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(Quasi-Poem) Disconnection from the Matrix

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 01:05 PM
This is my first attempt at posting a poem on these forums, and it doesn't appear to have much of a poetic form to it, but nonetheless, please read it and feel free to comment, if even just to let me know that you read it. --NrKy

Sitting behind their computer screens, searching for answers.
What questions must they have, those who live the search for truth?
Do they live in denial of the status quo, or do they embrace it?
What compels them to seek the truth of existential personalisation?
Why must they question the nature of their realities?
Do they change the way things are, or learn to work around it?
What red pill have they swallowed to disconnect them from this world?
Can they see this world in different eyes than us?
If we see our world through their eyes, will we awaken from this slumber?

Can we truly live as those who have done the impossible...
...and disconnect from the Matrix.

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