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Homophobic Christians

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posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 06:10 AM
As many folk try and find meaning in their life, Christians often ask themselves 'WWJD?' - 'What would Jesus do?' in order to gain perspective on what the right thing to do is. However, Jesus wouldn't be bothered fashioning chairs or tables, with his carpentry or even cure the sick, but would walk down the high street, waving a massive placard proclaiming 'REPENT FAGS OR DIE'.

The 'Jesus as tightly wound braindead bigoted sociopath' reading of the Bible has proven quite popular with the Evanglicals throughout the world. Over here in Scotland, Rangers football player Marvin Andrews caused mass outrage in the Scottish gay community by claiming that he could 'heal' them of their sinful indulgences.

Then he went on ranting that gays shouldn't be running government and a prominent lesbian MSP was also targeted in his deluded rant. She was not best pleased.
Probebly taking exception to the word "healing".
She probebly feels fine.

I've tried going through the Good Book trying to find anti-gay sentiments, but alas, they are hard to pick out. The New Testement's supposed anti-gay message is a wee couple of comments made by Paul the Apostle in Romans 1:26-27 on the sins of the Gentiles - "God gave them up unto shameful affections" and depends on the translation of the mysterious Ancient Greek word 'arsenokoites' (and I promise I didn't make that up) which could mean 'gay partner', or maybe 'male temple prostitute', or perhaps even 'super sexy gigolo for rich women'.

Yep. Surely a solid enough base for bigotry if there ever has been one.

Jesus accepts all doesn't he? He told his diciples that God's vision embraces everyone - prostitutes, poor people, lepers and even those rapscallions, those tree climbing tax inspectors. Jesus doesn't even mention bum sex, or any other gay-related issue even once. Not even mutual masterbation. So therefore if he didn't mention them, how can he be against them?

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 07:27 AM
If I were 'against' everyone who ever lied, I'd want to blow up the world, but because I don't want to blow up the world, it doesn't mean I support all who love to lie.

I'm not against any person who believes they are 'different', but I won't support the 'movement' going hell for leather to convince hormonally confussed kids that it's 'normal' to be 'different'.

As one who is sexually attractive to both sexes (something to do with 'golden mean' proportions), I've had to decline many attempts at 'conversion', and though never upset at these people, I've been (privately) bloody angry at alot of the BS they've been taught to believe and sell.

I do have to admit though, when one of my sisters 'was' Gay, she was a much nicer person than when she became a 'New Age' Christian (found a better paying 'network') who 'loves' and 'tolerates' the intolerable, but condemns those who discern.

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 07:52 AM
I got to ask you Suzy, is it not okay to be different? And what movement is confusing kids? Is it media that is causing it with shows showing how okay it is to be gay or what?

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 10:59 PM
It is well known among peoples capable of thinking rather than emoting that a human being does not define themselves by thier sexuality ...ever.

People are defined by thier lineage, thier occupation, or some great work they have done or left to posterity. This is true homo or hetero. This is not taught to people in our high speed fast lane thinking today .,.especially by way of our public educational institutions. This means that part of our education is missing ...after all we want to include all views dont we???? We want to be tolerant,yes????

In a similar vein people do not define themselves by the products they consume but by the spirit which lives in them. A totally different view from our high speed fast lane type social structures today. Especially in public education. This requires thinking ...or musing....not amusing..a..without...muse...thinking. Without thinking .. Amusing. Another word often used to substitute for thinkinig today is emoting.

It is also known in certain circles but not told to the general public the reason for the usage of the words "Male temple prostitute" in the new translations is because they are derived from versions using the classical Greek translations and also because of the influence of two people on the translation committee. Marten Woudstra and Virginia Mollencott. I suggest that people reading this look up the history of these translation committees and these two people.

