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mind choke 101

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 11:25 AM
what i am about to explain to you might very well be the key that will unlock the shroud of mystery surrounding the EBE civilization.

"you have no more time on this windshield." spoke the EBE (presumed grey, i think the have an accent) from what could only be a ship floating above my house, two nights ago as i lay in bed.

clear and concise the voice afluently crossed my brain into easily recognizable forms of thought. as the fear of what he said overtook me i began to ponder why have they told me this.

"no more time you say? well i am still laying here arent i..." i thought

only after dwelling on the notion of death for a few minutes, i found my mind racing to figure what they might have meant. what dawned on me was a notion that i had discovered only weeks past. a notion that lead me to an experience that nearly defies human words, the notion of pure love. what i had come to conclude after contemplating and peicing together the puzzle of fragments of insight and my personal experiences with EBE and research into them on the internet (the most prevelent of which would have to be the ALIEN MIND E book be one of our very own, gl2) is that it telepathy has always been there, only in different forms.

as some of you might know already, seeing as i have posted a lot of this stuff before, i have attemped remote viewing, come into contact with several EBE, through several different manners of conduct, and have attempted to accomplish the philosophy of mu through meditation. all in hopes to attain the one ultimate goal of enhanced communial frame of mind through the ability of telepathy. something i believe that if one person knows how to do shortly after the whole world will begin to know how to do, through a chain reaction effect.

the first notion of enhanced frame of mind through telepathy dawned on me almost 2 years ago as a pondered the effects of gravity on the knowledge of the human mind. how subtle emmitions of the energy of one persons brain can conflict with the gravitational density of another persons. logically deducing knowledge as being an ultra light substance we have the capacity in our minds to create channels of levels of mass in order to ramp the knowledge into the snug little confines of our brains.

this notion led me to the beliefe that if i cleared my mind freeing it of all thought, and attained mu (the notion of being at one with the universe) then i could easily manipulate and carve these channels out of space time in order to pull all the thoughts being emmited by my friends, family, and neigbors into my own brain. months upon months of deep mediation followed. resulting in what i can tell you was an enhanced level of intuition and awareness. with miniscule voices poking at me during moments of isolation, subsequent inflictions of strong emotional energy seemed to churn forth from my city, but nothing ever to absolutely concrete ever occured, where i could easily distinguish what was trying to be communicated, and also with a lack of control over the frequency of intensity.

enter EBE 1

"boo" he said jolting the frontal portion of my brain, i sprung up from my napping spot dashed outside to peer up into the sky and observed a brilliant red orb hovering over my neigbors house this was the end all and be all to what i had been searching for, the final proof and absolute discernment of telepathic communication.

about a year went on with everything staying the same, except for a healthy dose of reaffirmation as i listened to coast to coast am radio station, where my mind seemed to actualize itself within goerge noorey, simultaneously expressing the notion.

"its happening"

followed by several encounters with my EBE counterparts, where one took me on an astrally projected experience, flying around with a green EBE i ended up giving him a hug, being mind choked by him, and praying to him. another where i was shot with a mind beam that showed my temperature readings with a picture of the arctic regions, super structures, forests, rivers, and streams of text from all around the internet. perhaps only intending to show me that they cared these experiences mostly confused me and my efforts into discovering the secret to what allowed them to blurt, yell, and supplant knowledge directly into my mind void of any mind beams or technology.

retaining the notion of telepathy in the back of my mind, constantly focusing my thoughts i would attempt at mind probes, channeling others minds from isolation, which i thought would help harness my overall ability at telepathic convergence, i had come to a brick wall. it was there, yet it was so subtle and so indecisive.

that is until i read the ALIEN MIND e book by gl2 a man who lives in davis CA spoke of communicating with an eldar EBE. among other things, he explained that telepathy is possible because of the zero-point energy of the universe. where three photons of light converging onto a single point at every point in space time exhude electrogravtiy which emits negative energy which travels at a rate faster then light. this energy also adheres to the thoughts in your head. as i sat comprehending this information i imagined all the conflicting energies of the minds instantaneously supplanting knowledge through whatever means necesary. upon traverseing the mall later that day i found my self to be absolutely astounded at the increased level of comprehensional telepathic awarenes as i stood on the balcony of the food court over looking all the cars driving in and out of the mall. only comparable to a sonic boom the largest shock of telepathy shook my mind to its nerves.

things slowed down, life went on, my contemplative efforts continued. i started posting more, i stopped smoking pot, i got out to the clubs, things were alright. i could feel that the comprehensable telepathic awareness in my town was increasing. my mind probe capabilities increased, and as i practiced diligently at the art of mind ctonrl i could sometimes feel my self directing the thoughts of entire rooms full of people as i really focused my minds energy. i could feel what i was looking for, responsive efforts, i would usually direct rooms like bars and clubs with light hearted comentary, disclosure into EBE, theories on governmental affairs, mostly telepathy though. still though the level of amplitude i wanted was lacking.

