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Weird dream I had 6 months before 9/11

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posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 03:46 AM
6 months before 9/11 happened I had a dream...Well 2 maybe. But I'm not quite sure in what order I had them....Either it was back to back dreams or maybe they were a couple of days apart..Anyway...

the first dream I remember having;I was outside,on my back porch,and remember distinctly 4 lanes falling out of the sky and landing in my back field/yard....I don't know if that had anything to do with the events but it was weird non-the-less......

The second dream I had was VERY weird. I dreamed about this "John Bishop." Ok? That was his name in my dream. I don't know about his first name but I swear it was John Bishop. Anway...I know for a FACT I dreamed about the last name "Bishop."

Anway....I dreamed suddenly that either HE was on trial by the muslims' or the Muslims' were on trial by this "John Bishop"....But either way,he was apart of the dream and his name I instantly knew in my dream. It was apart of my dream but no-one mentioned his name in my dream. I just woke up and remember "John Bishop."

Anway...After waking up I was troubled by the dream and even told my mother and my ex-girlfriend. It had importance to me for some reason - But I don't know why.

A couple of days later - Online for some reason I googled "John Bishop." It was this computer programmer in Canada....I told him about the dream and all that and he never responded. That was of no importance.....ANYWAY...

9/11 happens,and I automatically think about the dream I had where hte 4 planes just fell out of the sky..Weird...But could have been a coincidence..... 7 months AFTER 9/11 This kid in florida(Some of you know this story I would LOVE if you could get a newspaper article on it)flew a small mini-aircraft into an apartment building? Remember?

It was of little importance in the national press..But it turns out his name was Something "Bishop." The same last name I dreamed of like a year before-hand...I don't know if I got his first name right but I know for a fact I dreamed his last name and it's stuck with me ever since....I wouldn't just dream about some strangers' name and remember it for ever.......

Anway....Even BEFORE 9/11 and this "Bishop" kid flying an aircraft into a building I posted my 2 dreams on an internet dream inerperter message board....But for the life of me can't find it or find the website...At the time I just had to share my experience.......

The name I used on the website I remember... It was "Cory"

I posted the Bishop name and everything and it happened before the events took place.......The funny part is Im sure the members were pretty freaked out and my mom joked with me tha the FBI would show up because I posted a dream about This bishop kid and planes falling out of the sky......

First off...IF ANYONE REMEMBERS this Florida story about "John Bishop" please share and post a link to an article..I've looked all over the place and can't find ANYTHING.....

And secondly!,.....the name I used on that dream message board was "Cory" and if there is a special search I could do to find it I would love!

Does anyone have any advice? I know they had the dates on the Message board and everything so I could proove to acouple of people I know that I actually posted it...LOL...Anway. Sorry about my rant...

I just needed to share this with someone,and what better place than Abovetopsecret.


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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 01:44 AM
Hmmm very interesting. If you have any more predictive dreams let us know.


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