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Proof...anyone have it?

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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 03:53 AM
Life is short & then we die.

The few years we have we get caught up in our little stories.
We have our conflicts, our love, our hate, our dramas.

Then one day we cease to exist.

Now those of us yet not parted make claims of knowledge of the afterlife and what comes after.
Those in religion make claims which some would die for, yet with no proof.

People have attempted to prove the paranormal, that life after death exist.
There have been ghost photos, Electonic Voice Phenomenon, & near death stories. (I have my own, and it does not help prove anything any further even to myself.)

Of course you have Christians vow that Jesus rose from the dead.
Now I am at the point that I think if you are to live forever it is through science.
Cloning (but how do you get the soul in there, etc.), but the point is there is no substantial proof that once you die you have any existence but to feed the worms.
(Now I believe science can take your dna and perhaps bring you back to life.)

but think about it, all we have as proof of the after life is "cold spots", or some religion that doesnt even offer that.

Also, all the paranormal powers, there is really no solid evidence for it either. I would love to see it.
But to go through life and say, "i made the Psy wheel turn", what does this help?
Give me some Psychic powers where I can leave my body at will. That will help me in knowing what happens in the after life.

For all I know we are in a matrix and our higher self is playing a game.

So anyone have proof. Probably no more than ususal or it would have already been posted.

Gods peace


posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 04:07 AM
The teachings of Abraham-Hicks, The law of attraction, state that like attracts like. That which you focus on is what you get. simply put everyone gets the evidence that they desire.

If one focusses that christianity has all the truth then to them it is truth. If a scientist focusses on an experiment and expects a certain effect that he will get the results to proof his statements.

There is as much proof, evidence, truths, life philosophies and beliefs as there are people.

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 04:17 AM
Wow, that doesnt lead to any real solutions then?
I suppose its like the rabbi said, Jews go to Jewish heaven, Christians to Christian heaven, etc., etc. and one day they all wind up in the real heaven. (So what is this real heaven)

So basically, you agree that you create your reality. So the sky is the limit.
I like this idea and philosophy, but like I mentioned, it has not really manifested itself either. (Besides sounding good)

I will agree, once you have an idea, you get stuck in it. But I would love to maniefest unlimted wealth for my family, and for eternal life to sit out on the beach and have fun. Havent seen it happening no matter how hard I focus.

Thanks for the responce, I truly am interested. Perhaps someone has an experience they can share concretley. (A lot of the time, it seems like small coincidences) Is there any examples of someone saying, I want to live forever, now Im 1000 years old? Something that is in your face proof?

Again, think of it this way. Once this life is over, then there is no more exploring for eternal life if I havent found it, or if someone didnt dig me up to take my dna to bring me back to life.

So, I am seeking proof now, cause after you die, who knows? Its all guessing games, and I dont want to take that chance.


Gods Peace


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posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 05:00 AM
Topics like these lead to a lot of speculation and philosophying.

When on the astral I also noticed that all surroundings can be generated by what an individual wants/beliefs. So when someone "dies" I suspect they will go to their equivelant of hell/heaven. True heaven will be when people notice that they create their own surroundings and look beyond their equivelent of religious/spiritual beliefs of after life.

The reason because you didn't get what you focused on in the sense of wanting a million dollars is because it isn't what you truly want/need. What you focus on is that what you focus on on soul level. As long as what you want is in 100% sync with your vibratory frequency then you'll attract it.

Talk about the downward spirals of negative individuals. A person who is feeling down is focussing on their problems. Without realizing they will get more and more problems. A strong willed individual will at one point see the problems and breaks through the downward spiral. Often this break through also occurs at times when an individiual comes across something more positive and hopefull in their lives. Due to that positive event they will focus on that for a while and thus attracting more "hope" in their lives and so slowly solve and deal with all the problems that was making them depressed.

posted on Apr, 7 2006 @ 05:05 AM
Moving to Faith, Spirituality & Theology.


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