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mind choke 101

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posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 01:13 AM
hmm, interesting.. why do I allways stumble upon this kind of information after I've been through experiencing it myself.. must be a path I'm on ~

Anyways.. this mind choking is a thing I am familiar with.. it happens sometimes when I talk to people, especially when matters of Truth are concerned.. I'm aware that some outside force is taking over my thought, or my formulation of what I want to say.. for christians among us; this is in my experience different than the holy spirit.. it's more like some force smaller than that (ofcourse it's smaller than God ) tries to intervene with me speaking the truth. It doesn't get as far as me actually saying something else, but I do have to pause and rethink what I was thinking. I have to note here that I do believe the Holy Spirit works faster than any human thought will ever be.. so I trust God to override any human or other lesser spirit.

Only one time I experienced doing this myself to someone.. It was during a sermon in a church I luckily don't visit anymore.. An unknown to me preacher was talking about certain parts of the bible in a way that disturbed me very much. I closed my eyes, focusing on every word he spoke. It felt for a moment as if me and that preacher were the only 2 people in the room. As I focused on what he was saying and having the truth going on in my head at the same time, I actually felt an anger arise toward what he was saying.. at that moment, the man changed the tone of his voice and it sounded like he had to go through a lot of effort to contiue his sermon.. Though it was unintentionally, I recognised at that moment I was probably disturbing that poor man's thoughts.

We have different beliefs, and I'm not sure how telepathy would be defined in christian terms.. I can only speak of my experiences and am very carefull to give labels to anything, while I am still discovering what it is in the first place.

(hmm, why is this in a UFO-thread? oh yeah.. I don't believe in aliens.. I believe they are just modern day demonic experiences.. )

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posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 10:51 PM
its good to hear from you guys

a blatant mind control experience occured i was at the mall a couple days ago, this was the EBE. as i was practicing the conversion of though unto my many subjects, i heard an

"i love you man."

as i walked, i kid you not, i heard my minds thought propogate from about 40 yards away, very clear, very concise, saying,

"you dont even know me."

my mind, taken by the EBE and supplanted into a different region of space time. to where i am assuming was the man who uttered that phrase. this is the first time anything like has happened to me. this leads me to believe that the totallity of your mind will supersceed the actual convergence of cognitive thought, that inner sanctum of mind. perhaps the closer you are to the totallity of the knowledge of the mind leads to the actual recognition of the origin of thought.

i might have alluded to notion similiar to this before but here is what i believe to be a sound addition to my entire theory of mind. that while under the effect of telepathic convergance, your mind will be connected to others minds. under this effect the knowledge you retain will have a negating effect to any knowledge that is already under your comprehension of love (knowledge is love remember). you know that knowledge, you love that knowledge, you follow? well seeing as the love for this knowledge remains as such any attemp at telepathic resonation of the supplantation of thought unto your thought will result in the automatic negation/mind choking of that thought. due to the hate of that thought which is already known to that person. since their are only two emotions being recognized by your mind, then the love of the knowledge already in the mind of that person would hate what is trying to be expressed because the knowledge would be unesasary. this would explain how the EBE's mind choke was so overwhelming, they already knew exactly every notion i was attemping to present to them. by simply recognizing these thoughts at the forumlation of the knowledge of the tottality of the mind, he was able to negate a full swath of intellectual coherency, and in effect choke my mind.

trust me you guys, little green men are cool!

posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 09:06 PM
hrmm... the seas of ATS are calm

read what i have written carefully my friends

focus your mind and body

let reason escape

remember the mind is a road and how heavy the baggage depends on how closed you keep it

together darkness will envelope all we know until the formulation of acceptance opens doors and leap hurdles

where innocence permits clarity, rage blinds us

leaving you with what i know, i will now tell you that on the journey to the discovery of knowlegde the endurance of you mind will be tested

to test and to gauge is what is to be done

expressively intellectually progressive among this digital realm we are but men laced with truth

integrally renound each of you now has the capacity to excell this field, our minds as one, under the exalting reverence of our sun

places of intrigue will team with cogversive tendancies exploding in amplitude of knowledge, i prefer the mall or the bar.

relate any advancements, for the field of psuedo-science sits utop the peak near the dawn of the new horizon

and we will all learn to love again

this is in the alien forum becuase they have this ability and have used it on me and can progress the understanding given the amount of interactions among our ATS personel. that is why i have disclosed this knowledge to you, to help with what you may have previosly found to be insanely confusing occurances.

yesterday i was reading a book by calr sagan called the demon haunted world, skimming through i delved into the chapter on aliens. skimming further came across a passage discussing the possiibilities of the power of minds magnectic healing ability. reading this i stood up and walked outside, this was at the bookstore. i projected the energy of my mind to clearly express the notion...

"this is big one you guys, magnetism!"

scouring the confines of the mall, i persisted in pondering this notion. i came across a table of medicle scientists who i had met before going into the bookstore. almost instantly a notion raced through my mind, magnetism is derived from electromagnetism. then i knew, this was them, and they had heard.

these thoughts, the streams of knowledge of each and everyone of our indiviual understandings of the universe which conflict and construe into torrential mendings of swells on into waves, calming and flowing though out all of space time, where the waves of our minds will crash and break as you walk your path. your perception permiting no knowledge is beyond the sea of information of our universe and most prominently your imidiate vicinity.


good luck good people of ATS

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posted on Apr, 16 2006 @ 01:52 AM
alright well just checking up whats going on folks? really a sound bump if i may. ya know a good friend of mine once said to me that i was either a genius or apesh*t insane, and i was pressed to acknowledge that there indeed was a fine line between the two. well here it is weeks later, while at the club things appeared to be progressing afluently. i was either adhering to the telepathic resonations of the many of people in my direct vicinity or like my friend said was in the blissful tranquility of utter insanity. travelling home on my bycycle i was pressed to enquire telepathically as to how everything was progressing to the little green EBE (the most powerful of the EBE to my knowledge) and if my mind was not mistaken he proclaimed we pop the cyrstal. well hopefully my mind was accurately acknowledging their message. heres to cheers for good years less jeers and a resounding adherence to truth!

dont fight the current, our minds our but an sea of knowledge

swells peak, waves crash, we live to learn and love to live

with much love

sturod84 the antiNSAop forexsygnet

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 05:10 PM
So did u mind choke Bush during the debate with Kerry, where he just looked forward not knowing what to say? Bush seems like he has a constant indefinate mind choke..

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 03:34 PM
i realize now that what my friend and i went through in the stated above was actually the cross time parellel reaction in each of our minds. energy pulse times mass plus volume equals the interposition of the entire universe.

posted on Nov, 28 2006 @ 03:36 PM
"... "i love you man."

as i walked, i kid you not, i heard my minds thought propogate from about 40 yards away, very clear, very concise, saying,

"you dont even know me."..."

this was a cross time parellel mind enact through the mall...

you have to take it in stride walk your path as people of earth not matrii

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