me to see them.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 08:10 PM
Well it is good to know that I'm not freakin crazy!!! No one elt's I know sees these lights. I see them constantly and always thought is was particles in the air and I had really good eye sight or my eyes could see the liquid on my eyes. I see millions of them in every direction and can see them in my peripheral vision.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 09:16 AM
Well I liked best and there especially the "blue field entoptic phenomenon".
What is written confusingly is "that follow each other rapidly along the same path" - first I also thought this should mean ALL are moving at the same time in the same direction. Instead, thinking again about this sentence, I rather suppose they mean that there are LOTS OF PATHS (ie the capillaries) which the light dots run along. I should try to focus on this the next time, I guess. Today I only found that when I close one eye with a hand, the light sparks have only half the density, which would suit the Scheerer's phenomenon.
(I was always concerned that this phenomenon I experienced could be caused by cellphone and other radiation senders, as similar effects occur in experiments we heard of when I studied electrical engineering. But now, and since I'm home-studying human physiology currently, I guess I'll give the Scheerer's a fair chance.)

That some can focus in and out of these is indeed hardly explainable by optic laws. Maybe it is only a psychological illusion? Like you can alter other sensations to a certain degree by your will. Or maybe it IS a partly optical thing, eg by changing the way the light gets to your retina. Or, last theory from me for now, maybe you blur/unblur the actual vision and this contrasts how well your optical center can perceive (ie concentrate on) the sparks?

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 07:57 PM
if you watch long enough, they appear and disappear as they move. some of them have grey-ish outlines and some almost seem dark colored...though most are white light. I wonder if they travel between dimensions or modulate their vibrations to energy levels that become invisible to us.??

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 04:04 AM
From what I can tell, and from what I have been taught, in what is known as the aqueous humor, which is the water that fills your cornea on the front of the eyeball, there are floating nutrients that supply your lens with what it needs, since there are no blood capillaries that can do the job. I’ve seen these little spot things dancing about, as well as those twig looking things, which are the "floaters" that have been mentioned. The amoeba things are from what i can gather just nutrients or white blood cells that are bobbing about in the humor.

They don't differ from what I can gather where ever you go and somewhat follow your gaze, in a delayed fashion as they are suspended in water. They are not "floaters" but they aren't 'other' life forms either, they're just your life forms.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:08 AM
yeah i agree with the 'we're all gonna die' guy, i immediatly thought it was those too, i see them all the time against a nice blue sky.
just eye boogas.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:16 AM
I have these weird floaters also, only started seeing them about a year ago and it was only when I looked up at the sky in the daytime so I put it down to the light and being too sensitive or something. However I only see these floaters in the sky, I can look anywhere else and not see them, also the other night I was looking up at the stars whilst smoking it was somewhat cloudy and all of a sudden for no reason the sky came alive with the floaters except this time they weren't floating but flashing like little lightning storms inside the clouds. When I went outside later on for another smoke I did not see them. I can also sometimes see what I'd call energy waves which are black or grey and sort of wave across my vision

While I'd like to put it down to a medical explanation the recent night time sighting of these things has somewhat worried me and doesn't seem to fit with what I first had nor does it fit with the medical descriptions around these floaters as I haven't seen them at night since the first time

[edit on 14/7/08 by Discotech]

