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German media slip-ups...

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posted on Oct, 13 2003 @ 03:54 PM
Although the mainstream media is controled by the Dark Powers, some german TV channels make regular slip-ups, which sometimes are worthy ATS postings

Like a few mins ago, one of the main chanels, evening news. They show a 5min report on curent Iraq situation, every day attacks and how is US goverment coping with that. I will try to quote the exact words here:

"... the war has not gone as planed. Now, President Bush has made a few changes. Instead of Rumsfeld, Condolezza Rice is now the head of operations is Iraq. The disputes between the hard liner, Rumsfeld, often described by his own men as ruthles, cold and arogant, and a diplomatic general, Powell, have been more frequent in the last few months, so its to hope that Rice will be able to find the middle, and solve some issues concerning the war. But some analyists think that all this is just a charade, a media game, while the man who is really running the presidency and has most influence on american policy, is doing the same as always, business as usual for Dick Cheney, the most powerful vice-president of all time "

Basicaly the whole thing presented Bush like man who has no clue whats going on, those who do are fighting over whos in charge, and the man who is really in charge is smiling and doing his "thing".

This is not the first slip-up like that. I have actually heard them talking about trilateral comission once, then some CIA failed operation, don't remember anymore what it was. They do that on regular basis. Makes me wonder how much control do Dark Powers really have over people?!

posted on Oct, 20 2003 @ 10:10 AM
Europe rules!

arnt we the suckers that sometimes forget to sencor...

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