The reason that the bible is silent on so much of this is that historically it is already known that this thing of which some people want to boast was already going on in the nations surrounding Israel and that the Israelites often got into trouble over and over for doing what the nations surrounding them were already doing for over a thousand years.
This thing of which I speak is more than just is part and parcel of Paganism. This is well known and documented. This is precisely what the Pagan nations surrounding Israel were doing in and around their festivals..and also in the Groves and High places where they sacraficed their temple virgins. The Christians were to carry on this tradition and pattern to not be like the nations surrounding them. This is the source of the friction between those today who would have Christians be tolerant of anything and everything and the Christians who dont want to follow the worlds standards. THe reason you dont find the references in the Bible of which you speak is that these people already knew that you do not define yourself by your sexuality..unless you are Pagan. It is that simple. We today...many of us are so ignorant that we dont know this...why ..because we are being subtily returned to Paganism..often without many of us knowing it.

This thing takes many forms MacDonagh all of them steming from Paganism and Pagain religions which are trying to make a comeback. If you dont understand what I am saying I am saying our public education institutions have been hijacked by Pagans. Often without the leaders even being aware of this because they too have been raised in this system.
YOu are also correct when you make the connection with our media. THe media supports public education and also therefore ..a level of ignorance..epecially about history. This is why history is such a poorly taught subject...that you dont make the connection..or know any of this history. This way will make a better consumer and a repeat customer.

MacDonagh..I am not trying to tell you that people dont have sexuality...not at all. I am, however, saying that it is stupidy and ignorance to define ones self by thier sexuality when people are in fact so much more than mere sexuaity. Do you understand the difference??
This rampant sexuality .does however ...get people on the merchandizing treadmill and also gets votes for politicians among a unthinking group of highly propagandized/programmed consumers. It becomes like a insures repeat customers..without the consumer being aware of it. This is the treadmill. This is not different is manipulation.

Being different does not mean to be easily propagandized or ignorance. I am not against sexuality..I am against ignorance. To boast of or define ones self by ones sexuality is to declare ones ignorance.
I do not define who and what I am by my sexuality...ever.. I dont approve of this kind of conduct Homo or Hetero. It is ignorance on both parts.

Christains are a sect. This is a name or word put upon them historically by thier opponents..the Pagans. THe Pagans are correct here. The word Sect means seperate/seperated out of. Another rendition is ..different. Another version is anti social. The Christians like the Israelis were told to not be like the nations surrounding them.
Your point in your last post is " Is it not ok to be different?" Is it???

The method of this world is to be labeling those who want to be different ..putting names and labels...on them. This is a clear marker of the technique used here and the author of this technique. What you learn is that while they teach and preach tolerance and "different" They are intolerant and not different.
If you notice in these types of narratives and techniques..none of the points I am making here are ever brought forth..especailly in a historical context such that we see further than our immediate selfishness or emotions. None of these points are ever made in public education or even by the media. This means that much of the public thinking process/media has been hijacked or left to flounder without data or information...pre programmed along predictable/controllable routes.

I agree with Suzy..I too am tired of alot of the BS they have been taught to believe and sell.

Thanks for your post Macdonagh,

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 09:02 AM
You have a very interesting viewpoint OrangeTom and I am looking up on Marten Woudstra and Virginia Mollencott. It does make for interesting reading I must admit. I must ask you though.
Which part of education is missing? I went to a Catholic school, when I was a young thing and there was no mention of homosexuality or anything of the sort. Perhaps that's a good thing, I dunno but I had a classmate who everyone thought was a little queer, and he got bullied endlessly because of it. I found that a wee bit of a shame really. Is it his fault that not even the stringent hardline Catholic way of teaching could change him? I doubt anyone ever "wants" to be different. You either are or your not. Not that he defined himself by what his sexuality is, but by his deeds alone tell of the measure of him.

Also, I must ask you of the Pagans. How are they making a comeback? Are "they" the PC brigade who take down Christian symbols incase they insult someone else's religious faith? Is there any proof that paganism has a stranglehold on education?
and am I emoting?