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 08:16 AM
i've seen something like this my whole life, tiny little particles zinging about in the sky, when one day i saw them with increadible detail. its a continuouse pattern of diamonds that covers your entire vision, these diamond shapes being considerably bigger than the little particles which zing about along the lines of the diamond pattern. its an increadibly digital image, there are no curved lines only horizontal and vertical at a resolution so fine that they look diagonal. this image is not dependant on depth perception and seems to hover in between you and what ever lies in the background. it appears to be almost 3D, if you look at the center of the diamond it is infinately deep and the whole thing is in constant motion with these ultra fine lines moving outward from the center, it's by far the most beautiful thing ive seen in my entire life, and at the time i described it as a kind of digital flower, the repitition of the pattern is perfectly consistent all the diamonds are of equal size. if the tiny particles that i initialy see are a fraction of a mm in size, then these main diamonds are probably about 1 cm2 each, as for colour its more transparent than anything. it's as if it's a stream of data that just hovers there, and everything in existance is a result of this data. this experience completely changed my perception of how every thing might be. and although i cant expain what i saw; and there may well be a perfectly logical explaination (believe me i've looked and not found a conventional one) i just cant ignore the possibilities. most of us think we know whats going on with regards to reality (i used to) but if u think about it, all we know is what we've experienced and what we've been told by others. this is mightily limited. ive looked in to the notion that it's something to do with the lense of the eye, either fluid or cell formations etc but this doesn't tie in with the digital perfection of this image. i'll continue to scratch my head

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by Wig

that is what you call prana your right it is energy it mostly energy from us and all living and non-living things.its everywhere its all around most people can't see it and they think i'm crazy and it mostly gets on my nerves too

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 10:42 PM
I've seen these little pinpricks of light, up against blue skies, and I do have a theory about them. I think that since you have to look upwards, there may be a slight loss of blood pressure in your eyes that make these little dancing dots of light appear.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by Wig

hey you are about the closest to what i can see. when you catch something in the corner of your eye but nothing is there it is the silver arrows changing direction and absorbing light and turning dark in colour which you notice momentaraly. arrows travel direction is random but i can see them 'following' each other with extremly rapid dirction changes. i can also see up and down drafts of what i believe to be natural heat flows from earths surface , arrows also travel in these drafts in more concentrated numbers. my theory on the arrows is they are energy sources which somehow become all the living things on our planet. my reason for this is our personalities which is created from a slightly different energy [electrical?] pulses. you notice no two personalities are the same? thats because variants in energy would be infinite. man i hope im not just damn crazy but i thought i was the only one who could see anything like this. i have excellent eye focus control and can see 3d pictures etc almost instantaniously. this reply is for open discussion and any input would be much appreciated.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 08:56 PM
Wig, I am seeing the EXACT SAME THINHGS IN THE SKY! I created an account just to speak with you! I've been seeing this phenominon for 4 years now! I've exhausted myself lookin for medical answers, I have 20/20 vision, there is absolutly nothing wrong with me! There is no explanation (or offered explanation) it has to be a hightened sense of some sort.
I see fine little white dots dancing in the sky, I have to focus in to see them! As time goes on, I can see them morebrillantly now, than I could before. I think its because I keep focusing in to see them everyday.
Now I am actually seeing other phenomenon as well. I see what looks to be clear sysmbols floating in the sky. Also I see circles, small circles in the sky. Also other strang things that cannot be explained, like a static type of something when I'm inside. Like the room is full of static electricity. I hope you are still active on this site. Will be lookin for your response.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 09:03 PM
Wig, I am seeing the EXACT SAME THINGS IN THE SKY! I created an account just to speak with you! I've been seeing this phenomenon for 4 years now! I've exhausted myself lookin for medical answers, I have 20/20 vision, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me! There is no explanation (or offered explanation) it has to be a heightened sense of some sort.
I see fine little white dots dancing in the sky, I have to focus in to see them! As time passed, I am able to see them even more brilliiantly now than I could before. I think its because I kept focusing in to see them everyday.
Now I am actually seeing other phenomenon as well. I see what appears to be clear symbols floating in the sky, first they kind of jump slowly, then they slowly fall down. Also I see circles, small circles igathered in bunches n the sky. Also other strang things that cannot be explained, like a static type of something when I'm inside. Like the room is full of static electricity. I hope you are still active on this site. Will be lookin for your response.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 02:14 PM
i too see the same thing and also have wondered about it for a long time, asking a few others if they see it as well. it turns out that some people see it and some do not. ive heard some of the most rediculous "theories" on this thread, and i wanted to say that it is most likely something going on within the eye that becomes more clearly visible when looking upon the sky. op's suggestion that it is purely external is bogus, because whether it is in the eye or outside of it, the only difference is distance which means that even if it is in the eye, one can still focus in on it. it is also very hard to understand how one can focus in on one of these things as they are constantly moving, unless one is simply focusing one's entire field of vision, which is inconclusive as to whether or not it is external or internal. chances are it is not some type of "energy" that one is seeing but simply a condition within the eye that has not been diagnosed yet. the things people come up with these days, and continue to call each other crazy, or stupid, or extreme. #ing pathetic monkeys