this all brings me to the last two weeks, where basically i have told some of my closest friends these things, been told i was either a genius or apesh*t insane, and have come to a number of new theoretical possibilities. really just dawning on these notions, one such idea spured forth as the wheels in my mind meticulously turned late into the night one night. a revision of one of my original ideas, that as the knowledge in your head fluctuates sifting sorting and peicing together bits of information, we as inhabitants of a universe with a constant force of gravity would be able to messure these flucations of energy with our very sensative neurological receptors. that as the thought converged onto a the single cognizant point we would be able to recognize that density of energy.

this is where i believe remote viewing comes into effect. just as how people remote veiw objects with out being near them we have the ability to remote view thoughts. consiously going through our daily lives we have a subtle ability of remote viewing, where the similarities in a humanoids phisiological structure would make inhabiting their body by way of your mind possible. with knowledge being prestented to your mind in its purest form the energy convergence would warrent the onset of neurological induction. you think what i think and vice versa, or as i like to call it cogversion, where two peoples minds meet in space time. as we remote view each others deepest inner sanctums clarity of mind will prevail to direct the currents of knowledge flowing through our minds.

the totality of it all, recognition of the entirety of the universe know all that is good and all that is evil, and what i think happens is that a negation of thought takes place. where you can distinguish the path in which a current of the knowledge of a subjects mind will flow. there by effectively being able to direct their flow of knowledge.

there we have it, the instantaneous supplantation of mind, and the road to the communial telepathic awareness. to create a society where everyone knows what everyone else is going to do so as to perturb the onset of evil ambition.

now for the most important lesson to my post. all through out life, no matter what happens in any situation what so ever all you will ever do is either love someone or hate someone. the two points to the universe, light energy and dark energy. all emotion in between is a weakness to the ultimate cause of advancing the knowledge of love. with knowledge being the fundamental force driving our beings, we from day one only know and see the knowledge of the world around us. it is in a essence our life force, irrelevant emotional affliction ditract from the fundamental layers of knowledge the material world provides all around us. now this is key, as you negate every possible adherence to emotion your mind will formulate what we all hope is pure love, or pure light energy. as you come to realization of pure love all the energy of your mind will converge onto a single point, emitting what i believe to be a most profound telepathic occurance.

what lead me to the conclusion of there being two points to the universe was an occurance happening earlier that day, where a friend of mine whom i had related a good portion of the information stated above to, was busting my chops in the subtle telepathic manner i was always accustom to due to the fact my idea of negated emotions had increase my telepathic recognition and caused me to behave abnormally, i smiled at the this. then for some reason unlike anything that i have ever gone through in my life i saw his mind crying to me, and felt a power so intense it caused me to run outside. upon returning to my friend i felt the strongest telepathic occurance ever, it was at the level of the EBE. later in the day i felt the most intense emotional feelings, it was as if the hole world knew excactly everything about who i was. it felt as though all of my clarity of mind and meditation just came back to me in a torrent of furious emotion. its as though the purest form of energy, the pure love, touched on the mind of all of humanity. at the same time though i felt so much hatred, like memories of any improper inclinations of years past. what i think is that the closer the two points of energy come together the more intense the energy of knowledge becomes, the knoweldge of your mind, the key to telepathy.

also i think that dreams represent your subconsious. your subsconious afflictions are all products of your emotion. your emotions all have conflicting levels of energy, when you are happy at somebodys misfortune they will feel the exact opposite of that reaction and feel sadness. that memorie which remains will ultimately be the driving factor of your subconsious, the ability to not recognize levels of energy implanted into your mind. as recognition goes people will have conflicting emotions. always being pushed down, these things will ultimately misconstrue our efforts to do well for our selves. locking us into emotional dilemas, time will ultimately tear us apart for better or worse. well what i think is that with out the confliction of emotion the misconstrued conceptions of actual relevancy we as people and our minds will be free, absolutely free to remote view whatever we want, whenever we want.

this then leads back into telepathy, when everone always knows what everyone else is thinking then the confliction will ultimately solve itself instantaniously. the communial mind set through increased levels of mind energy through the negation of all emotion except for love and hate. we will then be able to see ourselves through time, think about our minds. our bodies are mostly comprised of water, well if you jump in a river and feel the current pushing you in one direction well then you are gonna know that you are gonna be swimming in that direction for a little while. we will be able to compensate for the currents of knowledge as time goes on.

with that i will tell you i have successfully mind choked people on television twice, i just stop watching now. its the convergence of the energy of the mind onto the point in space time the camera is directing you to.

why the greys told me what they did, well you see its all for the betterment of love and fruition of the universe. there is nothing to fear but fear itself. they are aware of this, and are also probably aware that i hate what they told me. or mabye they are done staring at me through their windshield

and if you have made it this far i comend you

now if you would all use your advanced knowledge of logic and science to smash my theory to the nether regions of the darkest nebula of the gamma galaxy, please why else would i come here?

good day people of ATS

-Stuart Bastian Rodriguez

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 11:49 AM
Here's what you do:

Give us a news broadcast to watch, CNN, Fox, anything at a certain time when they have live news. Then while we all watch, you "mind choke" someone like Wolf Blitkrieg or some other famous news guy.

