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(Haiku's) The Matrix of Illusion

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 01:23 PM
What is The Matrix,
and why must I question it,
with every breath?

The Matrix is fake,
a world made of illusions,
made to enslave me.

I must break free of,
this world that I think is real,
for I am a slave.

I was born into,
a life of bondage from which,
I cannot be freed.

Take this here red pill,
and see the rabbit hole,
in all it's glory.

Or take the blue pill,
and stay here in wonderland,
it is up to me.

Do I change my world,
and experience new life,
or stay comfortable?

The world beyond here,
what can it offer to me,
that this one cannot?

Have machines made me,
into a human battery,
bred for one purpose?

Am I nothing more,
than a power source to them,
easily disposed?

Must I fight battles,
for freedom for all my kind,
in a war unseen?

Can't I just stay here,
and live out my peaceful life,
watching my TV?

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