posted on Jul, 25 2010 @ 10:41 PM
Hey, for the last year I have been experiencing the same thing. These quick moving lights look like fireflies and I seem them on anything that is bright. It is ruining my life as these fireflies have progessed into floating bubbles. I know these bubbles are NOT "floaters" because there are millions of them in all different shapes and sizes. It is ruining my life as I now see these bubbles reflecting off of white paper. It is hard for me to read and do any sort of productive work because these bubbles and bright lights float all over the paper. I have been to every eye doctor imaginable and received MRI just to be told I am fine. It is hard to drive because these bubbles float in the presence of bright roads. This is driving me crazy and has ruined the last 9 months of my life. I would appreciate any feed back because I look forward to one day living a normal life again. Thanks.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 02:58 PM
I've seen all kinds of weird things through my eyes and I've never used any hallucinogenic drugs.

What you guys are talking about (not the floaters, nor the "stars") is definitely very interesting. I get the same thing, but it's extremely random when I get them. There is one connection I have made to when they appear for me though. It seems that whenever I change my view, like rolling over and looking up after laying on my side and looking ahead, these things usually pop up. Sometimes they have stayed for minutes, and sometimes I just see a few and it ends instantly. From what I can remember, they appeared to be kind of silver looking, if you can even attribute a color to them. I once ate some rosemary leaves (I don't even know why), and I thought I was hallucinating afterwords because these things popped up full force everywhere, like dancing circularly around my mind for a few minutes. One day, when I was feeling extremely spaced out (due to my health condition which gives me chronic fatigue, brain fog..etc.) and looked up at the blue sky, it's as if these things that were moving around turned into birds and bugs after a second, and they were coming out of nowhere. Really crazy.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 06:31 PM
I think I know what you are talking about. I get that when I sneeze really hard. and the black dots are because I had a couple of concussions n my lifetime.

posted on Sep, 6 2010 @ 12:01 AM
I also see the same thing in the sky that is beeing talked about on here and it is not floters. They seam to apper only when i focus on the sky during the day at first i was worried and never told anyone but then my friend and i were outside staring up at the clouds one day and she said "Hey do you see those dancing squiggles of light in the sky going every wich way" at that moment i felt releaved and said yes and explained to her i had been seeing them for years but thought i had something wrong with me to me they are streaking white/silver squiggles that go every way they want to they never stay in one set path they can go right to left one second then loop the next then go up and down the next second and one squiggle while never follow in the same path as the next. The sky when i focus while show me millions of them and they look as if they are almost right in front of me but when i relax my vision on the sky they kind of blur and less are vissible and they dont seam to move as fast as when i am focusing in on them. if anyone knows exactly what these are plz let me know since this thread dosnt give me a clear answer to it. It is not to me any of the syndroms on here listed or any of the medically explained conditions on here either. I just would like an answere for these squiggles in the sky they may just be visible energy like mentioned on this thread but i would want proof of that before i would except that answer.

BTW my eye sight is 0/20 as i have no sight out of my left eye due to a birth defect but before people try to say that it effects my sight in my good eye it dosnt lots of eye doctors have confirmed that for me but none can confirm what the squiggles are. One of the eye doctors that i mentioned the squiggles to also see's them too he thought he was just hallucinating though untill i mentioned it.

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