I guarantee that droves of people will immediately log on to ATS and post about it. Plus you will be the King here and have people on the edge of their seats to read your words.


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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 12:36 PM
It's looks like a competition now to post the bizarrest personal testimony possible on this forum. And like others, this one has at least one testable fact;

Originally posted by sturod84
i will tell you i have successfully mind choked people on television twice

I'll second jbondo's suggestion, arrange a newscaster and a time and we can witness you 'mind choking' them. Otherwise, my opinion is, you're only 'mind sexually intercoursing' us.


posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 02:21 PM
read my new paragraphs, 6th and 5th paragraphs from the bottom. it will offer more insight into the abilities of the mind choke.

so yes, i will seriously try this you guys, give me a couple days, my mind is fatigued right now from staying up too long. i also need to meditate, i think that might help in my efforts. even though i hate watching TV it makes me sick, i will try. both times the airing was live, it was on C-span. although probably not as impressive as you might think, they only stopped talking for a noticable amount of time. you guys, try and eqaute what i have expressed to you about the confliction of emotion into why someones mind would be choked. this would help us.

i think you will find that once you have achieved a signifigant level of telepathic awareness and society as a whole has attained a balance of cogversion (remember i made this word up to explain the instantaneous confliction of what i guess i will now call higher emotion(pure love and pure hate)) then as you will all know excactly what ever one else is always thinking, society will advance to the absolute adherence of the quest to the discovery of the knowledge of the material world around us, that is science my friends.

as for mind choking wolf blizter... this would be highly difficult for a number of reasons, i would assume that most popular television personel are void of the nesesary higher emotions to make a signifigant impact on their overall phsyce. i have been calling all of them robots for years now, tottally misconstrued by societies conditioning over them, with a ultimate confliction because of the manner in which they operate within the confines of a technocratically truely ignorant and confound society of propaganda propriators and indulgers.

i came to the telepathic realization with my buddy that stress the very epitomy of sorrow is the result of another persons apathy. i told him about UFO's he said he didnt care. fortunately he was able to recognize telepathically that my stress was caused by his apathy. had i not related my knowledge of telepathy to him, my stressed might have very well slipped into his subconsious, causing a confliction of emotion for both of us. well think about all the dark energy being directed on to wolf blizter from the masses of people, then again most people dont realize how to remote veiw and can not supplant emotion like me...

anyways this could have been disinformation by way of coasttocoastam radio, but a remote viewer said that it is impossible to time travel backwards in time. that means you can not remote view backwards in time. there fore yeup you guess it, has to be live. unless a time warp is possible, which well, i honestly am not sure of. like i said i dont watch TV it makes me sick, as in ignorant, deny ignorance.

now for what i think the mind choke is, simply put by my EBE little 2 foot big black eyed buddy whom i tried to scare by jumping out from behind a wall. is the point of a finger, the lifting up of your body, and the end of your ability to speak, oh yeah and then he made me blind
all because i tried to scare the little guy. well there is just so much to the confliction that i believe since he was not prepared to see me jumping out saying "bllarrr" that he was more concerned with his physical well being and the lack of understanding for my harmless motive spurred the onset of a powerful mind grasp, take note, dont try to scare EBE!

thats all i got for right now, and if you wanna read the alien mind e book just give it a google you can find it the url is called eyepod or something.

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 02:24 PM
Will you please "Mind Choke" Bill O'reilly for me! I can't stand that guy. Make sure he dies a slow death.

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by Cabanman
Will you please "Mind Choke" Bill O'reilly for me! I can't stand that guy. Make sure he dies a slow death.

Actually, could you mind choke him three times in a row, so that he has to cut to an early commercial break?

That would bre great, thanks.

p.s. DO it at the exact moment that he cuts someone off and puts words in their mouth.

p.p.s If you chose a show and a time (after 6 pm EST USA I will watch and let you know what I see.)

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 03:12 PM
Think of the edge we could achieve in sports books. "Mind choke" the opposing quarterback, or the pitcher. This is perfect!!! Easy money here we come!!!


posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 03:27 PM
Alright guys, lets not let this pass.

Stu, Wolf was just an example. I really don't care who you "mind choke" to prove your point. You want c span, OK!

Just tell us when to watch c span and we will give you say 1 minute to do it. Any more and you could claim any pause as a choke.

