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Childhood haunting

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posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 10:42 AM
I remember when i used to live at my old house, a small house in grimsby england on a street called worlaby road. I cant remember my exact age but i should say about 5-7 when i was in bed i would experience a tickling of my feet and when i would wake up the covers would be off me, i am not joking as freaky as this sounds. But what made all the worse was the voice i would hear that would say a name i cant remember exactly but as i recall it was something like jennifer and it would be telling me to wake up. This is no lie! The voice was severly creepy it sounded like jack nicholson voices only a little more creepy! I remember one night i was half asleep about to drift off when it happend when it started i immediatley opened my eyes to see a big head with no features, which dissapeared abrutley.i tried telling my parents but noone ever believed me! this passed after a few years of this fearful thing! I think one time i was even posessed because i remember waking up, and trying to set the living room on fire with a match or something and that was when i was put into therapy for a few months!
the good old days
I had loads of theorys for it that it was mabye a husband of a wife who had mabye died and he was trying to wake her. But recently i learnt of something else, there was supposadley a few rapes to children in that area in their own homes!! A man would go into the houses and rape them. I believe that mabye a previous owner might have murdered this paedophile so thats why he haunted the house and haunted me!! The voice definitley sounded like that of a paedophile if you know what i mean! Id love to know if anyone else has had experiences like this!

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 11:04 AM
When I was young, about 7 through 11, every night when I went to bed I could hear a heavy breath beside me as if someone was breathing down my ear. It slowly disappeared some time after 12.

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 11:34 AM
That must have been a horrifying experience. No wonder you tried to burn the house down.

Have you spoken to your parents or siblings about it, now that you're older and your family no longer lives in the house? Quite often, when people do this, they learn they were not the only member of the family to experience the same or similar occurrences, although they may have denied/dismissed it at the time in order not to alarm you.

A couple of years ago, on the Fortean Times Forums, a middle-aged woman recounted that when she was a child, she saw 'imp' or 'goblin' type creatures on top of the wardrobe in a room she shared with two of her sisters. At the time, although afraid, she said nothing to either her parents or sisters (it's interesting that a large percentage of children, for reasons even they cannot afterwards understand, do not reveal their frightening experiences.)

The woman left home when in her teens, moved away and married. She saw her sisters infrequently. When middle-aged, she travelled to her childhood home in order to attend the funeral of her remaining parent. Afterwards, she and her two sisters chatted. Her younger sister, like herself, had left home at an early age. But the oldest sister had remained her entire life in the family home with her parents, both of whom were now gone.

The woman (the middle sister) remembered the imps/goblins she'd seen as a child, and mentioned it to her sisters. She asked if they'd seen anything similar in the room they'd shared as children. One of the sisters stated she remembered nothing at all like that and shortly afterwards departed for home.

After the middle sister had left, the oldest sister --- who had always been so sensible and unimaginative --- revealed that she HAD seen the imps/goblins on the top of the wardrobe. Her sister was stunned, because although the imps/goblins had always looked so real to her when she was a child and had been so menacing, she'd always wondered if she'd imagined them or dreamt them. Throughout her life, she'd always wondered what it was that she'd seen as a child.

Now, her staid older sister was telling her that *she'd* seen the creatures too. The older sister began clearing the table and as she carried the tray to the kitchen, she said simply: ' Yes, I always saw them. I still do. They're still here'.

So, there we have three sisters who shared a room as children. One saw supposedly 'impossible' entities throughout childhood, but said nothing to anyone, not even her sisters. When the sisters finally got around to discussing it when in late middle-age, one sister declared she'd never seen the creatures and one claimed still to see them.

Some people are able to see other-dimenstional entities, it seems, whilst others are not. Those who do not usually have a difficult time accepting the entities' existence, as a rule. Their scepticism and outright disbelief are perfectly understandable.

However, in many of the accounts I've read, it quite often occurs that more than one member of a family experiences paranormal occurrences, although they may not ever reveal it, or may reveal it only under certain circumstances. For example, I've read on several occasions where a member of a family has witnessed the 'ghost' of a recently deceased family member. Sometimes, the experience is so unsettling for the individual that he/she will seek reassurance and advice from the family priest or vicar. I've read that it is not uncommon for several family members to relateto the priest separately that they have seen the ghost, with each person swearing the priest to secrecy. Apparently, people who see ghosts are afraid it is a 'sin' or 'a trick by the devil'. They are also afraid they will be deemed mentally unstable and/or are worried that the other grieving family members will be devastated to learn that the recently deceased is not 'resting peacefully in death' but is instead roaming the earth and lonely. So they beg the priest not to mention to other family members that they have seen the deceased's ghost.

To me, it would seem an act of kindness (not to mention enlightenment and comfort) for the priests to tell members of the family that by seeing or hearing the ghost of their loved-one, they have NOT committed a sin; they were NOT tricked by the devil posing as their deceased loved-one and they are NOT going mad because they saw their loved-one's ghost .... because their loved-one's ghost appeared not only to them, but to several members of the family, i.e., the 'ghost' is real and has been trying to communicate with the family. But apparently, the clergy do not reveal this to family members, all of whom keep their experience to themselves out of fear of all sorts of things. Pity.

Anyway, Perky_123, it might be worth your discussing your experience with your family now, because they may be able to throw some light on it. Other than that, you might be able to learn some of the house's history by researching it at the local history section of the relevant library. And I've heard of people returning to the family home in adulthood, in order to tactfully make enquiries of those who now live in it. You never know, you might be able to help a child (and it's parents) who are going through the same experience now as you went through when you were a child.

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 11:46 AM
Please look at the following link, I do not want to plug a thread.. but i've given my own opinions on childhood hauntings

Click Here

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 05:18 PM
when I was little I had a load of crap happen to me, so much I wont go into the whole story, but apparently I used to talk to someone called Cathleen, and I also knew of a male presence where I lived. One morning I woke up and heard two people talking about me, when there was no one in my room, i remember it clear as day, 'should we wake her up?' 'but she looks so peaceful when she's sleeping'... never found an explanation for this

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