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 09:27 PM
I believe that it's not just homosexuality, but sexual immorality that is condemed. This being an abomination in the eyes of God.
Being a Christian I must refrain from judgement of homosexuals, or else an equal amount of judgemnt be brought upon myself. Managing ones own life, and keeping with Christian values presents enough of a challenge for myself, without trying to judge and tell anyone else how to live their life. Pray for and love the individual, and hate the sin.

posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 01:20 PM
First off Amisin,
This concept that so many use about Christians not judging..this is nonsense. It doesnt even make good nonsense.
Christians are to judge everything around them even other Christians by the Word. If you do not will mix leven with unleven wine with olde. If Christians do not do this they will soon be just like every other religion in the world..even the Religion of Humanism where everything and anything will eventually go. THe return to the pre flood greatness of men.
What gets so many this idea of Christians telling someone they will go to hell or not go to heaven. What most Christians do not know is that they cannot send anyone ..even themselves to heaven or hell. It is outside their power to do so. So many Christians havent a clue ..they just keep spouting this stuff out ...without thinking. This is why I sometimes say there is alot of ignorance even among my fellow Christians.
But Christians are to judge everything in this world by the Word. If it is not according to the Word they are to seperate from it. This is what a sect does seperates from. This is also what gives offense to this world. THe method of this world is to seduce coerce and intimidate Christians to the standards of this world and the god of this world. It is that simple. Not complex. You cannot understand this if you do not make judgements or have the Knowlege/Wisdom to make this judgement.

Correct is not just Homosexuality..that is condemmed..but sexual immorality of which Homosexuality is only part and parcel of sexual immorality Quite correct here Amisn1957. This is often termed in the Word as Whoredom. It is also called Adultery and it comes first from spiritual adultery.
When you look around you at this world and see the technique by which the world tries to make merchandize of us to sell its products and you recoginze the rampant sexuality which so permeates the sales realize how much the pagan principles of sex worship and fertility have come and permeated this social structure. Seduced it. By defeult. By people being unawares.
They are using sexual immorality to merchandize everything including our children. Our childern dont even know how to make a living but they know how to reproduce. Something is very backwards here. Someone is putting the cart in front of the horse. Do people get naturally this dumb and imperceptive on their own or do they have to be educated/cultured into this kind of dumbness and boast of it as perfection.
As I said before..I am not against sexuality..I am against identifying oneself by ones sexuality. People are so much more than sexuality.
Is it possible amisn1957 to sell the very soul of a nation into the gutter by this process and not have them know that this is what is going on.???
Is it possible to seduce our leadership ..those in high places into this madness and them not know what is happening especially if it occurs over a long period..say some 40 years .. a generation???
Remember something Amisn1957 our leaders are paying for or financing public education. Are they in on this madness??? Remember to whom they owe their allegance ..our leaders. By thier conduct it is obviously not the public but someone thier very conduct. Very much like the Pharisees of olde. The exact same pattern is being cannot be accidental.
IN the Book of Ezekiel around Chapter 27 there is a long list of merchants and nations dealing in merchants who themselves deal with the port city of Tyre. In ancient times this city ,Tyre, was a very important crossroads where the caravans and merchants shipped their goods to sea. But watch what happens in chapter 28 with the lamentation on the King of Tyre about in verse 12. This King is not by the description a ordinary king. He is describing a King who was the covering Cherub. Who was the covering Cherub?? This king had dealings with the merchants and the system of government sponsoring the merchants. In the multitude of thy merchandize...from the merchants!!!
Think this is just Olde Testament...not New Testament.?? Look at Revelation chapters 18. Watch the list of merchants and the merchandize.. Cinnamon, odours, Frankincense,wine,wood, brass..etc etc. But the most unusual merchandize sold and bought is the last one on the list...the souls of men in verse13. This pattern of merchandizing and selling of souls is repeated ...from the Olde Testament to the New Testament. And it is from the same source. Same source different day...or is it ...???? Is there anything new under the sun????
This is why we Judge. Everything to be Judged by the Word. This is why we judge what is Pagan and of the Word..What is of the Word..and not of the Word.

Rampant one of the facets used to seduce us away from the Word and to attract/seduce a whole generation. As it was in the Days of Noah. WE seperate ourselves from this whoredom. To do this we must Judge. Judgement of which we have no part is not for us to do...not in our power...we are to seperate from them not to claim to send them to heaven or hell. Sending them to heaven or hell we cannot do ..not within our power or authority. Only seperation.

If you understand what I posted to Amisn1957 you know more than the bulk of peoples out here..and more than many who claim to be Christians.
You will eventually see the Pagan fingerprint on so much around you if you are of the Spirit of the Word. If you are not of the will not see it.
As a Surity I know that Suzy sees it.

THanks to both of you for your posts,

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