So, say c span on saturday at 3:00 pm eastern time and at 3:05pm you choke whomever is talking. Odds are there will be somebody live on c span at that time. Or you can give us a time and channel.

Let's get this going. I'm trying to help you here Dude!

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 03:43 PM
ok i got it!!!!! c-span are my guine pigs!!!!! hahaha!!!!! the washington journal aired their morning show, i have realized that because of the technological connection of the camera to my TV the people on TV are prone to peering into the future by way of remote viewing the viewer, to communicate. and yes you can mind choke them. what i think the mind choke is, it is simply a large convergence of the energy of knowledge. when i shoot out large swaths of information there is only so much a mind can take in and they will stumble or perhaps in the case of a football game, fumble

what i believe to be the most prominant level of mind control would be the negation of thought, where you messure the current of knowledge to predict what they are going to say, and effectively negate their entire thought, by seeing into the future you would be able to messure and gauge the direction the thought was going, and predict it! the prevelency of the negation would be enacted due to the conflicting subjects hate for the thought that they had just extracted, since they already know, they would see no need for the knowledge and hate that knowledge. the hate would effectively negate the thought.

science people

light energy contracts, dark energy expands


i just told my brother all of this he looks so utterly baffled, i can only imagine the look on simons face....

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 04:02 PM
So you're saying that hosts of the washington journal morning show are remote viewing the people watching it on TV?

Anyway, if you want the washington journal, that's fine. Just give us a date and time to watch and this thing can get under way.

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 04:44 PM
c-span 1 right now!!!!!! take in to consideration however if they have certain levels of disclosure the effect would be nullified. take what i have taught you and try with all your might gentlemen!!! go now!!!

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 04:46 PM
Count me in on this. I think you can do it. Is this on for Saturday afternoon at 3pm est? Do you think we should all join you in this mind choke? Can't wait to watch you in action!

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 05:11 PM
well....any success?


posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 05:43 PM
nothing really, some pauses, some babble, not much...

what i really think it is, is the supplantation of large amounts information that would be difficult to comphrehend, that and the full on negation of thought which i am afraid to say you have to be extremely fast to do. then i dont even think that the negation is possible through the remote veiwing of television seein as how there will always be a delay, so really in order to choke through the television you have to do what i could only compare as fishing. drop a line of knowledge and get them to bite.... >
heheh telepathic information overload.... good luck my friends

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 06:48 PM
Oh my God!! I have found the master of "Mind Choke"

Take a look how it is done!! See here

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 12:52 PM
Well, Anyone choke O'reilly yet? I mean what is next?

Hey, better yet, "Mind Choke" Ray Santilli forme please

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 01:54 PM
Can you try this again? I would like to watch an experiment of this type in progress. Perhaps if multiple ATS members decided on a piece of "overload" information to send, and all attempted it at once?

posted on Apr, 8 2006 @ 08:55 PM
That post "mind choked" me.
I thought you were explaining how to "mind choke" someone.

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 12:05 AM
Stu, I think you're trying to back out of the mind choke challlllenge. Come on Dude, you said you could do it to live victims! Actually you said you did do it, twice if my memory serves me. Now you are saying a time delay is interfering? If you are talking about the standard 7-10 second delay employed by live broadcasts. I don’t see how that would cause a problem. Whether they choke now or 7 seconds later, there is no difference. If you did it before it should be child's play for you.

Much of what you say is rambling and inconsistent but I think I get the main points. Also, saying "NOW" isn’t fair. I was at work, hence the suggestion for Sat (today). This experiment needs a little more control.

But.......If you can't really do as you claim, well then.......

I suggest you either follow thru or not post these way out topics with way out claims as some here are like Vulture's circling their prey. When the meat starts to smell bad, they dive in!

posted on Apr, 9 2006 @ 12:57 AM
"You have no more time on this windshield."

Sounds like the type of thing I hear all the time when I intercept thoughts.

It happens occasionally. It happens to everyone, only most assume it was their mind assembling random words and spewing them into the concious mind... maybe so... but the more I hear these 'fragments of conversation' the more I realise my mind isnt generating them... as on occasion, its used words I've never used nor heard before.

Some phrases I've heard are...
"...within proximity of..."
"...need to figure this out or I..."
" am I ever bored."
and the creepiest...
"can anyone here this?... can you hear me?... anyone? If you can hear me say..."

I know they are fragments of conversation and thought... only, I've never been able to successfully answer back. I've tried... but I cant. Or at least when I answer, they dont hear me. Its like having a broken readio, and talking into it... can anyone hear me? And if they can... can they in turn signal back... and will I recieve it?

Anyhow, sounds like you might be mistaking something complex for being something as simple as crossed communication.
We all get it... only, as I said, most of us ignore it, or forget it happened.

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