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It's a dam shame that......................

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 07:38 PM
In the entire great country of America that there is not a single man or woman that is thought highly enough by enough people to become a leading contender for President.

What about all those congressmen and senators? Not one national leader among them?

More than ever america needs a "smart","tough", "fearless" leader. Some are smart and some sre tough, but I can't think of a smart,tough,fearless leader. Colin Powell isn't smart enoughm Stormin norman made Powell look good in Iraq one. Rice isn't tough enough, she gets flustered easily.

We're in this predicament because we keep re-electing the same ole clowns on name recognition.

America has, in my estimation, become a nation of wimps and punks as far as the men go. The real men are in prison or fighting in iraq.
The women have become fat and ugly, and mouthy and immoral to boot.
I get sick just watching "girls gone wild, jerry springer and spring break shows.

We lost our way, the performing artists of today can't play musical instruments and don't even try to sing. Child labor built america and now it's a sin for a kid to work. most people are obese and half the people on SSD are disabled due to obesity.

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 09:30 PM
My take on the people in Congress is that most of them are like a bucket full of crabs. If one tries to escape, the others drag it back down into the bucket. The only ones they let out (run for president or whatever office) are the ones that they think they can control. This ideal, for me, applies to both Democrats and Republicans.

I see this quite a bit on my local political level. The local parties only support or endorse those candidates that they can have some influence over, so an "outside" candidate, even though they are in the same party, is not invited to fundraisers, signs funded by the local headquarters do not mention the outsider's name while running for office, and there has even been reports in the local paper that the county chairperson for XXXXX party has directly told persons, "You are not running in this race, you will drop out at your earliest convenience." All heck broke loose after that one.

I believe it was Ohio that just had something similar happen with the ex-veteran of the Gulf War. The party whose ticket he was running on basically "froze" him out of the race, telling financial supporters to not donate any more money to him.

IRT the last part of our rant, I am having a difficult time dealing with my children on that issue. They both want instant gratication in most things, and they get very upset upon being told no to unneccessary items in their lives. I feel bad that I limit them with a curfew, don't allow them to wander by themselves in places where they could easily get hurt or abducted and I don't hand them money just because they ask. There are alot of well-to-do parents around me, so my kids feel left out in comparison with some of their classmates, but I think that I am doing the right thing for them in the long run.

My children do "work" for a living, doing jobs around the house that are appropriate for their ages such as caring for the critters that we have, vacuuming the carpets, one does his own laundry and the other just has to make sure his gets to the washer, doing dishes, helping mow lawn, etc. They get an allowance for these jobs, and if they don't do them, they don't get the allowance.

Maybe I am bucking a trend, but I am trying to instill respect, understanding and a good work ethic in them before I turn them loose in the real world.

Don't buy into all the doom and gloom, brother. Yes, there are bad things going on, but there are also some very good things surrounding us.

IRT politics, my mother always told me to never slop the hogs in my Sunday best dress shoes. No matter how careful I would be, I would still get some on me.



posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 08:19 PM
The point of the thread is that " the lack of a leader to be president" is a grim sign of the times. When in Americas history , couldn't we find find a dozen great men who wanted to be president.
Now there is no man who can lead our nation. All the talk is of the women.

I would call this phenomanon the "pussification of the american man."

posted on Apr, 13 2006 @ 01:23 PM
Actually, I think some people may be underestimating Rick Santorum of PA.
I watched him talk on issues yesterday and he has it. His problem to date is that he doesn't convey, articulate, drill it home well enough. He just lets it hang until you get it, but by then he miles ahead onto the next thought.
He needs to coin a phrase called "understand this people......." and challenge the people to catch his drift.

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